Why Is My Dog Acting Weird

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird?

If your dog is behaving strangely, you may be wondering, “why is my dog acting weird.” But you’re not the only pet parent who thinks about it! Dogs could end up doing the weirdest cute things, leading to loads of “oohs” and “awws.”

Most of the time, these quirks are due to simple behavior! This way you have nothing to worry about, that’s okay! But sometimes, you can notice significant changes in temperament, behavior, causing weight loss and other alarming symptoms.

If your pup has any of the above symptoms, it could be cause for concern. Anyway, dogs can behave strangely for various reasons and can be pretty intimidating, anxious, frustrating, and confusing when seeing your dog is not usual. So, find out more about it!

The Reasons Why Is My Dog Acting Weird

Here are some common reasons why dogs may behave strangely and are more likely to do so independently.

Depression or Stress

If something bothers your dog, it may act weird. This usually involves the death of another pet, the owner, or child to the house.

Strangers around

Usually, not all dogs feel comfortable in the presence of strangers. Of course, this can happen due to a lack of proper socialization or traumatic experiences the canine has ever experienced.


If your pet is intimidated by something, it will most likely behave unusually. This is usually temporary, and the behavior returns to normal after the initial fear has passed. But sometimes, a very traumatic event or persistent fear causes more chronic changes in behavior.

Diarrhea and Vomiting

If your dog is playing outside and eating leaves, grass, or anything else with a conscious mind, it may vomit or face diarrhea. Always monitor your dog whenever you see signs of lethargy throughout the day, along with these two symptoms.

Illnesses or Injuries

If your puppy hides, cries, loses contact, or becomes less active, you may need to get tested for injuries or illnesses and contact your veterinarian.

Changing the environment

Your dog’s strange behavior may be the result of a change in the environment. Placing your dog in a new environment can lead to abnormal behavior due to the uncertainty of the new environment. This is a pervasive case with canines that have been adopted, or even worse, with dogs bought by puppies.

Why my dog is acting weird and restless?

Dogs are generally well-mannered and responsive. But have you ever noticed that your pet is acting weird or restless? 

There can be several reasons why dogs behave strangely and restlessly, possibly due to their combination. Below are common reasons why dogs start to behave awkwardly, and perhaps this is why your dog does it.

Fears and Phobias

Phobias and fears as the cause of anxious behavior are easier to identify because something usually makes your dog nervous. Loud sounds such as fireworks, thunder, or gunfire often cause phobias.

Fear of being abandoned

Another possible cause is separation anxiety. This is more likely if you leave your puppy alone for a long time and it become anxious when you go.

Encouraging behavior

You could also encourage your dog’s awkward behavior by giving him what he wants when he behaves this way.

Traumatic Experience

Think back to the days before your dog started acting weird and hiding. Has anything happened that could injure your dog? Sometimes dogs hide when reminded of a traumatic experience or abusive situation from their past.


A sick can behave strange and restless.


When dogs don’t exercise enough, they can behave strangely, which is why they do.

Horrible Sounds

The reason may be that your dog hears sounds that he doesn’t like. This is more likely if your canine faces it more often at certain times, such as on construction sites or outside of fireworks.

Submissive behavior

If your dog has abused you lately and you are angry with him, that dog may behave strangely because he is submissive.

New climate

If you have recently adopted your dog, you are unsure about his new environment. Your dog may act weird. In this case, it should be improved over weeks or months.

Why is my dog acting sad?

If you have a dog, you already know that it can express its feelings the way humans do. This means that your little puppy may feel sad and withdrawn during times of stress, which can lead to depression if left unattended.

Why is my dog acting sad

Signs of depression and sadness in animals are similar to those in humans. Your canie may be sad for reasons such as missing someone, apologizing for an evil deed, moving into a new home, and more.

Here are some common reasons why dogs are suddenly upset and more likely to do so.

Adding a new pet to the family

In addition of another pet in the family can make the dog jealous and sad because he feels replaced. This can also happen if you’ve just had a baby or someone has moved in with you.


If your dog is not feeling well, he may look sad or depressed. Like humans, dogs tend to whine when they are sick or injured. The pup may lie on the floor and stare into space or sleep more than usual.

Feelings of remorse after doing something wrong

Dogs are beautiful animals and can also be very emotional. So, if your dog is sad, the reason you may have scolded him for doing something wrong, such as accidentally staining the carpet.

Moving to a new home

Every time you change your dog’s family life, it can become restless and unsettling. However, some dogs can get very upset, especially if they are at home for a long time.

Family member missing

Your dog may suddenly become depressed and sad when a loved one is not at home. For instance, your dog may miss a child who has moved from home or just separated from your partner.

Clinical depression

Believe it or not, pets can be clinically depressed, just like humans. A chemical imbalance causes clinical depression in the brain, and you can usually treat it with medication.

He is not getting enough attention

The dog will usually be unhappy if you do not give enough attention. For this reason, your furry friend may feel left out and bored.

When to visit the vet?

When your canine shows signs of illness or injury, behaves like this for a long time, or behaves very strangely, the best option is to take him to the vet. This way, you can preclude medical causes and acquire professional advice adapted to your specific canine.

Similarly, if the strange mood is accompanied by abnormalities such as vomiting or diarrhea, changes in appetite, contact your veterinarian immediately. If there is no physical manifestation of your pet’s strange behavior, it could be a behavioral problem. So, consulting with pets is your best bet.

In particular, it is best to write down times when you notice that your dog is behaving unusually. Also, pay attention to the circumstances that may influence the behavior.

How to prevent your dog from acting weird?

If you are very concerned about your dog’s strange behavior, here are some practical steps you can take to prevent it.

How to prevent your dog from acting weird

Stop rewarding behavior

Dogs are like children, and rewarding behavior will only lead to weirder behavior. So this will help if you avoid this.

Take care of your dog

You already know that sometimes the cause arises from psychological aspects such as fear or anxiety. Therefore, a lot of patience and affection will prevent your dog from behaving strangely.

Maintain nutrition

Proper nutrition and time will help a pup avoid illness. Make sure you feed your pet correctly and get the right food in their meals.

Continue training your dog

Enroll your dog in an effective exercise program and make sure your pet has the proper exercise. Remember that the purpose of training is not to tire your pet but to keep it healthy.

Love your dog

You must love your furry friend with all your heart and not spoil the dog with what he wants. Likewise, you should avoid bodily harm unless your life is in danger.

Seek help from a dog behavior expert

The final option is to seek help from a canine behaviorist. By doing this, you will understand why he is behaving so strangely and how to avoid it.


What do you do when your dog is acting weird?

If your canine is not behaving normally, this can be a sign of something wrong. When your pet starts behaving abnormally, remember when the behavior change began. Try to see if something is consistent with the transition to finding a possible cause. If you don’t understand what is causing your pet to misbehave, you may require a consultation with your vet.

Why is my dog acting weird and scared?

Fears are usually short-term panic reactions that a dog encounters when the dog feels he is in danger. On the other hand, phobias are usually associated with a distinct trigger. While general stress can be caused by the regular expression of something your dog is afraid of, it may also happen due to daily or environmental disruption. For example, when a family member leaves or is left alone.

Why my dog is acting weird and not eating?

Your dog’s loss of appetite is not something you should immediately worry. The most apparent cause of loss of appetite in canines is illness or infection. Many viral infections like the dilator and parvovirus are associated with reducing eating habits. It can also be a sign of heart problems and liver disease. But remember one thing, if your dog is somewhat anxious or stress, it may act weird and not eat.

Why is my dog acting weird and clingy?

If you give your pups constant attention during development, they may be afraid to be alone and, therefore, will never desire to leave you. Also, canines can be clingy if you change your friend’s daily routine. A sick and bored dog can also be clingy. Interestingly, clinginess is associated with anxiety and stress. And dogs that have their own anxiety problems often develop sticky behavior.

Final Words:

The easiest way to tell if your dog is behaving strangely is to act out of normal behavior. Several signs can indicate how difficult or bearable it is. You can summarize the reasons for your behavior in two parts: social and medical.

If you have done everything and checked everything but still querying, “Why is my dog acting weird” go to the vet! In this way, you acknowledge or rule out the possibility of illness or injury and open a way to seek help from a coach or behavioral therapist.

After all, you know your dog better than anyone. So listen to your instincts and trust your knowledge of the dog before you panic and go crazy about what might be wrong with your dog.

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