My Puppy Won’t Stop Biting Me I’ve Tried Everything

My Puppy Won’t Stop Biting Me I’ve Tried Everything

Are you feeling annoyed by getting hurt by your lovely dog and now searching for My Puppy Won’t Stop Biting Me I’ve Tried Everything? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right article. Well, don’t worry about this uncertain behaviour. It’s not a serious situation to panic. Sometimes puppies chew or bite due to their teething stages.

Dogs can be obsessed with feet and bite your ankles. Can’t you control them at that moment? If not, then you must be concerned about some important factors. Today we will discuss it. Try to read the whole article for your better assessment.

Why Does My Dog Bite My Feet When I Walk?

When a dog grows teeth, they like to lick anything and try to use their mouth to move or pick anything instead of their paws. Thus, they develop an interest in human fingers, ankles, or feet.

When they are little, it seems very cute but after a certain age or getting adult this makes them aggressive. And, it’s really hard to train an adult and aggressive dog.

Dog Breeds that Frequently Bite Humans

Some dog breeds are fond of nipping at a human’s heels. They are-

  • Dachshund
  • German Shepherds
  • Corgi
  • Maremma sheepdogs
  • Aussie
  • Border Collie
  • The Great Pyrenees
  • Bernese Mountain dogs

So, these dogs like to nip at your feet which means naturally they have the habit of inventing new things and taste or chew them. If you teach them, they won’t do this again.

But when you will see an adult dog is nipping that means the owner hasn’t given it proper training and concern about them.

How to Get Dog to Stop Nipping?

If you are thinking after shouting or hitting your dog, it will stop nipping then you are on the wrong route. Hitting, slapping or shouting nothing can train your dog. This abusing attitude will just make them aggressive and do those things again and again.

So, if your canine has these behaviors, don’t hurt him/ her. Avoid punishment like sticking finger down the throat, nose whacking, or hit the dog with something hard (stick or bat). They will fear you surely but never ever listen to you like a small stubborn kid.

If your dog suddenly sounds loud to you, try to figure out what its problem is. Your best buddy can be hurt by something or get injured while playing. So, find it by gently pressing all over its body.

If you find any scratch or tearing in skin firstly, wash the injury and apply any antibacterial ointments, and use a sterile bandage to protect it from the dust.

Sometimes you can experience an unwanted event like redness, pus or swelling. Just make a call at that moment to your vet.

So, for your attention, the dog can bite or nip your feet. Always spread love to your dog as he/ she always does the same.

Why Does My Dog Bite My Ankles When I Walk?

The reasons for attacking on the feet of people actually vary from dog to dog. It can be a form of aggression which increases for frustration or fear in some dogs. If you face this type of occurrence, your dog may feel anxiety while someone unknown is passing beside the dog. If it’s not then the dog is feeling it’s fun to scare a person.

The results from aggressive and playful behavior may not be easy to differentiate. Generally, a playful dog has a relaxed face, body, and mood. The biting of these dogs is also less painful and serious.

On the other hand, an aggressive dog will have a stiff body. And for their quick and painful bite you may go under surgery or stitches. Thus, most of the time people get afraid after seeing the sign board “Aware from Dog” outside a house.

When you have an aggressive dog and it is not stopping from those dangerous behaviors, you must follow some proven steps. They are described below-

  • #1 Step: Don’t go outside for one or two weeks.
  • #2 Step: Train that his/ her behaviour is not friendly to people and it’s bad.
  • #3 Step: Don’t hurt the dog if it’s not learning. Give it some time.
  • #4 Step: Once the furry friend has learned how to behave while a stranger pass beside it, provide treats and cuddle instantly.
  • #5 Step: Tightly wear chest wear leash to your dog that has gone off leash and have a quick tour outside the house.

Do this again still it is not doing those aggressive habits.

5 Easy Methods: How to Stop My Dog from Biting When Excited

As I mentioned before that you can solve the biting issues easily rather than in adult dogs. Because, the adult dogs are not that sensitive and more difficult to control them due to their big body.

Here, I have described six solutions that are proven in many dogs.

How to Stop My Dog from Biting When Excited

Inhibit Their Behavior

It’s often harmless if your dog is just mouthing to each other. But when this mouthing hurts you should take a step. You can start yelping (a sound of loud pain such as when you unfortunately step on a dog tail) to stop them biting.

Always remember dogs are not cruel like humans. They never try to hurt anyone. So, make them understand that you are feeling pain while they are biting on your ankle or feet.

They may need some time but after understanding the whole matter the dog will not bite you again. Actually, this depends on your capability of understanding the poor soul.

Just let them know that violence playing is not allowed. 

Distract Your Furry Baby

Mouthing people or unknown objects is a result of a dog’s curiosity. When they are puppies you cannot resist this habit as they feel tickled while new teeth are coming. In addition to saving your valuable furniture or shoes, make your house puppy-friendly or you can say puppy-proofing.

To make your dog busy, distract them with a good chew toy. Or even you can purchase treat toys. These toys are really helpful to keep your puppy busy for all the day long. Another important thing is don’t let them play with a single toy for 24 hours. It can disappear their attraction from that particular toy. Separate that toy for using it as a reward.

Lastly, prepare playtime with other dogs and puppies and ensure that the playmate dogs are vaccinated. This will assist your dog to be socialized. Also, socialize with humans. Let them introduce you to neighbors, your close friends or even other dog parents.

Stay Still

There are many dog parents who say, “Dog keeps biting my feet. My puppy won’t stop biting me I’ve tried everything. Well, I ask them some questions. Like do you move or jerk your feet because this will encourage your dog to do it again and again.

Your frequent movement will let them understand that it is a game where you are very excited. So, you can assume the result.

Non-contact Playing with the Doggo

The other way of stopping biting is playing with him/ her without any physical contact. So, stop wrestling with your dog by engaging in rough play. You also can use dog crate.

Try to encourage playing where you have no contact with each other. You can play tug-of-war, hide and sick or fetch. Play with the dog when it turns biting or nipping you in feet.

Let the Dog Taste deterrents

If you have not got any solution from the above methods then you might need to use deterrents. To get out of the problem, spray all over the place where your best buddy likes to bite such as furniture, your feet or cloth.

Now wait for your dog and let them bite. If he/ she is biting you stay still and wait till it is not experiencing the bad taste. After tasting it most probably the dog will stay away from you. Reward, cuddle or praise the furry soul.  

 If the deterrent works well, use it for at least two /three weeks.

Later multiple adventures with the bitter flavor, your dog will stop the biting behavior. Taste of deterrents can be spicy, hot or bitter. Most dogs are afraid of these tastes.

FAQs on My Puppy Won’t Stop Biting Me I’ve Tried Everything?

Why does my dog bite my feet whenever I walk by?

Probably, the dog is not getting the attention he/ she needs. Even sometimes dogs can feel the upcoming danger and force its owner not to go anywhere.

Why does my dog bite his feet?

Answer: If your dog is biting its tail, feet or licking its belly, then please have a concern on that poor soul. For playing outside your dog may have parasites in the fur and the feet. If my idea is correct then try to call the vet for medicine.

Why does my dog bite?

If you have a rescue dog, there is a possibility of biting you. In some cases, rescue dogs take time to get familiar with the new family. So, don’t cuddle your new dog suddenly. There is another chance of getting a bite and that is your dog can be pregnant or maybe a new mother. During this time, dogs stay very sensitive. Be careful about that.

Would your dog ever bite you?

Answer: If you have got bitten from your dog don’t be upset. Most of the time it is an accident. Fortunately, my dog has not bitten me yet. Maybe I understand her movement and expression. Otherwise, it’s a very naughty dog (Judy- Love of my life)

How do you stop a dog from biting your hands and feet?

I have distracted her by playing different types of interesting games. And, now she is a very good girl (Keep her in your prayer)

How do you train a dog not to bite?

As I said above methods, I genuinely follow those. Most of the time I have done yelping and the bad girl always got stopped for that (She never hurts me).

Summing Up: My Puppy Won’t Stop Biting Me I’ve Tried Everything?

Hopefully, you got the answer of your question, my puppy won’t stop biting me I’ve tried everything? Can you figure out this problem after following the tips and tricks? Please share with me if you have stopped your dog from biting with any other method that I don’t know yet. Do this for me and other dog parents.

Share your ideas or questions in the comment section below. I will try to answer you in the meantime.

Have a good morning/ noon or night with your cutie pie!

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