Why does my Dog lick the Bed

Why does my Dog lick the Bed?

Dogs lick everything from head to toe. While they are unaware of the need, they also tend to lick frequently visited places like beds. If your canine licks his bed all the time, there may be several reasons for this. By understanding and knowing the grounds, you can improve your puppy’s health and well-being.

So, why does my dog lick the bedsheets? Let’s explore.

He likes the taste

During sleep, sweat and dead skin cells dropping in the bed, which has a salty taste. So, the reason your mattress licks may be because it likes the taste of it. This is more likely if you can sweat a lot at night, but it could be the cause even if you don’t sweat that much.

Biological reasons

Your dog may lick your bed for biological reasons. Mother dogs usually lick their puppies to clean them. If your dog has recently had puppies, she may be licking her bed due to the biological impulse needed to keep the puppy’s environment clean.

Increasing Pain

Age is another reason and factor to consider. Like their human brains, dogs’ brains also suffer from old age, and dementia is one of these diseases. Other symptoms that may accompany licking your dog as it gets older may include loss of disobedience, appetite, increased sleepiness, slow reaction times, and irritable behavior.

Your dog may feel safer and more comfortable in bed

Interestingly, your dog can taste the tongue on your sheet, so you know he feels safe in your bed.

You can also take part in this promotion because you will feel very comfortable and satisfied with the relaxing effect of your bed. Should you forbid him to lick your bed if that’s why he did it? It depends on your taste.


Like humans, dogs deal with their fears, and one way to deal with them is through obsessive licking. If you notice that your dog is constantly licking your bed, not only during jumping to calm down but also during rush hour, OCD may be the main problem.

Relieves tension and stress

As humans, we do our best to relieve stress, even if it means doing crazy things. It’s the same with humans and dogs.

Intelligent dogs exhibit natural behavior by licking you or licking nutrients as one of the best ways to relieve stress. This way, your friendly dog will be able to pick up your blanket instead of aiming at your leg or body.

Why does my dog lick the air before bed?

Dogs exhibit different behaviors that surprise us, and one of them licks the air before bed. We met with experts to figure out this strange behavior. Here are some possible reasons your dog licks the air.


For some dogs, licking the air can be a sign of boredom. A bored dog left alone at home will find entertainment and often destroy the owner’s personal belongings.

He has something stuck in his mouth

Imagine you’ve just finished eating a peanut butter sandwich and covered it with your mouth. You will perform complicated tongue tricks to try to pull them out. Dogs do the same. They cannot use their fingers to pull things out of their teeth, so they use their movable tongue.

Skin problems

Dogs with itchy skin tend to lick their feet too much, but some dogs may turn to lick air if punished for licking their feet or other body parts.

They may be trying to absorb a strong odor

“A dog that seems to lick the air can trigger what is called a reaction,” says researcher Jones. “It happens when a dog’s nose comes into contact with specific molecules (often pheromones, urine, blood, or feces) and moves through the mouth.

Cognitive impairment in dogs

As they get older, dogs can develop cognitive impairments similar to Alzheimer’s in humans. Repetitive behaviors such as licking air are signs to watch out for. You can control a dog’s cognitive impairments with medication, and healthy dog food such as CANIDAE should be fed, played with regularly, and kept out for walks.

Compulsive disorder

Some dogs develop repetitive behaviors as a result of stress, frustration, boredom, or attention. Behaviors that can signal include air licking, peeling, chewing, tail-chasing, spinning, chasing lightly, sucking on toys, gazing into space, and biting imaginary flies.

Why does my dog lick everything at night?

If your dog licks everything at night, you may be wondering why and what to do about it. This post will show you several possible reasons for this and what you can do about it.

Why does my dog lick everything at night

Something That Hurts Him

Canines will, in general, lick irritated skin to quit itching brought about by bug chomps, hypersensitivities, or other regular skin issues. Pups that lick the foundation of their tail and drag their appendages over the mat may have butt-centric organ issues.


The reason may be that you are thirsty at night. This would be more likely if you didn’t have access to water. If you currently don’t have access to water at night, make sure you can help.

Oral problems

Dogs with something foreign in their mouth, such as chipped teeth or gum disease, may be enticing to lick the area. Canines with gum disease or dental infection may likewise lick in light of agony.

Inspiriting behavior

You may also find those licking things at night reward you. If you tend to pay more attention to things like toys, treats, or extra attention, you will probably do more to get more advice if you start licking stuff at night.

Expression of adoration

This could be your canine’s method of covering you with adoration. Also, let’s aspect it – a surge of wet kisses can light up your day. Licking can likewise be an honourable gesture and a method of telling you that you are a dependable pack pioneer.


Although canines do not have the magical ability to take care of their allies, they still discover their linguautile for fast bathing. Some pups take a long time to groom, which can lead to bald spots and skin irritation.

How to prevent my dog from licking the bed?

How to prevent my dog from licking the bed

Whenever you’ve recognized what spurs your canine’s activity, it will be a lot simpler for you to follow these means to fix your canine’s licking issue.

Nonetheless, remember that licking is regular, and you can never get your canine to quit licking altogether.

Once you’ve figured out “why does my dog lick the bed,” it’s an ideal opportunity to sort out some way to change the environment, so he is less inclined to lick you now and again, which makes you insane.

Whenever you’ve sorted out “for what reason does my canine lick the bed,”

These are some instances:

Make sure their diet is adequate

Ensure that you have all the essential nutrients in dog food and diet. It would be helpful to discuss his diet with your local veterinarian. You can also find out what to feed your dog here.

Avoid negative reinforcement

You may have encouraged this behavior by giving him what he wants when he licks your bed. Instead, she will help reward him if he doesn’t and stop rewarding him.

Replace bed with a suitable item

If your dog is licking something pointless, try replacing it with a dog toy. They may find that biting a chewing bone is much more fun than licking a couch. You can also give them gourmet cong or peanut butter as a good distraction.

Limit their access to your bed

It will also help reduce access to your bedroom, and you will have fewer opportunities to lick it. Maybe you can close the bedroom door when you’re not around and let her stay in a different part of the house. Have a comfortable and best dog bed.

FAQs on Why does my dog lick the bed

Why does my dog lick the bed before sleeping?

Dogs may want to lick before bed, as this triggers hidden memories of their childhood. From birth until separation from the mother, children are thoroughly washed by their mother tongue. In fact, it is essential for maturity and cleaning. Moreover, it is the only way for a mother dog to show affection for her babies in addition to feeding. However, if your dog licks before bed, it could mean that he is taking care of the hygiene in the meantime.

Why does my dog lick my pillows and blankets?

The most obvious reason your dog likes to lick your pillow and blanket is that he wants the smell and taste of your blankets and pillows. In fact, our body produces sweat, and our dogs may love this salty taste. Remember, too, that canines have 40x more sense of smell than we do. This way, they can lick our pillow and blanket, as the essence allows them to keep in touch with us when we are not around.

How do I stop my dog from licking the couch?

Consult your veterinarian to diagnose if your pet has any natural causes. Focus your attention if you see him licking furniture. Provide adequate mental and physical stimulation. Dip one cotton pad in warm paraffin wax three times, pausing between coats to dry. Your dog won’t like the scent and will probably leave. To avoid this, spray the furniture to be licked.

Why do dogs lick couches and beds?

Licking furniture can indicate stress or anxiety in the dog or even an illness.  If your dogs have no other motivation to engage with their body and mind, they may try it to pass their time. The canine may lick the table because he is bored. However, repeated licking discharges endorphins, and it helps the dog to relax. In various cases, couch licking is an accidental reaction to accidental stress, boredom, or loneliness. If this behavior is unstable, it can be quickly withdrawn.

Final Verdict

It is not enough to know the reasons for your query, “why does my dog lick the bed.” We hope you will take action to help him overcome his attitude.

Of course, make an appointment with your veterinarian to determine the actual cause and best treatment for licking your dog’s basket. Similarly, observe what happens in your environment when your dog starts licking and observe other strange behaviors such as sleep patterns, changes in diet, and activity. Take notes with your veterinarian to better understand your dog’s daily routine.

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