Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets

A girl sleeping on a bed with a dog

Why does my dog scratch my bed sheets? It can be a significant problem for many dog owners. You may be surprised to see your dog dig, scratch, or paw your bed most of the time. Whether it is a three-month-old pup or an adult dog, you’ve probably noticed this behavior so many times. You …

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Why Does My Dog Hump Me and No One Else?

a dog try to hump with owner

Why does my dog hump me and no one else? Only your canine will surely know it. However, I have several theories depending on over 35 years of puppy training and watching thousands of pups.  Humping may be anything stress relief, arousal (both bad and good), or simply because it’s good. It is not often …

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Why Does My Dog Bury His Head in Me?

Why Does My Dog Bury His Head in Me

As a dog owner, everybody should know a dog’s behavior to ensure the longevity of your dog. Also, understanding the behavior takes you closer to your dog. But are you overwhelmed by searching, “why does my dog bury his head in me?” or this behavior surprise you? There are several causes, but it’s not scary …

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Why does My Dog Scratch the Carpet

why does my dog scratch the carpet

A dog is the most faithful and gentle furry friend in the universe. But sometimes, the behaviour of your trusty buddy puts you in a hassle. In fact, a common thing for me, why does my dog scratch the carpet. I have found simple explanations for why does my dog scratch at the carpet. Sometimes, just scratching …

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When to Euthanize a Dog with Cushing’s Disease

when to euthanize a dog with cushing's disease

Cushing’s disease is a curse on dogs. It’s a terrible nightmare if your cannie is affected by cushing’s disease. And if the disease is at the final stage then you are searching for When to euthanize a dog with cushing’s disease. I know you are here with a broken heart. Cause I have relevant experience …

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My Puppy won’t stop Biting me I’ve tried Everything

My Puppy Won’t Stop Biting

Are you feeling annoyed by getting hurt by your lovely dog and now searching for My Puppy won’t stop Biting me I’ve Tried Everything. Behaving the dog like this is not only confusing but also worrying. Biting the owner’s leg by a cute little puppy is sometimes a major issue. Puppy might have faced or …

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Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly?

Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere Suddenly

Are you searching, why is my dog following me everywhere suddenly? and feeling worried about what happened to the dog. Well, in some cases it’s really a matter of tension. I will try to share my experience and most of the common cases of dogs while they follow humans. Before that, I will like to …

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Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds? (Side Effects, Benefits)

Can dogs eat sunflower seeds

Imagine, someone has been traversing for his dog food and then he found sunflower seed in his home. Now, the quaere is if he could give his dog to eat sunflower seeds. Can dogs eat sunflower seeds? Definitely, he will be very pleased if the answer is yes and obviously the answer is yes but …

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How many Puppies do Chihuahuas have in a Litter?

How many Puppies do Chihuahuas have in a Litter

Chihuahuas usually weigh 4-6 pounds and grow 6-10 inches. And they are one of the cute little dogs. Also, their puppies are even cute and adorable. So, most people are curious about how many puppies do chihuahuas have in a litter. And this article may be your solution. In general, Chihuahuas are short-headed dogs and …

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Are dogs allowed in Walmart policy?

Are dogs allowed in Walmart policy?

Being a brute lover, many of us have some whelps in our house. They are also like a family member. So, whenever we go, we try to keep them with us. But, when a question arises, are dogs allowed in Walmart policy? The answer is, no. Due to some hygiene and indemnity issues all over …

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