Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly

Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly?

Are you searching, why is my dog following me everywhere suddenly? and feeling worried about what happened to the dog. Well, in some cases it’s really a matter of tension. I will try to share my experience and most of the common cases of dogs while they follow humans.

Before that, I will like to ask you that are worried or disturbed by this fact? If you are worried then I am here to remove it but my friend if you are disturbed then I think you should put some love to your furry friend. Never mind, I am very conscious about dogs or even other pets.

If you are owning a puppy of three or twelve weeks old, it may follow you suddenly. Because dogs with this age want to imprint their best buddy. There is another reason to follow you and that is support.

After understanding that only this person will bring its favorite dog food, toy, and treat, the puppy will always follow you. For companionship, he/ she may follow you wherever. It also means that you will be the dog’s Alpha (owner). 

The Reasons of Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly

There are many reasons followed by a dog. Some of them are super serious while some of them are damn funny. So, let’s have a look before wasting any time.

Stress or Nervousness

Mentally stress can make your dog nervous and it can try to follow you to stay safe. There are some hidden reasons that you don’t know or not even concerning it such as another pet, neighborhood children, or your kids are bullying it, any stranger or guest can even do this behavior with your dog.

If your pet tries to hide after seeing a particular person or pet you should do some research on that subject. So, they can be clingy at that time.

In some cases, your family may suffer some problem, you have cried, family members have shouted at each other, or your family is going through tension. All of these situations can be sensed by dogs though they cannot say or don’t understand exactly what you are saying.

Fear and Anxiety

Do you know that dogs are afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks? They can follow you in this situation. So, try to hug your dog if it’s storming or loudly booming the fireworks.

Actually, in the celebration of Christmas, Birthdays, Match winning, Thanksgiving, and other holidays people love to use loud music, mike, and other party staff. But they shouldn’t forget that those noises can make the dangerous condition of ill people or pets.

Even in a bonfire adventure, the dog may not assume what is occurring and may become worried.

Your dog always thinks that you are the guardian who will protect him/ her whatever the situation is.

Usually, dogs are extremely calm animals. It makes the dog happy to lie only beside you and observe your every movement. You can use a dog crate for separation anxiety.

Do You Seem Unhappy?

You may don’t know but your dog always likes to stare at you. Every time it tries to figure out your emotion and expression. As they have great affection for you, it will follow you if you are not happy or crying. A dog likes to see his/ her owner happy.

Summer clinginess

If you ask me, why is my dog following me everywhere suddenly? I would say your dog may follow you everywhere in the summer season. Mostly it happens with female dogs. If your female dog suddenly changes its behaviour and always tries to stick with you then check two things.

Firstly, check the vagina. Is it bloody or bigger than before? If the answer is yes, then your female dog period is happening. You should stay with her at this time. The poor soul is not feeling well and that’s why following you. Don’t meet her with male dogs. If she mates with a male dog, it can be pregnant.

Secondly, does your puppy like to rub with dolls, your legs or anything soft in her main part? Well, if the answer is positive then you must think about spaying her. Wait, before jumping into any conclusion I will say the benefits of spay and you can decide after that.

  • Your female dog will live a long and healthy life
  • The female dog will not go into heat
  • Peeing everywhere will be gone very soon
  • She will not be aggressive anymore
  • Your dog will not get fat
  • The dog will be stronger than before

If you still stick to your point then you may bear the clinginess and all other behavior for only the summer days. It’s ok if you are used to it. Anyway, if you are intending to spay your female puppy then you must do it before 5 months old. And, obviously, consult with an expert surgical veterinarian.

Maybe Your Dog is Feeling Unwell

Being clingy or staying in isolation, is a sign of sickness. In this case, dogs will follow you for some support and stay alone to feel secure.

Some dogs like to hide while they are not feeling well but come back to the owner when it is feeling fine. So, never ignore your dog if you see any sudden changes in behavior.

Dogs cannot be upset; they cannot stay calm in a corner of your house. If your dog is doing like this then the poor soul is not ok.

Finding out your dog’s illness is concerning her regular appetite. Does the dog refuse to eat, while it’s the time to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner? And another thing is you like to sleep all day? Your dog cannot explain its feeling so you have to understand his/ her physical condition through these signs.

Therefore, illness can be a reason for the clinginess of your dog. Maybe its first stage of your dog crushing’s disease. Immediately take your dog to the vet and do a full body checkup. Your dog will be alright. The matter of happiness of being a parent of a dog is, dogs recover very soon. Don’t worry and support your best buddy in his/ her crisis.

Senior Dog May not Feel Well

I had cried a lot when I learned that the lifespan of a dog is only 10-15 years old. I was 12 years old when I listened to it from my daddy. Well, depending on the daily routine, the life cycle can be longer.

But when dogs get older, they need some extra care and they always try to stay with their beloved human.

So, do you have an old dog? Then it’s really normal to follow you everywhere. After being 8 to 10 years, dogs start to face joint, nerve, ear, or visibility problems. They feel dependent on you and always search you for little care.

When a senior dog is in the beginning stages of cognitive dysfunction, it can also be clingy to you. You must consult a doctor if your dog is bumping into furniture or looks to be confused.

Dogs Remain Very Curious about What You are Doing

Dogs Remain Very Curious about What You are Doing

You may know that dogs are very curious animals. Always they try to watch and follow you wherever you go and figure out what you are doing. This cute animal doesn’t understand why and how we do our regular activities, so they find it better to stay around us.

On the other hand, if you do something stranger than your regular life, your dog may follow you. They may even help you if you need it. Isn’t it such a cutie pie?

Somehow You are Teaching Your Dog to Follow You

Suppose, you are cleaning the house and when you are passing your dog every time you show affection and attention to him/ her. It’s a sign that the dog is special to you and you love to see it. This way the dog starts to follow you.

Always remember if you provide 10% love to a dog, it tries to back you 100%. So, your little attention and love glance make it feel that the dog should follow you.

Maybe Your Dog is Bored or Full with Energy

If your dog is following you with a toy in the mouth then it is bored and wants to play with you. Remaining bored for a long time may lead to frustration or depression. So, spend some time with your dog.

Some people say that they haven’t the time to spend with their dog, I just ask them why have you adopted or bought a puppy then? It’s your responsibility.

On the other side, if you don’t take out your dog a minimum twice a day, it can follow you to play outside. Dogs need to spend their daily energy. This keeps them healthy and happy at the same time.

Therefore, make out some time for the poor baby and go for a walk with your dog.

You Puppy Thinks Maybe You will Provide Food

Dogs know that when you are up, they may often get food or treat. Actually, it is one of the happiest parts of the whole day of a dog. So, they follow you when feeling hungry. Sometimes dogs try to convince you by seeing the container of a treat to give it to them.

Thus, if your dog is following you everywhere, try to remember when you have fed him/ her. Don’t let them be hungry for a long time.

Huge Changes in Daily Routine Made Dog Following Me Everywhere

Huge Changes in Daily Routine Made Dog Following Me Everywhere

Like the human, every pet has a daily routine in their life. Huge differences in routine can make your furry friend upset or sometimes sick. There are many reasons to change in daily life. Such as-

  • Birth of a new baby
  • Leaving off any person of the house
  • Death of any animal or human of that family
  • Moving to a new house
  • Bringing a new pet
  • Changes in walking or feeding

Your family may face these changes but you must provide some focus on your dog. So, never ignore your dog if it is following you everywhere.

FAQs on Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly

Why does my dog always stay by my side?

If you are the owner of your puppy then it will definitely always follow you. Actually, it’s a common behaviour of dogs. So, don’t worry!

Why do dogs lick always?

If your dog’s age is around 8-10 months then it’s probably a puppy. And in this age licking is normal. Because puppies like to taste everything. If the dog is an adult then you should contact the doctor for further investigation.

Why is my dog growling at me suddenly?

If you don’t pay enough attention your dog may bark at you to make you understand what it wants.

Why does my dog put paws on my face?

Dogs use their paws in your face to cuddle you or call you to cuddle him/ her.

The Final Verdict on Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly

Well, after this long conversation, I think you may get the solutions of your confusion. Actually, dogs and cats are clingy animals. Mostly, dogs like to stay with their owner all the time. If you can’t relate to any of them please contact any dog expert and ask the same question, Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly? I think you got the exact solution for you and your dog.

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