How do I know if My Shih Tzu is Pregnant or Not

How do I know if My Shih Tzu is Pregnant or Not?

There is always a clamor to know that your loving Shih Tzu is pregnant or not. There is no easy process to guess or know if Shih Tzu is pregnant or not because in the early echelon of impregnation you can not easily guess without knowing about the Shih Tzu pregnancy and the whole thing.

You must know the process, how long Shih Tzu can be pregnant, and how you can define if Shih Tzu is actually pregnant or not. There is always some information to know and tips for the chump to take care of his or her Shih Tzu. By knowing these you also can take good decisions for his or her Shih Tzu and make a blissful place for Shih Tzu.

The impending precedents of a Shih Tzu pregnancy

The first and foremost sign of pregnancy is losing famine. Slowly, your Shih Tzu does not feel interested to fulfill her famine and even she might miss her meal.

  • Another sign is to get a bigger belly and it can happen after insemination but in between 14 days.
  • It is heart touching for your whelp to feel the movements in her belly, another whelp and it can be possible in 20 to 30 days.
  • Some vet shows symptoms like being slothful as their body gets fat and they can not move easily. These behavioral changes can be shown during the pregnancy or early stages of pregnancy.
  • As you take your Shih Tzu to the hospital and there a doctor can easily say that if your Shih Tzu is pregnant or not by reading her nipples enlargement.  In the early stage, this enlargement of nipples can be shown easily and anyone can detect if the whelp is pregnant or not.

These methods are easy ways to know but these symptoms can be shown in order to other diseases. So, these are not the exact process to know. But there are some scientific methods like medical methods to know or sure about this fact so that the owner can take proper steps to make the perfect dog food and place for his or her pregnant Shih Tzu.

How to define your Shih Tzu is pregnant or not!

There are some symptomatic and behavioral methods to define if Shih Tzu is pregnant or not. But these methods are not ignoramus proof. So, there are some scientific ways to know the actual facts and they are 100% of their security to define the Shih Tzu’s pregnancy.

1.Shih Tzu’s mating and Ultrasound after 25 days:

The fleet way to know about the pregnancy of Shih Tzu can be done by ultrasound. The ultrasound scan can be done after 25 days and this can only be done if the intercourse has been done. Though in the quick scan there is no guarantee to get the appropriate result, there must be after 25 days of impregnation.

But ultrasound is expensive and it is the pain-free solution to define if Shih Tzu is pregnant or not. But before doing the ultrasound there need to shave off the Shih Tzu’s belly hair and most of the whelps do not like it. For this reason, some whelp can be irritated with it. It costs $300 to $500. As its price range is so high that many people prefer to wait to know the exact signs of pregnancy and after then will go to do the ultrasound.

2. Blood specimen after mating:

There is another chance to get to know if your Shih Tzu is pregnant or not by doing the blood test. This test can be done after 35 days and this 35 days is preferred in between the day before testing is done and the day after mating, and then there is a chance to get help to define a pregnancy hormone in your Shih Tzu.

It is easy in cost than the ultrasound. But it can not detect the exact result if the test is done too early to detect. Suppose, your Shih Tzu is pregnant for 25 days and you do the blood test, the result can be negative even if she is impregnated.

The feasible pregnancy test:

The primary symptoms show the confirmation of pregnancy that is not 100% accurate and these symptoms can be shown for other diseases also. So, there can be done with the scientific methods which will be the ultrasound and the blood test. But these two scientific methods also can not be 100% if there are some conditions to fulfill to get the exact result.

Otherwise, there will be no exact result. But there is another test to be done is X-ray, which has the best part. The great part of the test is, one can see the growth and how many whelps in the belly of Shih Tzu. There sometimes create problems to indicate how many puppies in the womb as they are too little to count and they are found overlapping in the bowels.

After the 45 days of pregnancy, if the X- ray can be done of the impregnate Shih Tzu, then you can get the exact information about the puppies in the bowels.

The echelon of the impregnate Shih Tzu

When you are sure about the pregnancy then the actual preparation starts. There are some echelons of the impregnate Shih Tzu. They can be defined as month, like month one, month two.

The echelon of the impregnate Shih Tzu

The very first month of the pregnancy, some owners can not even know about the pregnancy. So, the whelp can not get enough possible ways to treat the whelp better. After the ultrasound and then X- ray can be done, one can be sure about the pregnancy.

On the 7th day of pregnancy, the puppies’ fetus will get to the uterine horns. After 14 to 16 days, there can be shown that the fetus with the attachment to another fetus into the living of the pregnant Shih Tzu’s uterus. By the day of twenty-two, the fetuses are getting started to form and the vet can detect the new life’s heartbeat after the 29th day has completed.

After 3 weeks of pregnancy, the Shih Tzu outset showing precedents what earlier has been spoken of.  Even the earlier changes can be changed when one month of pregnancy is done.

  • After one month of pregnancy, your Shih Tzu can get back her appetite more than normal. First, the Shih Tzu can not eat properly but after one month, she can eat more and easily attend every meal.
  • The nipples can be seen more than larger usually.
  • The behavioral change must be seen, like more likely to be with the owner to find the blissful place to comfort.
  • The clear discharge can happen when the 4th has come.
  • Becoming more slothful is also a change.
  • The signs of canine morning sickness can be seen in this stage.

These symptoms are showing in the very first month and can be different from one another. It is actually the signs of the first month of the pregnancy.

By the second month of the pregnancy, the changes become different and quick changes happen. The changes start with the eyelids and toes appearing on the fetuses. This will happen between the 32nd and 35th day. In the second month of the pregnancy, if the X-ray is done, there can be seen the skeletal scan picture of the puppies and can tell how many puppies in the belly of Shih Tzu. It is very heartwarming to see the scan of puppies.

After the 58th day, the whelp will start to find a blissful place in the house so that Shih Tzu can give birth. Owners have to be ready for the situation and prepared with bedding and security, germ-free environment. At this stage, your Shih Tzu appears with a bigger belly.

The more symptoms at this echelon are –

  • The whelp will eat more than before.
  • After the 45th day of pregnancy, the whelp again will lose hunger and can not eat.
  • After some time, the whelp will avail a certain weight.
  • Shih Tzu will urinate more than before.
  • There will be seen fettle vaginal discharge.
  • In between the 45th and 50th day of pregnancy, the whelp belly has become firmer than usual.
  • There can be seen the movement of puppies by the day 50.

In the third month, you can be so sure about your Shih Tzu and there will be no confusion at all. You can know about the puppy’s position in the womb, and the puppies can be found in the birth canal during the last days of pregnancy. The symptoms in this echelon –

  • You can see the slimmer waist of your Shih Tzu due to the movement of the puppies’ position.
  • Having no much hunger around the last days of pregnancy.
  • Before giving birth, the body temperature will be up and down.
  • She will be restless.
  • Start shivering, digging, pacing, panting and such kinds of symptoms can be seen.

Important facts for pregnant Shih Tzu:

The fact about the duration of the pregnancy is 58 days to 68 days. That can be different from one another. But the average duration of pregnancy is about 63 days from the intercourse date to delivery.

Some other changes:

We think there will be only physical changes during pregnancy. But the behavioral changes will also be seen. In the last 14 days of pregnancy, there will be seen some symptoms  –

  • The whelp will want to clasp more.
  • Your Shih Tzu will not be able to socialize with other whelps.
  • The whelp will be more calm.
  • The whelp will be less excitable.
  • Being lethargic is the must. Your Shih Tzu will love to sleep more and more.

Preparation for your Shih Tzu’s pregnancy

The owner of Shih Tzu should plan for the pregnancy or when about to be pregnant. The owner has to make sure that he can provide his or her Shih Tzu a blissful place and make his or her Shih Tzu comfortable. The owner also should take care of his or her Shih Tzu’s diet chart, so that Shih Tzu can give birth safely.

As per the plan of the diet chart, there need to add puppy kibble in Shih Tzu’s food plan, because this is very useful to puppies. The owner should never stress Shih Tzu out in any case. In dog pregnancy there must be a problem in breathing, so, the breeder should take care of it. Shih Tzu must have to feel safe and sound and one can help Shih Tzu to choose a place where she can give birth.

Shih Tzu is giving birth

Shih Tzu is giving birth

It is not common that Shih Tzu is giving birth naturally because basically she is not used to it. C – section is the main way to give birth for Shih Tzu. Though some Shih Tzu can give birth naturally we have to plan for both situations and go through them.


Shih Tzu’s C-section can be done by the vet after the X-ray has been done and know how many puppies in the womb and how large they are. It costs $640 to $1300. It is expensive, but the technique is used by 20% of Shih Tzu pregnancy.  Though it costs so much, it has some major risks. The main risk is that the anesthetic method will be performed for the surgery.

Natural birth:

You can make up your mind that you will let your Shih Tzu give birth naturally, but only when your information is right, your Shih Tzu’s condition is good and your vet will let you do that. Otherwise, it will not be a good idea to give birth naturally. Giving birth naturally is not very easy.,as it seems. During pregnancy, the whole situation makes your Shih Tzu restless. So, you have to help her to feel secure and can give birth easily. It is not dangerous if you notice your Shih Tzu is feeling restless and has an increased heart rate. The first puppy will come in between 12 hours.

The Shih Tzu mother will sting the sack and smear the excess away from the puppy when finally the delivery has been done.  Smearing helps the newborn to breathe in oxygen. The owner needs to keep in mind these tactics and information in order to give birth naturally. The most important fact is, your Shih Tzu can eat the sack and umbilical cords, as they are full of nutritional elements. So, it is not dangerous and should not be afraid of and you should help Shih Tzu to feed on her nipple to the newborn.

FAQs on My Shih Tzu is Pregnant or Not

How many puppies do you get in Shih Tzu’s belly?

This is the question of everyone. Many people do not know actually they should prepare for how many puppies, or your Shih Tzu is expecting how many puppies. The answer is, about thirteen puppies. A Shih Tzu can give birth thirteen puppies, in average amount.  Now you know the drill, so, if anyone asks such kinds of questions you can easily tell them the facts.

Does phantom pregnancy is available for your Shih Tzu?

This is an interesting fact, but this is true that, for your Shih Tzu you can easily experience  the situations about phantom pregnancy once a while. Your Shih Tzu will show the symptoms of pregnancy and you think your Shih Tzu is pregnant. That is how phantom pregnancy seems like. But actually, Shih Tzu is not pregnant. To get over from this situation, all you need is to take care of your Shih Tzu and have to be sure if actually Shih Tzu is pregnant or not.

Is it dangerous if Shih Tzu gives birth naturally?

The answer is No. Though you have to be more careful, you need a germ – free place, you have to go through some situations, but it is not dangerous. If you read and research about it you can easily do it.

The worrisome fact about Shih Tzu pregnancy

Sometimes the delivery plan can not go according to your plan. As per the plan, there is no need to hitch, but sometimes that can happen. For this, you can guess that there must be a blockage in the birth canal that requires C-section. You can not do it naturally. You need to inform the vet of these kinds of situations. This is a worrisome situation for you and your Shih Tzu.

You have to be sure about your Shih Tzu’s pregnancy. Sometimes the owner does not know and the miscarriage happened. That can be harmful for your Shih Tzu’s physical condition.


Wishing you and your Shih Tzu all the very best for Shih Tzu’s pregnancy, there is an advice that you must have to be sure about the whelp’s pregnancy and take care of it. You should take proper and good decisions regarding this fact. It is a common process to do. Just keep it in sound place and give regular bath using natural ingredients shih tzu shampoo. So you should not be panicked, you should handle the situation as per your Shih Tzu’s health condition.

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