How to use Ebay – Can you Sell and Buy Puppies and Dogs in 2022 on Ebay?

Can you buy and sell puppies on ebay? Can you buy and sell dogs on ebay? What breeds of puppies and dogs can you find on ebay for sale? 

And first, are you allowed to sell puppies on ebay in 2022?

Well, these among other questions will be covered in this blog post. But before we get to the nitty gritty;

Can You Sell Live Puppies On Ebay?

As of right now, you cannot sell live puppies on Ebay. This may be something that changes in the future, but as of 2022, Ebay does not allow the sale of any live animals. If you are looking to sell puppies, you will need to find another platform to do so. 

Ebay live animals Policy

There are a number of reasons why Ebay does not allow the sale of live animals, and one of the main ones is because there is no way to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of the animal. 

There have been a number of cases where animals have been sold on Ebay and then shipped illegally or without proper care, leading to their death. Ebay does not want to be associated with this type of activity, and so they have banned it.

What Animals Can You Sell On Ebay?

Ebay has been a popular site for buying and selling puppies and dogs for many years. However, with the recent changes to the site’s policies, it is clear that you cant’t sell puppies on the site.

What Animals Can You Sell On Ebay?

With that said, let’s take a look at some animals that their policy allows.

  • Bees, crickets, and ladybugs
  • Domestic (not exotic) aquatic snails
  • Fertilized eggs (species must be included in the listing description)
  • Live bait such as minnows, shiners, earthworms, and mealworms
  • Lobsters
  • Mice sold specifically as food for pets
  • “Stud” services (including but not limited to dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, and cattle)
  • Tadpoles
  • Tropical fish

Can you sell animals like puppies and dogs on ebay?

As ebay have changed their policy on live animal sales, this has affected many dog breeders and sellers who now have one less option  to sell their pets including:

  • Puppies
  • Dogs
  • Kittens
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Snakes
  • Mice
  • Rats/Vermin
  • Livestock/cattle

This resulted in one user becoming discontent with the platform’s new operating method later taking this up on a public forum located on Ebays website

So How Do I Sell Puppies, NOT on ebay?

You might be asking: “If I can’t sell or buy puppies on ebay, How Do I buy and sell puppies or dogs?”. Well, there are many ways to sell puppies, and each method is different. Here are a few of the most popular methods; 

Sell Puppies and Dogs In Pet Stores

The federal government has been slow to regulate pet stores, and many animal-rights groups have long advocated for laws to protect consumers. Puppies and dogs from puppy mills typically have congenital problems and suffer poor breeding, leading to thousands of dollars in vet bills. 

The state Department of Agriculture and Markets (DAM) oversees pet stores, but the current law could change that.

Pet store managers may claim to know breeders, but they don’t. In some cases, these breeders are located in faraway states, and the staff doesn’t even inspect the breeding facilities and handpick the puppies. While these sales tactics can be frustrating, they’re also an excellent way to sell or get a puppy. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid being duped by pet store salespeople and save a puppy from an exploitative puppy mill.

The ban on selling pet rabbits and bunnies in New York City has made the city’s pet stores sell sterilized puppies only from licensed breeders. 

So, if you want to buy or sell your puppy in a pet store, consider the following:

  • Pet Rush, Los Angeles, California
  • Feed Bag Pet Store, Cutchogue, New York
  • Joe’s PET DEPOT in Gillette and Rock Springs, Wyoming
  • Chateau-Animaux  In Washington

Search for more pet friendly stores here.

Sell Puppies and Dogs Online

The first way to sell puppies online is to have your puppy listed on a website. 

And not just any website, a pet or dog specific website whose audience is purposefully targeted to buy or sell puppies.

This method gives you the opportunity to set the price for your pup, as well as to control the way it is presented. 

Classified ads or specialized websites are best at targeting potential buyers. Either way, you will not need to work towards driving traffic to your ad. A classified or specialized website usually handles all traffic towards your posted ads, this will reduce the amount you need to spend to get seen on the internet. 

However, before you get to list your pup on such websites, remember to research the price of a similar breed and keep in mind that the price you set is not the only factor that determines the price you can sell a pup for.

A website like Pet Daily Press is a great option for selling your puppies. You’ll need to pay a small fee for advertising your pups, but it is worth it if you can sell your puppies for a decent price and within a short period of time. 

Before you sell a puppy, you must make sure that it is at least eight weeks old. You should not separate a puppy from its mother before it has fully weaned. Separating a puppy from its mother before this age can lead to serious medical and behavioral problems. 

Advertising Your Litter On Social Media

If you’ve been thinking of using Ebay to sell and buy puppies and dogs, you may want to consider advertising your litter on social media. 

While social media does not necessarily cost money, it’s definitely more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods. 

Using popular pet social networks can help you reach prospective customers all over the world. The social media strategy is all about capturing attention, cultivating good relations, and building a following. In addition, these platforms can allow you to interact with prospective buyers directly, which means you’ll be getting valuable leads and website traffic from them.

You can use social media to analyze competitors and analyze your own market. The social media trend is not going anywhere soon. Keep up with the latest trends to stay competitive and capture a larger audience. 

Here are some ways to advertise your litter on social media in 2022:

You can advertise your litter on social media through a specialized platform. Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit all have rules and regulations that must be abided by. Not every social media platforms offer sales of puppies and animals, some have experienced backlash on animal cruelty and abuse.

So when buying or selling a puppy or dog on these platforms please be aware of who you are dealing with.


As you can see, you cannot use Ebay to sell puppies. There are other ways to do so which I have listed in this masterpiece. 

Using Ebay as a platform to sell or buy puppies and dogs is prohibited. 

Pet Daily Press is the ultimate stop to sell puppies and dogs in the US in 2022.

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