Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad Even After a Bath

Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad Even After a Bath

Why does my dog smell so bad even after a bath? There are several reasons behind this.

Maybe your dog has a skin disease and needs to be treated. Again, a visit to the vet is mandatory. Ensure that the dog’s anal glands are not blocked.

Moreover, some dogs smell better than others. If you use a healthy shampoo combined with vinegar to cleanse them, be careful not to get them in your dog’s eyes. 

Please do not do this until your veterinarian clears that your dog does not have a skin or ear infection. You should treat your dog as affectionately as a baby. You can bathe with this dog for 13 years, so don’t be afraid to clean it. Give him love to be loved!

Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad Even After A Bath?

Why does my dog smell bad and what to do about it? Your dog’s skin is full of microorganisms (yeast and bacteria) that produce waste. When wet, these organic acids spray as the water evaporates, creating the awful dog odor we are all familiar with.

In addition, dogs secrete sebum, the natural oil in their fur that helps protect the skin from drying out. Even some breeds have more of this substance than others. When this oil combines with water and bacteria, it gives off an odor.

To say honestly, dogs smell. This familiar canine scent may be offensive to humans, but dogs don’t care if they stink. However, the smell can become unbearable and overwhelm your home, car, and even clothing. If your dog has a natural tendency to take over his life with unpleasant odors, look for the source of the stench to contain it.

What Causes Bad Smell in Dogs?

There can be many reasons why a dog smells terrible. Sometimes a bath can be all the dog needs, but other times. Veterinary care is required to eliminate the source of the odor. Here we pick out some possible causes of your query, “why does my dog smell so bad even after a bath.”

Skin Infections

The skin is a natural barrier to infection, and if damaged, bacteria or viruses can infect it. There are several reasons why a dog’s skin can be affected, leading to a skin infection. Usually, allergies, fungal infections, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, external parasites, bleeding tumors, ulcers, and other skin problems can happen. Consequently, bacteria and fungi will take root on the skin’s surface and cause unpleasant odors.

You can read this Best Dog Shampoo for Yeast Infection

Your veterinarian can do tests to determine the type of infection or the underlying cause of the disease through blood or skin samples. To combat these causes of odor, medicated shampoos, antibiotics, and other treatments are usually required.

Ear Infections

Some of the most common pet insurance claims involve ear infections in dogs, so ears are also a potential source of foul odor. Ear infections can contain yeast or bacteria, and both types of diseases have a foul odor.

Plain ear debris often does not smell like infected ears. Therefore, if you notice an unusual smell or dirt in your pet’s ears, or if he scratches them, it might be time to see your veterinarian.

Skunk Spray

This signature scent comes from only one source. If you treat your with methamphetamine, he will need a unique bath to remove the odor.

Ride Something That Stinks

Dogs love to dive into things that smell but lead to smelly dogs. If your dog enjoys being outdoors, a simple bath will fix that damage.

If your dog has recently bathed in dirty water, the foul odor may persist even after it dries. If this happens, it’s time to wash your hair with shampoo!

Dental Disease

Bad breath is hard to ignore, especially in dogs that regularly lick their muzzle. If bacteria can cause dental disease, the odor will develop rapidly.

Condition of the teeth can also lead to infections of other organs, such as the heart and kidneys. Regular dental cleaning and professional dental cleaning at a local veterinary clinic are often necessary to prevent bad breath and tooth decay.

Anal Gland Problems

Anal glands are two tiny sacs in a dog’s rectum that contain an odor that is naturally used to indicate smell. Dogs naturally secrete their glands during bowel movements and sometimes when they are frightened. When a dog expresses its glands, sometimes a very unpleasant odor remains. Fortunately, you can easily clean it in a good bathroom.


Dogs sometimes suffer from flatulence, and unfortunately, we have to sniff it. But what is causing this gas? Digestive problems caused by dietary changes such as new food or treatments, backyard food, medications, and even simple stress can cause harmful fumes from the back of your dog.

Soft diets, probiotics, and stress reduction can help alleviate this problem. Talk to your veterinarian if the amount of gas seems abnormal or matches other symptoms such as diarrhea.

Diseases of The Internal Organs

Some diseases that affect internal organs can cause bad breath. Both kidney failure and diabetes can cause your dog to have unusual lousy breath. These conditions often cause your pet to feel nauseous, eat less, and become less active. If you notice these problems, then contact your veterinarian immediately.

How to make your dog smell good after a bath?

The smell of a funky dog usually does not feel charmed to most people. The canine odor can frequently lead people to adopt a dog or spend time with their dog indoors or in a car.

How to make your dog smell good after a bath

After all, no matter how cute she is, it’s challenging to spend time even if your dog smells bad all of a sudden. So, your dog must smell good. Here are some tips to help your dog smell good after bathing:

Regular Brush

Brush your dog daily to remove excess hair and dirt. Make sure all debris is clear of eyes and ears and feces and urine are clear.

Use Dog Shampoo

Bathe your dog every month or as recommended by your veterinarian. Similarly, you can use a good dog shampoo and rinse off the residue thoroughly. Be careful not to wash too much, as this can dry out your dog’s skin and coat and cause skin conditions that make the smell more irritating.

Keep your Dog Dry

Make sure your dog’s coat and coat are completely dry. Of course, use more than one towel to dry yourself off after bathing. Or dry the dog (make sure the drying setting is low) to remove bacteria from the hair shaft and skin of the dog.

You Can Use Your Favorite Perfume

Use a perfume spray made for dogs. Since dogs are cared for, it is essential not to use perfume sprays, which can be toxic to your dog.

Other Tips You Can Follow

You can spray the diluted vinegar mixture on furniture, bedding, and carpets to disinfect and deodorize your dog. Again, you can use baking soda to clean furniture and rugs and then pour out the water to remove odors. Don’t forget to regularly wash your dog’s litter so that microorganisms don’t have a second home!

How to prevent a dog’s bad smell?

I’m sure you tired of searching for the solution to “my dog smells rotten”! Well, this is enough. However, a good quality diet will help you better deal with some of your dog’s most annoying problems. Here are some tips to look out for to prevent your dog’s bad smell.

Clean your canine’s teeth

A dirty mouth causes awful breath. For your canine’s wellbeing and smell, you should brush your dog’s teeth routinely, ideally every day.

Clean your canine’s teeth

A few canines don’t promptly acknowledge toothpaste with a toothbrush and need preparing and moderate acquaintance with the interaction. Start with canine toothpaste on your finger, and afterward, utilize a piece of patch. If your canine likes it, keep using the toothbrush to get used to the process gradually.

Remember to be patient with your dog during this process.

Wash Your Canine’s Sheet Material

Your canine may have washed up, yet his bed is as yet dirty and rotten. At the point when he rests or sleeps in their bed, the smell will get back to them.

Indeed, washing your dog’s bed and any covers or other dozing things eliminates greases from your dog’s body that draw in earth and microbes that can add to smell.

Also, clean the inner pad if the label says it is washable. Indeed, your dog will be grateful to you!

Anal gland treatment

If you think your dog might be having an unpleasant odor from the anus, take it to your veterinarian. They can tell you if they might be overcrowded or infected.

Use canine shampoo in showers

This is perhaps the ideal approach to keep your canine smelling clean without the difficulty and time is to utilize a non-wash foam cleanser.

At times she is alluded to as a dry canine cleanser or without a water cleanser. It doesn’t need water or washing and is not challenging to utilize anyplace.

There are additionally a few splashes and powder adaptations accessible. We think the froth cleanser is an ideal choice as it purifies your canine coat, not simply a cologne or canine scent. Notably, this is also the best solution if your new puppy smells bad.

Don’t let your dog eat waste

Are you tired of asking, “why my dog smells like dog?”. Then we can say your dog may eat waste. It would help if you found ways to forestall it, as your canine may be eating improper or even spoiled food, as well as find shelter in the dirt.

Provide your canine significant oral consideration

We deal with our teeth consistently. We should do likewise with our canines! Of course, dogs can have many similar dental issues as people, like tartar/plaque and gum infection. This causes terrible breath and other medical problems.

Yet, brushing isn’t generally an alternative, and a few canines are highly impervious to it. A simple arrangement is to add a water supplement to your canine’s drinking water. A good water supplement keeps breath fresh, fights plaque and tartar build-up, and lengthens the time between brushing your teeth and brushing your teeth.

Maintain a healthy diet and digestive system

Why my dog stinks and scratches all the time? A rheumy or cheap diet, substandard canine food can lend to this stinky and scratchy issue. Indeed, excellent regular canine food will assist with keeping your canine sound and healthy.

Canine probiotics are likewise an incredible method to advance stomach-related wellbeing, better assimilate supplements, and keep the equilibrium of valuable microorganisms in the gut.


Why does my dog have a strong odor?

Food allergies or seasonal allergies can cause skin inflammation, which creates excessive oil secretion by certain skin glands. And it causes an unpleasant odor. A portion of poor food can lead to this situation and cause other difficulties, like yeast infections. Moreover, it can be the cause of the foul odor.

Why does my dog smell like she is rotting?

Hormonal imbalances, allergies, parasites, fungi, and local inflammation can cause the overgrowth of bacteria or yeast on your dog’s skin and an unpleasant odor. Your dog’s embarrassment will cause her to scratch and lick excessively, which can lead to a trivial bacterial infection. Also, taking of waste may create this kind of problem.

How can I make my dog smell better naturally?

Natural Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Smell:
– Brush the dog regularly. Regular brushing of the dog’s coat will make it matte and concise and remove dirt and grime.
– Wash the dog with organic shampoo.
– Keep the dog’s teeth clean.
– Clean your dog’s ears.
– Wash the dog’s bedding.
– Bicarbonate of soda can be handy.
– Rinse after each walk.

Can you smell death on a dog?

Probably the answer is no. Still, for your dog’s strong senses, they can perceive smells and sounds associated with approaching death. Moreover, some dogs do their best to comfort those lying in their beds, and even few believe that they predict death. It’s the theory of ancient Egypt.

Final Verdict:

I hope you got your answer of “Why Does My Dog Smell So Bad Even After A Bath?”. Indeed, these tips with regular or medicated baths will help, depending on the cause of the unpleasant odor.

However, if the smell of wet dogs is too strong, it could indicate a medical condition, such as an infection or illness that requires attention. Treating skin conditions and diseases will benefit your dog’s health and make it more pleasant because of the smell.

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