Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats without Bathing

Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats without Bathing

Summer is generally a happy season, but this warm weather means another parasitic pest is upon us, which is fleas. Cat got fleas are unfortunately unpleasant but common and natural parts for the life of a pet. However, home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing are not only helping you to get rid of flea infestation that is attacking your pet and home but also didn’t put any negative impact on your pet.

Fleas are annoying little insects that can even carry diseases and makes the life of your pet miserable. Your cat is your best friend and companion, but Fleas see them as a tasty snack. When fleas attack cats, the result is terrible itching, scratching, discomfort, and pain. But using home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing not only relieve cats from the distress but also avoid potential side effects and over-medication.

How do cats get fleas?

Many people think that typically cat is an indoor animal, fleas are impossible, but no! Although an indoor cat can be infested with fleas. It can be challenging to pinpoint where the cat gets fleas. Typically cats can get fleas from kennels, groomers, another cat (or a different animal), even from an existing infestation in the home or outside.

How do cats get fleas

There are many different species of fleas, and Cat fleas are more abundant. Cat fleas bite humans too. It can jump up about 12 inches high onto an unlucky host, lay eggs in the fur and start a new colony. Flea eggs can also exist in carpet, furniture, other soft furnishings, or wherever your cat likes to hang out. However, the main thing is to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Symptoms of fleas on cats

As Fleas are tiny, so it is tough to spot. However, if you’re not sure that your cat might be suffering from a flea infestation then check out these most common symptoms of a flea’s infestation include:

  • Itchy skin and excessive scratching at the head and ears.
  • Excessive grooming.
  • Excessive biting on fur and legs.
  • Red bumps or scabs, specifically along neck and back.
  • Restless behavior.
  • Patchy hair loss, mainly on top-back.
  • Lethargy.
  • Redness and irritation.
  • Brown parasites jumping or crawling in fur.
  • Sometimes cat squint one eye.

14 Home Remedies to get rid of fleas on cats naturally

Now your curious mind wants to know how to get rid of fleas on cats fast?

Well, here are the Easy ways to get rid of fleas on cats, which you may not know about natural home remedies to get rid of fleas on cats. However, before using, don’t forget to talk with your vet about what and how you’re applying.

Diatomaceous earth Shampoo

Diatomaceous earth, known as DE, is a natural rock formed by fossilized algae. It is an efficient and safe means of repelling fleas, but don’t apply it directly to your cat, as it can dry out the skin. When the shampoo is used on cats, it’s abrasive to their exoskeletons and dehydrates them and eventually killing the fleas. While DE is harmless to humans or pets, but it is recommended to Always use the food-grade DE that does not affect cats even when breathed in or they lick it.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Another home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing is using Apple cider vinegar. Using apple cider vinegar in a bath or spray-on cat’s fur is an excellent way to naturally removing allergens, fleas, and yeast that can cause itching and rashes for cats.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

To relieve your cat from fleas, mixing the apple cider vinegar with water in a 2:1 ratio, shake well, and add to a spray bottle. Then apply the spray onto your cat or kitten coat. To see your pet relieved from flea infestations, apply the vinegar to your cat’s fur every after three days.


Salt is the miracle flea repellent in effectively killing the larvae and eggs of fleas from cat bedding and furniture. To control these invasive pests, Sprinkle finely ground salt on carpeting and bedding areas. Now sit it for up to two days and then vacuum up.

Alternatively, you can also use salt water to repel fleas to prevent fleas. In boiling water, add salt, and when its lukewarm soaks this saltwater to the cat in the resulting solution. To prevent fleas is another popular home remedies.

Natural Flea Collars

Chemical-infused plastic flea collars aren’t practical solutions both for the cat and his owner. Because this collar contains Toxic Chemicals that cause respiratory tracts, Redness, and irritation to skin. Moreover, these flea collars aren’t good enough, and you can’t use this more than two or three weeks. So you can use homemade natural flea collars such as DIY essential oil-infused cloth flea collar or an herbal collar, which is soft nylon or cotton collars around your pet.

To infuse for a reliable and effective collar, take a bowl and add the vodka, essential oils such as (cedarwood, geranium, rosemary, which you like) and stir to blend. Lay down the collar and pour the mixture over collar. Wait until it fully absorbed.

Soapy water flea trap

Soapy water flea trap

Fleas are attracted to light and find its shining splendor irresistible, especially at night. To take advantage of this, you can fill a shallow dish with hot/warm soapy water and place directly under a night light. Many fleas on kittens and cats hop towards the light, fall and drown in the water. Check the trap in the morning, empty your dish, and then repeat a daily basis.

Use Lemon Spray

Lemon is a natural repellant spray for fleas. Lemon contains citric acid and Citric acid from lemon juice is one of the accessible and available home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing. To create a spray cut lemons into four quarters pieces and boil the pieces in water and let it soak overnight. Then apply the mixture to Areas of cat’s coat where affected by fleas, especially behind his ears, around the head, base of the tail, and under the legs.

Use Rosemary

Use Rosemary

Rosemary not only rid your kitty of fleas but also is an active anti-inflammatory agent that helps to grow hair where it lost and promote the healing of exposed or irritated skin areas. Rosemary can be applied in oil or powder form. Firstly, grind the leaves into a powder and sprinkle it onto the bedding and furniture of the pet. Alternatively, boil the leaves into a cup of hot water, allow the mixture to cool, and soak the pet into the resulting solution.

Cedar Chips

It’s a known fact that fleas are not known to be big fans of various scents, and cedar is one of them. You can spread cedar chips around your cat’s bedding area or outdoors in your garden to keep fleas at bay.

To repel the fleas, you can also apply cedar oil spray on to your cat’s coat or cat’s collar or around your house and yard to fight fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests.

Horse apples

Horse Apples or Osage orange is the name of a fruit that not only naturally repels fleas along with many other insects also. Cut horse apples into sections and leave them in each room, hallway, and yard of your home. It lasts two to three months in a cold or air-conditioned area.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is another most effective natural home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing. The vinegar offers a natural soothing quality to your furry buddy. Besides flea deterrent, Vinegar spray also Add shine to your pet’s coat.

White Vinegar

For getting rid of fleas quickly, mix equal amounts of vinegar and water, and then pour into a spray bottle.  And then spray directly onto your cat’s bedding, carpeting, furniture, and any other popular feline hangout in your home.

Dish soap

Believe it or not, to rid your home of a flea infestation, this dishwashing liquid is a potent flea repellant. Getting rid of fleas fast and naturally adding a few drops of the liquid into the spray bottle and simply wet your cat’s coat. This breaks down the flea’s exoskeleton, killing them within minutes, and your cat will be relieved.

If your cat likes to a bath, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the cat’s regular bathing water. However, don’t forget to rinse the liquid thoroughly. Otherwise, it will create irritation of your cat’s skin.

Neem oil

Neem oil is one of the insect repellent essential oils that can be safely used to kill and control the cat fleas. It comes from a tree native to Asian countries and is used to repel biting insects. By Mix, a few drops of Neem oil to pet shampoo, dilute it, pour the liquid into the spray bottle and simply wet your cat’s coat, or you can also directly apply the oil to your cat’s fur.

Use Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice is a fast and natural flea repellent from cats. The most effective use of Aloe Vera juice is to mix it with cayenne pepper, adding it into a spray bottle and applied to the cat’s coat. You can also use Aloe Vera with a relevant essential oil.

In one cup of Aloe Vera juice, add one drop of applicable essential oil and applying the solution topically. The cooling effect of Aloe Vera helps to soothe hot spots and alleviate itching.

Use a Flea Comb

Does your cat hate water? Then use this natural Flea Comb remedies through the hair of a cat. Running a fine-toothed comb slowly across the fur of cats is effective in eradicating fleas on cats. Most Veterinarians recommend Comb the hair slowly as close as possible to the skin and dipping the comb into hot, soapy water to remove and trap the parasites.

For best results, do this daily. While combing, you also have to focus your cat’s body where fleas like to hide, such as the head, groin, armpits, and base of the tail.

Don’t forget to get rid of fleas from home

Now the question also arises how do I get rid of fleas in my home?

Well, Besides Using home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing, you also have to Control Flea spreading of the House by preparing the house for cleaning. Also, you have to learn the fastest and easy way to get rid of fleas on cats as well as fleas houses.

To get the best results of a deep clean, Take pets out of the house, remove and wash all bedding and pet bedding, and move all furniture to vacuum thoroughly. When vacuum finished, don’t forget to throw away the vacuum bag so the fleas can’t sneak back in. Repeat the vacuum deep-clean procedure every once a week in the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

Getting rid of fleas from home is not only accessible but also time-consuming. It’s not to mention 100 percent effective, but regular vacuuming can lower the number of insects. But if the problem is severe, you may have to steam clean again.

Essential Things about Home Remedies for Killing Fleas

Some people always curl their eyebrows and question how to get rid of fleas on cats naturally. They think that the easy way to get rid of fleas on cats is by using various types of flea spray or treatment or a flea collar on the market. But here are some things about home remedies for flea infestations, you must know:

  • Natural home remedies are not only availing in a home but also are often easier to find at any store.
  • Using natural methods for Flea control is also gentler on your pet’s skin rather than commercial products.
  • Moreover, Natural remedies are also safer for you.
  • These natural remedies will not only kill the cat fleas but also ensure that these fleas do not come back later.
  • You can also use natural home remedies in your house and yard to destroy the entire Flea infestations.
  • To rid the problem of insects completely, you must be integrated Natural resources into daily life.

FAQs on Home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing

What time of year are cat fleas most common?

The warm weather generally summer or autumn is not only ideal for fleas to live in all year round but also makes it more hospitable for eggs to hatch as well as for adult fleas to jump on unsuspecting cats. Even in winter, while your cats always stay indoor, if the central heating homes conditions are right for fleas, they can also spread.

How do I get rid of fleas on my cat without a bath?

Fleas that stubbornly stick around and even in large numbers, it is also pretty easy to kill. To protect your pet with a flea barrier, you have to thorough cleaning and using Home remedies onto your cats and house until it should stop bugging your cat and you. Additionally, it takes up to 3 months to fully eradicate an infestation.

What is a good flea spray?

When it comes to flea treatments, besides natural home remedies, you can also use different brands of flea spray to kills adult fleas, eggs, and larvae not only in your house but also on your pet. All these flea sprays available in the market are safe for both your home and its residents (human and pet alike).

Do fleas bite humans?

Of course, fleas bite humans. Both humans and animals are at risk of fleabites. Bites from fleas can be itchy and painful around the bite and causes allergic reactions and infections. In general, most people will not develop any severe symptoms. But if the affected person spotted fever, plague, typhus, excessive redness and cat scratch fever must consult with a doctor 

How do cats catch ticks?

Like fleas, cats also catch ticks, if your cat interacts with another cat that has ticks. Usually, cat ticks live outside, but if you’ve come into contact with them, then ticks may transfer to your hair or clothing, and when you get inside, then may transfer themselves to your cat’s fur.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in The House Fast?

To kill the entire cat flea from your cats in the first place, you must thoroughly clean your home as well as the yard to get rid of fleas. As Flea infestations are very hard to get rid of so, you have to Vacuum, sweeping, and mopping tile or wood flooring. Don’t forget to use hot water while washing all of your and your pet’s belongings to kill fleas and flea eggs.

Recommendation on How to get rid of fleas on cats fast

Well, to Get Rid of Those Pesky Cat Fleas Immediately, it is time to enlist in a natural and pet-friendly way of eliminating this annoying health threat. To protect your cats attacked from fleas initially, you can still help your cat with these natural treatments. Here’s how:

  • Keep the Cats Inside.
  • Create a Flea-Free Yard.
  • Don’t forget to Vacuum, Launder and anything your pet is around daily.
  • Seal and dispose of the vacuum bag afterward.
  • Don’t forget to use Herbal treatments.
  • Treat the home as well.
  • In every two weeks, don’t forget to wash your pet and family bedding in hot, soapy water.
  • Above all don’t forget to keep everything clean.

Final Words

For many pet owners dealing with a flea is not only an everyday struggle but also unsuspecting felines as well. Fleas are small dastardly things and mighty so that they can reproduce quickly and easily spread on house or cats. When you notice that your cats tend to be quiet sufferers, it’s especially important to enlist in home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing.

Persistence is keying for getting rid of fleas on cats. So which natural home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing method you choose just keep it all and apply regularly. These most popular home remedies methods are for those who are dealing with fleas on cats.

After all, by using one or a combination of these natural treatments, you can easily avoid the dangers associated with various types of commercial flea spray or products available in the market as well as will keep you, your cat and your home free from flea circus.

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