Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds (Side Effects, Benefits)

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds? (Side Effects, Benefits)

Imagine, someone has been traversing for his dog food and then he found sunflower seed in his home. Now, the quaere is if he could give his dog to eat sunflower seeds. Can dogs eat sunflower seeds?

Definitely, he will be very pleased if the answer is yes and obviously the answer is yes but with some precaution and you should know about the details and check the sunflower seeds out.

In this case of dogs and sunflower seeds, you need to keep in mind the fact that, sunflower seeds must be mitigated, sized, and scraped. The other fact about sunflower seeds, to feed the dogs is that the seeds should be unsalted.

Dogs and Sunflower Seeds

From the very first discussion of, if sunflower seeds are good for dogs, we should know about, what sunflower seeds actually are.

Sunflower seeds are the alimentary source of those components which are important not only to human operation but also helpful to animal body functions as they have the elements called vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein and we can find it from the sunflower seeds.

It is a lofty and herbaceous plant, as they are classified to the family named Asteraceae. Though sunflowers are mostly found in the central region of America, but considering it is beneficial to health, economy and other sectors, it has tracked all over the world.

The arbour stays of two flowers with a girdle flower and the main section of the flowers. The girdle part is mostly known as yellow troupe of petals and the other part is being found with fertile flowers.

The seeds can be found from the main section of the arbour, which are comestible.

The comestible sunflower seeds are conifer – shaped with a black exoteric shell and a one fine comestible kernel is situated inside the flower. People can easily eat the sunflower seeds or the foods which are from the seeds.

But for dogs there need some cautions and varieties of facts to be studied and kept in mind, as it is the best source of nutritious ingredients for needy nutrition.

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds?

There is a bit more confusion about the sunflower seeds as it can be eaten by dogs or not, it is suitable for dogs or not. But it is a fact, not only sunflower seeds but also any other seeds which are comestible are scoffed to your whelp.

There is another cautious thing to keep in mind that, whichever that is it should be unwrapped and should not add to salt. If you added salt to the seed, there may be create a problematic situation as to high sodium level.

It creates problematic situation for your whelp. Your whelp can eat the kernel. But you have to be careful about your whelp not to eat black shell of the seed of the sunflower. It causes digestive problems and gastrointestinal problems.

Sunflower Seeds Recipe for Dogs

Sunflower Seeds Recipe for Dogs

There is a recipe for the making of food for your whelp with sunflower seeds.

¼ cup peeled sunflower. This will help your whelp’s skin, hair coat and many other physical problems to not to face.

This simple recipe of sunflower seeds takes on

  • 6 g of protein
  • 16 g of fats
  • 190 calories
  • 4 g of fibres

And there are also vitamins and minerals, named:

  • Vitamin E, B1, B3, B6
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Folate
  • Manganese

There shows a result of research that, Linoleic acid helps your whelp to get rid of aging skin. Your whelp can be a patient of diabetes, but sunflower seeds help to get remedy, magnesium reduces diabetes friendly components from the body. Sunflower seeds help your whelp to get rid of tumour growth and also helps to conduct cholesterol levels.

Apart from that there are many useful materials found in sunflower seeds that can make your whelp healthy and fit. But you have to be careful about the measurement of sunflower seed.

Sunflower seeds are not bad for dogs but sunflower seeds are bad for dogs when the measurement of the recipe becomes high. So, if the quaere arise, can dogs eat sunflower seeds? Then, you can easily decide to feed your whelp the sunflower seeds.

Side Effects of Sunflower Seeds in Dogs

Everything has its good side and bad side. Sunflower seeds are good for health but there are some cases where it can be dangerous for your whelp’s health.

So, one should be known to its good side and bad side as well. Though it has its good side more but you can’t ignore the bad side as they can intensely affect your whelp’s body.

High Volume of Salt

Most of the commercial sunflower seeds packet contains high volumes of salt, as made for human body. So, it contains sodium at the high level of consumption. So, if you feed your whelp this kind of food, then your whelp’s health can be in danger.

High volumes of sodium cause sodium toxicosis. In this situation, your whelp can feel vomiting, seizing, imbalancing and many other symptoms to feel.

Not Peeled Properly

When you buy seeds from the store they are not peeled properly. When they eat it directly, that can be life challenging. Unshelled seeds are more likely to eat, but when they eat shelled seeds, that can create gastrointestinal blockage for your whelp and it is very dangerous.

It also causes death. It also causes diarrhoea for your whelp.

You obviously give your whelp proper nutrition but it should be on time, on limited. These seeds are the sources of high volume of fat, cholesterol and many other components.

So, when you feed them these seeds not with a good amount but with a huge amount they surely absorb to high amount of ingredients and they have to face so many critical situations.

It causes many problems for your whelp. It occurs paunch problem and will suffer your whelp a lot.

Commercial Sunflower Seeds are not always Good for Dogs

Commercial sunflower seeds contain other ingredients which also occurs many diseases to your whelp and can create a problem from what your whelp can get death threat.

Not checking before buying the packet of sunflower seeds can cause different severe problems to whelp’s health.

So, we should buy checking the main ingredients, is actually mixing up with seeds and should research about it before feeding the food.

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds for Dogs

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds for Dogs

There are so many advantages of sunflower seeds. It helps providing trice energy, controlling damage or preventing worse cholesterol and so on.

Moderated and peeled sunflower seeds are so beneficial to health of whelp and they love to eat them. It can be a good treat to your puppy.

It has a good taste with much nutritious benefits. Discussing about the beneficiary things there must be discussed some points,

Skin and Hair Coat

Various research shows that, sunflower seeds can improve your whelps skin and hair coat. As it provides fatty acid and inevitable components which can help day to day absorbing the body, the ingredients available in the sunflower seeds.

This fatty acid is not from the class of bad fatty acids which are not good for health. They are among those which can help to improve your whelp’s skin and make whelp’s hair shiny, healthy and silky.

Heart Rate Improvement

Your puppy can get a heart attack or heart problem. To prevent, there need to protect the cholesterol level, and it can be possible only puppy can be fed good food with good ingredients. Sunflower seeds are one of them.

It provides some ingredients to solve the problem as it helps creating good cholesterol and reduces bad one, because they are dangerous for health.


Besides cholesterol, your dog’s body needs vitamin too. As sunflower seeds provide a good amount of vitamin E and it helps to format fat metabolism and cell improvisation. It also helps to create oxygen-free radicals.

Chamomile Herb

You will be surprised to know that, even scientists get surprised to know that a dog can be in depression. When they are in depression, they get to behave astringe in its behaviour.

So, scientists are more likely to research this issue. They found so many interesting facts regarding the fact. The dog which eats sunflower seeds and the other dog which eats other dog foods, there found some varieties of information which helps the scientists.

In sunflower seeds, scientists found some components which are similar to chamomile herb, which can help the nerve to calm. Magnesium is the main ingredient to help the depression.

Also, the seeds are full of vitamin B- complex, named niacin and pyridoxine which can help ennobling brain activity.

Balanced Diet

To make a proper diet, there must be needed a proper food chart. But if you feed the sunflower seed, your dog can get everything in one food style and it also tastes better. So, it is a plus point too.

As a great addition of food variations, you can fulfil the haemoglobin production, hormone functions, enzyme functions and so on. It also helps dogs to reproduce and give strength, makes strong.

Easy to Get

Sunflower seeds are easy to get. Most of the dog foods are expensive and hard to find. But sunflower seeds are less expensive and can easily get it from any grocery shop. 

FAQs on Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds

Can dogs eat sunflower seed shells?

Dogs can eat sunflower seed shells but only when it is peeled properly. Peeled sunflower seeds are good for dogs. Dogs eat sunflower seeds and they are important for their health.

Can dogs eat sunflowers?

Dogs can eat sunflowers. If you have a sunflower garden and your pet eats a sunflower from that, there will be no problem.

What happens if your whelp eats sunflower seeds?

If your whelp eats a large amount of sunflower seeds, then you whelp will suffer vomiting or other physical problems due to sunflower seeds have some ingredients that risks your whelp’s health


Sunflower seeds are so good for dogs. But there need some important facts to keep in mind, sunflower seeds should be fed in a systematic way and amount.

If you feed your dog daily with sunflower seeds, you should be careful to give a small amount of sunflower seeds, otherwise it will create a problem for you and your dog.

Some people think that if they give a big amount of sunflower seeds to eat their dog it will be helpful. But it is wrong. Some doctors said that, they faced such kinds of cases.

So, can dogs eat sunflower seeds? The answer is, yes. Dogs can eat sunflower seeds with no issues.

If sunflower seeds are fed moderated and peeled then there would be no problem, and also there needs a proper diet chart.

Dog owners must be careful and should collect natural sunflower seeds rather than buy from shop, cause packet sunflower seeds mixed with salt and other artificial ingredients which cannot be digestive for dogs.

Also pet owners should follow the proper direction of food chart, dog health, dog exercise after having food and so other things as they are sensitive.

Sunflower seeds also provide some proper minerals and other important ingredients which are the best for dog health and can improve itself from various kinds of dangerous diseases.

So, we can easily say that, sunflower seeds are the best for dog foods but some things should be kept in mind.

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