Qualities to Look for in a Dog Grooming Dryer

Part of getting your dog nice and clean is by using a dog grooming dryer.  It’ll help you get your dog’s fur nice and dry and keep pesky bugs away. Here are some Qualities to Look for in a Dog Grooming Dryer.

Find a Dryer with a Good Air Stream

While it may be tempting to use a human dryer, a dog grooming dryer is specifically made for your four-legged friend. One, a human hair dryer doesn’t reach the undercoat of the fur. Two, it may be too hot for your dog, which can damage the skin.

Dogs have higher body temperatures, so a human hair dryer could easily cause your doggy to overheat. A good dog dryer is cool enough to keep it from drying out your dog’s skin. At the same time, it has a slow and steady airflow that’ll get your dog’s fur dry without harming his body.

Also, you want to find one that’s strong enough to handle your dog. Remember, certain dogs like Samoyed and Collie have double-coats so you must find one that has a balance between strength and coolness to keep your dog comfortable. Not to mention, the strong airflow helps to get rid of any loose hairs when he sheds.  


Humans are used to a noisy blow dryer in the barbershop or salon. However, your dog’s ears are much more sensitive. You may need to get him adjusted to the sound of a hairdryer before you go to work on grooming his fur.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to pick a relatively quiet pup dryer. Remember, you want to keep your dog as calm as possible while drying him. When you’re able to keep him relaxed, it’ll make this process a lot easier for both sides.

Your dog will start to bond and trust you more to make this a relaxing experience.

Pick Something Long Lasting

It may be a bit more expensive for the higher-end ones but think of the quality. Does it fully dry your dog’s fur without damaging his skin? How long does it take to get him completely groomed?

Also, does it have longevity? Something that works well for your dog and keeps him calm is well worth the investment for a pet grooming dryer after using dog shampoo.

Take time to choose the right one to help make things comfortable for both you and your furry friend.


Dog grooming dryers come in different various forms and shapes. It might come as quite a surprise to you, but the forms and shapes are more than you think you know. Whatever shape or form of grooming dryers you decide to get, ensure that they meet your needs in terms of storage space.

Small handheld dryers will work best if you are pretty limited on space and have a small dog. They occupy minimal space and are proficient. For somebody with a bigger dog, you can think of stand dryers. They might look bulky, but they are not. You can store them away in a corner without taking up much space.

While considering ease of storage, choose a grooming dryer that will work best for your dog.

Variable or Single Speed Dryer

Different dog breeds require different dryer types. These different breeds come in different coats and also different dog sizes. You get to choose between a variable or single speed dryer depending on how many and what type of dogs you breed.

If you own one dog, the single-speed dryer would be a comfortable choice. It will also work for one who owns many dogs but of the same breed with the same fur type.

Now for someone with different dog breeds, you will require a variable speed dryer. It will give you the best experience with its diverse range of choices. You get to adjust the airflow according to the breed, coat, or size of your dog.

Making a choice between the two for what works best will benefit your dog and your pocket in the long run.

Nozzle Choice

Any dog grooming dryer with a low-quality nozzle can easily get destroyed. It will help if you put into consideration that not all alleged nozzles are suitable for all dogs. There are specific dog breeds that require only a particular choice of nozzles.

The heat and air pressure can easily crack it, mainly if used quite more often than not. We already established that a dog grooming dryer should not be hot to avoid burning the frail dog skin underneath the fur. But you need to ensure it is sufficiently heated to dry the dog efficiently.

In that case, we would not want the nozzle to give away, would we? It would be pretty hazardous for our dog. To top it off, it would also be a monetary loss for you.

Easy to Maintain Filters

Maintenance of grooming dryers is not something most of us think of regularly doing. However, delaying maintenance will eventually lead you to get a new dryer sooner than you had planned to do.

It is advised that you clean and change the filters on the dryer as frequently as you can. Air filters do get clogged and dirty, and they are a danger to your dog. They may end up depositing dust molecules on the dog’s skin or not dry them as required.

These are the Qualities to Look for in a Dog Grooming Dryer

Consider getting a dog grooming dryer that has an easy detachment process. It will be easier to take off the filter, clean it, and put it back. The air filter should also be easy to clean. You need to wipe off the dust with a clean, dry cloth. You can also get a dryer with replaceable air filters.

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