How Long will My Puppy Poop Worms After Deworming

How Long will My Puppy Poop Worms After Deworming?

Have you recently dewormed your puppy? And, are you worried because the puppy is still pooping worms? Well, it’s normal, so don’t worry! Your baby will be fine but it needs some time to get over from those worms. If you still have the question, “ How long will my puppy poop worms after deworming? ” then go through the article for vast knowledge about puppy deworming.

What is Puppy Deworming?

If you think that deworming puppy means deducting worms from your puppy’s stomach then you may not know the whole information. Deworming means decreasing worms from your puppy’s entire body.

Dog worms don’t only stay in the stomach, they try to stay in the skin, lungs, heart, eye, intestine, and more. Are you afraid after hearing this? Yes, I know it’s like a nightmare. Thus, everyday people search for how to get rid of dog worms.

Before getting affected you should deworm your puppy. The perfect age for puppy deworming is 4-5 weeks. Also, there are some natural ways of removing parasites. Puppy deworming is very important to have a healthy dog. If the worms increase severely then you may lose your pup. Most importantly, don’t forget to consult with your veterinarian doctor.

Why is Deworming Dog Essential?

Deworming a dog is crucial, not only for killing the parasites from its body, but also preventing the dog from spreading worms to other dogs and humans! Because of this, you must deworm your dog every few months.

To check your dog’s worm, you can diagnose a stool test. In this case, it’s better to talk to your vet, he /she will do the diagnosing and determine the worm type. So, it will be easier for him to prescribe medication for exactly that worm.

If you don’t want to face these problems anymore, then do regular checkups of your dog. Sometimes the vet suggests doing a blood test for checking the immune system of your dog. So, do it instantly for a full health check-up of your furry baby. 

How does Dog Get Worms?

Ask this question to you before taking your dog to the vet or finding worms in your dog’s stool. Because it’s your responsibility to keep him away from any risky things like parasites.

Your unconsciousness can affect your dog’s health. You want to know how? Well, let’s describe it point by point.

  • Not checking the paws after coming from the grass
  • Eating rotten food like dead animals (obviously from outside)
  • Playing with unknown or worm hosted dog
  • Drinking water from anywhere
  • Eating grass

All these reasons can be handled if you pay accurate attention to your dog. And, check-up him/ her regularly. In addition, yearly deworming can keep your dog much healthier than regular time.

How Long Will My Puppy Poop Worms after Deworming and How Does It Look Like?

After doing the deworming your dog may try to poop. It takes approximately 12-15 hours to affect all the parasites. Most of the dogs will poop worms continuously for a number of days until all the worms get out of its body. Some dog parents question us, “How long will my puppy have diarrhea after deworming?” Well, the answer is diarrhea may last as long as 3 days.

If it lasts more than 3 days, it is advisable to contact a vet. In some cases, dogs may have blood in their stool. Don’t need to freak out, it can happen for dead heartworms swimming out. However, get it diagnosed by a veteran. If you still see red poops then it indicates the rectal injury of your dog.

How can You Determine Dog’s Health by Observing the Dog Poop Color?

By observing the poop colors, you can discover the health condition of your dog. After deep research and studying more than 13 cases, I have prepared an analysis for your better understanding. If any of the colors match with your dog’s poop you must consult with the vet.

White Dog Poop

White specks in poop a few hours after treatment will indicate worm’s ejection from the entire system. That means a successful deworming.

But normally, if the dog poop color is white and chalky-looking, then your dog is having a raw food diet, which is definitely not the good dog poop color. White poop color also indicates that your dog is eating food with high calcium or bone.

If the dog poops white more than two times, you need to call the pet doctor immediately.

Yellow Dog Poop

Due to digestive irritation, parasites or infection the poop color can be yellow. Parasitic protozoan can make poop into yellow, also indicates intestinal infection. Consult the doctor for medicine. 

Green Dog Poop

If your dog goes outside for playing and has a habit of eating grass then it’s normal to pooping green. On the other hand, it can be caused by rat-bait poisoning, a parasite. Also, there could be other internal issues. So, it’s high time to call a vet for the poor soul.

Maroon or Black Dog Poop

Usually, black or maroon poop indicates heavy bleeding in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. This bleeding can be from ulcer and the poor soul needs an immediate trip to the vet.

The very black poop means the blood has been digested. So, your dog may be losing a lot of blood internally.

Grey, Greasy Dog Poop

If the poop is gray or greasy it may cause by maldigestion. Glistens dog poop indicates malabsorption of nutrients.

After seeing this type of poop the vet may look for EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. That means the puppy’s stomach is not functioning as it should. Don’t need to be worried! EPI is treatable.

Orange Dog Poop                                   

Orange poop indicates the poop moved too fast through the gastrointestinal tract. A liver problem or biliary disease can happen with your dog. So, contact with a vet after noticing orange poop or diarrhea.

Pink/Purple Dog Poop

You need to be highly concerned if you see pink or purple dog poop. Seek emergency medical attention if your dog’s poop looks like raspberry jam, it could be hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. This could be fatal if not treated fast enough.

Usually, you can give tablets to deworm. Firstly, you have to get the right prescription from the pet doctor. Then ensure that your dog has ingested all the medication given. Mine dogs are mischievous and sometimes spit the medication out.

So, I put the tablet into my dog’s favorite food and he just ate the whole food without spitting it out. You may also do the same tricks.

If your dog is highly affected by worms than it’s better to inject it for the best solution.

Side Effects of Deworming a Puppy

Deworming products are made safe for dogs. Most of the cases a pup doesn’t face any side effects. However, if your one experiences side effects, don’t need to panic. Let’s know what are the effects.

Bloody Stool

After deworming you may notice deep red color poop has taken on a deep red color with a noticeable streak of blood in it. It is quite normal after treatment for the first few days.

The red color may come from the latch point of the parasites. This bloody poop shouldn’t stay more than 3/ 4 days. If it lasts more than visit a doctor immediately.


When inflammation is caused in the gastrointestinal tract your puppy may have diarrhoea. After the deworming treatment, usually worms unlatched in your pup’s intestines and it’s better to go away from the dog’s body soon. If diarrhoea lasts more than 1 or 2 days then talk to your vet for the solution.

Mood Swings

The whole deworming process impacts some stress and discomfort to your dog. They may become lethargic and lose their appetite. Also, they may not like to play as before. So, give your pup some time and don’t misbehave with them.

As your dog has some new experience in the body, in some cases the pup is experiencing diarrhea, so don’t forget to refill their water pot timely. If they stay hydrated, they will overcome the deworming session soon.

The best thing is providing them a comfortable place to rest. This situation shouldn’t last over a week after treatments.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Dog Healthy After Deworming

Being a pet parent is not an easy job. You have to be careful with your furry friend. After the deworming the pup needs more attention, love and health care. Do you also want to take care of your baby? Well, then let’s dive in.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Dog Healthy After Deworming


If you are owning a puppy that has passed a long deworming period then you must give some attention to his/ her diet. Because it is their growth phase and they need a special diet. Also, it’s important to grow strong bones.

To have a healthy dog you have to be careful now. So, the growth style diet will last for at least 8-10 months. If you are having a giant breed then the duration should be 21 months.

Puppy AgeFeeding Times
6-12 Weeks Old3-4 feeds daily
3-6 Months2-3 feeds daily
6 Months & Adult2 feeds daily

At the starting point of a pup’s diet, you may include the best quality prepared puppy food for a balanced and strong diet. This will determine the immune system of a dog.

Maybe you are a job holder or a business owner, so besides that, if you want to provide the best food for your puppy then prepared dog food is the best way. But always consult with your vet before giving any outside food to your puppy. Moreover, don’t forget to supply water rapidly.

Dental Care

It’s very important to clean the teeth and massage the gum whether you can supply something for chewing that cleans the teeth automatically. Like dental bones or dental toys. You need to take care of their dental health so strictly.


Some parents want to breed their dogs and stay in a crowd of dogs. If you are not one of them then you can plan for desexing (Spay or Neuter) your dog. It is proven that desexing can increase your dog’s life for more than 4-5 years. Also, they will safe from some severe diseases like cancer.

Desexing is just a small surgery which may take some hours to complete. And, if you give good care to your pup then he/ she may need 7-15 days to recover.

For desexing always choose a specialist vet surgeon. We recommend taking this step when your puppy is 5-6 months old.


Don’t forget to register your pup with the local council when he/ she is 3 months old. You can get some discounts if your dog is desexed. Some provide the dog tag for their collar but we suggest the lifetime registration- Microchipped. A small microchip will implement under the skin by an injection which includes lifetime registration.


Generally, puppies don’t need to bath so frequently. But after deworming you should bath your pup with a mild shampoo. In addition, you can take tick shampoo which will give him/ her a fresh flee free body and nice fur.


How long will it take for my puppy to stop pooping worms after deworming

Usually a few days to a week, but it varies. Complete the full treatment as prescribed.

Is it normal for my puppy to continue passing worms in their stool after deworming?

Passing dead worms post-treatment is normal. Live worms or persistent infestation need vet attention.

What should I do if my puppy is still pooping worms weeks after deworming treatment?

Contact your vet. It could mean the initial treatment wasn’t effective or reinfestation occurred.

Wrapping up How Long will My Puppy Poop Worms After Deworming

Have you got your all answers? Well, I have tried my best to cover up all the possible queries of a dog owner. If your dog is pooping worm after deworming, don’t need to worry. I know it looks gross when a puppy vomit or poop worms, but it’s better than the disgusting worm has spat out from your lovely baby.

Give a special hug to your best friend. All they need your love and affection. Cut some time from your daily routine for him/ her. These furry balls always wait for your coming home, your smile and mostly your smell that they miss very roughly when you are not around them. I miss my Judy when I go out for my job.

Stay happy and healthy with your dog!

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