Why is My Puppy Always Hungry

Why is My Puppy Always Hungry?

Perhaps some dogs are always hungry due to a lack of shelter or owners who do not give them the right amount of food per day. Today I will try to explain the answer that, why is my puppy always hungry?

People tend to eat three times a day, and some dogs may need to eat three times a day, rather than once or twice a day. Dogs are not always hungry with proper feeding. Check the ingredients in the food container that you are feeding.

If the food contains plant material, the dog cannot assimilate and destroy it, turn it into fat and store it like people in similar conditions. The best diet for a dog is the raw gut of any herbivore and plenty of animal fat.

However, the thicker your dog eats, the less hungry he will be, and the faster he will lose excess weight: he is no different from a person. After a while, your metabolism will slow down and will absorb a certain amount of food every day.

Why does my puppy eat so much?

I often hear from my friend to scream, “Dude, my puppy is always hungry.” That sounded interesting, and I tried to find out some possible reasons. So here you go!

Adapt to the program

One of the leading causes your dog’s stomach never seems full is the new feeding program. When you bring your puppy home, you take him from what he knows. They learn to work in this new world in which they are.

Training is vital in your puppy’s home for the first few months. Although we generally do not consider nutrition as a training method that your dog needs to know, it is excellent for them.

When puppies are born, they have at their disposal an endless supply of food. In fact, their mother is always there, ready to give them milk. After weaning from breast milk, they need to adapt to this new program that suits them.

Instinct Reaction

Another reason your puppy cannot eat enough is his instinct. In nature, dogs have a party or hunger. If they get fresh food, they will eat as much as possible.

That’s because they do not know when they will have the opportunity to get more food. For this reason, many wild dogs and fangs are so territorially around their food. In fact, they do not fancy sharing it, as they require it to survive.

Although your puppy did not have to experience such a lifestyle, it is in his lifeblood. In fact, your new pup is excited about every meal because he does not know when to eat more.

You must follow your training to ensure the end of this behavior. Often fast and tasty food has another tone that wild dogs do between meals. Most of the dogs look for food and hide the remains for later.

Is that a jingle? You may observe that your puppy is attempting to get into the bin or hide the bones. All this is due to his survival instincts in dogs.

Food Absorption

Food Absorption

If your dog does not properly absorb nutrients in food, it will automatically feel hungrier. These are the essential nutrients for development and growth.

There are several reasons why nutrients are not absorbed. In fact, it can occur by a lack of digestive enzymes, a bacterial infection, and more.

As a Bad Habits

If you’ve ever dabbled in your puppy’s impatient looks while eating, you may be partly to blame. Dogs learn about us from the puppy stage. If your puppy realizes that it can beg more, it will. 

It would be best if you never gave in to your puppy’s appeal. Always follow your diet plan. When it’s time to have lunch or dinner, try moving the puppy to another room. 

However, it will eliminate the appeal to beg. Over time, your puppy may find out that begging does not lead it anywhere.

Mode of Survive

They can also survive their survival through their training. You may not have received enough food during your stay if you adopt a slightly larger puppy at the shelter. The same thing can happen for puppies that have lost for some time. 

They also believe that they have to eat a lot to live. If this behavior derives from the previous action, stopping it may be a little more complicated. Be careful and follow your diet plan, and your puppy begins to feel safe.

Health Problems

Sometimes the forgiving nature of your puppy is a sign of a significant health problem. Several conditions affect your appetite. Its better you take your puppy to the veterinarian to rule out any of the following issues.

Cushing’s disease

Another name Hyperadrenocorticism, the Cushing’s disease can increase appetite in dogs. If your pup suffers from this disease, his body may produce plenty of glucocorticoids. 

In fact, it is a hormone that supports to cope with stress. Too much can be a reason why your puppy is always hungry. Discuss your veterinarian for an adequate treatment and control program.


Parasites are quite common in puppies. In fact, it is a crucial factor that makes your puppy always hungry. Many new dogs are born with this due to uterine infection. 

However, different types of worms can affect your dog. They all feed on your dog’s body. They attach to the intestinal wall and consume all the nutrients from the meals you give them. 

It leads to increased appetite and malnutrition. Fortunately, worms are relatively easy to treat and have no long-term effects.


Diabetes is a disease that can affect your dogs of any age. When your dogs have Diabetes, they have too much glucose in their blood. In fact, glucose cannot reach cells for the lack of insulin. 

In response, your dog’s cells will believe that they are too far from sufficient nutrients. That’s why your dog has an insatiable appetite. 

However, Diabetes is a severe disease that requires constant care. Although you cannot cure it, you can control it with appropriate treatment methods.

How much food can a puppy eat at once?

How much food can a puppy eat at once

Most puppies, that is, dogs between the ages of 16 and 18 weeks, do not eat more and not less than the amount of food they need. Puppies should be fed four times a day till about eight weeks old.

After that, take three times a day till 16 to 18 weeks old, and they should eat with each meal. If you do not have food, you should take it before the next meal.

Feeding for free or keeping food always available is not a good strategy for feeding puppies. It makes selective eaters challenging to learn at home, makes it difficult to determine whether a puppy eats well. However, it can protect food or behavior in bowls, and sedentary food always attracts insects and rodents.

When a young dog loses interest in its mid-day meal, reduce to two meals a day offered morning and night for the rest of the dog’s life. Some adult dogs still regulate their own diets well.

Your vet is a better judge of how much to give at each meal than the “guidelines” on the dog food bags, which encourage you to feed too much so you will buy more often. And each dog is an individual, with individual needs that your vet can measure but a dog food bag can’t.


Is it normal for puppies to always be hungry?

As it grows older, your dog may become hungrier due to health problems. A hungry dog ​​may have a health problem, which makes it always hungry. Although some dogs love to eat, sometimes increased appetite is a sign of a significant health problem.

Why does my puppy act like he’s starving?

Dogs and humans both need sugar for energy. If they don’t get enough, their cells will make them believe that they are still hungry, like an intuitive search for more sugar. Hyperthyroidism is relatively rare in dogs. In fact, hyperthyroidism can cause a sudden increase in appetite.

Why is my puppy always looking for food?

Perhaps you are not providing your dog with enough food or are not yet used to the routine. If you feed your dog every time you reach, the food seems random, like magic, so check if it appears again. However, if you feed her as part of an anticipated routine, he will cease to control you so often.

How do you know when your puppy is hungry?

Sit down to eat, and suddenly your dog stands next to you and begs for food from your food. Your dog may look hungry, but if it eats regularly, your dog probably will not starve. Maybe it just wants to eat, as people eat when we are not hungry.

Will a puppy stop eating when it’s full?

Dogs, like some people, have not known for a long time when to stop eating when their stomachs are full. They eat food on their own until it ends, whether it is a cup of food or 20 kg of croquettes. In fact, they could even continue to eat until they fell dead.


That’s all I know why is my puppy always hungry. I always fed more than what filled my dog so that my puppies had enough food. If there is nothing, I feed it in small steps until the puppy refuses. 

Then I take it out to play and make it easy before I take a nap. When my dog reaches its maximum size, I adjust the diet until I properly manage it.

However, they do not starve or gain too much fat. Believe me, trying to lose a dog is not an easy task.

Your puppy may not get all the nutrients that you think he has. You can feed intestinal parasites and become fat. Go to the vet with a new stool sample. 

The veterinarian will check (under a microscope) which eggs produce worms. Thus, parasites can become specialized and an adequate and effective dehydration option for your puppy. Then I bet it will flourish!

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