Heart to Tail Dog Food Review (Aldi Heart to Tail Pure Being)

Heart to Tail Dog Food is a new brand in the market. The new dog food is actually from Aldi. The well-known company separated its dog food section into two different categories. The first one is Heart to Tail complete Dog Food and another one is in Grain-free Pure Being. The major difference between these categories is food ingredients. Heart to tail dog food is manufacturing from natural ingredients but most of the item has different food flavor. And the Aldi Pure Being dog food is completely producing from all-natural ingredients.

Many vets experienced seeing which dog food turn the table in the right way. Even dog food owners are also confused about the new dog food brand. Kind information for them, Aldi Heart to Tail Dog Food is recommended by FDA. We researched, tested, and gathered actual food ingredients information about the new brand for you. Afterward, we start digging deep into different Aldi heart-to-tail dog foods and disclosed our heart-to-tail dog food review in this article.

Vet’s Recommended: Aldi Pure Being Heart to Tail Dog Food Review

We reviewed some of the different flavored heart-to-tail dog food and pure being grain-free dog food for your lovely canine or puppy. The dog food manufacturer has some healthy and nutritious food options for large, medium, and small puppies. As a new brand, this is the best budget dog food manufacture with a complete nutritious dog food package.

Within one place you will get almost every type of dog food here. Finding the heart-tail dog food is definitely the only matter that every pet owner is looking for.

The best choice will help to grow your canine, satiate the devour, and more importantly, get all the nutrition in one place or food item.

Beef Flavoured

Heart to Tail Dog Food (Tasty Beef Flavoured Sticks)

Heart to Tail Dog Food (Tasty Beef Flavoured Sticks)

Shep brings a new flavor in your town for your dog with the real beef taste. With the reduced items that won’t cause harm to your dog’s heart, it introduces the sticks of beef. When we have a look at the list of ingredients it makes us amazed because it contains almost everything that will care for a dog’s heart.


Starting from the Veggies Glycerin and protein to the Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Soy Oil. The flavor is toasted with the natural serum. Let not forget to mention the crude protein and fat item that cares a lot to the heart indeed. Fill the bowl with this amazing food and let’s see your dog become gluttonous from a picky eater.

The naturally processed stick is easy to eat and great for digestion. The complete solution for a healthy heart, no cholesterol comes to make a home inside the heart indeed.

  • Real Beef tastes toasted with essential proteins.
  • Cage-free chicken’s real fat is good for the hearts of dogs.
  • It comes to the bowl as a stick shape therefore easy to eat and digest.
  • Natural Crude protein and oil both reserved in it.

  • Contains Grains to some extent which does not serve to get the proper nutrition.

Bacon Flavour

Heart to Tail Dog Food (Shep Dog Treats with Bacon Flavour)

Heart to Tail Dog Food (Shep Dog Treats with Bacon Flavour)

The real bacon with royal taste at your dog’s service! US-based proud owner shep made this item for the heart-to-tail dog food. Therefore, they avoided all sorts of colors and flavors that harm your dog’s overall health.


Keeping this in mind Shep brings on the Crude protein at 16% along with the 5% Crude fat. The essential level of carbs also brings life to the heart of your dog.

If your dog love to take a taste of wet food then this would be the best choice for him. Because the moisture level here will be somewhat around 28%.

The main intention of it is to have a balanced protein level and they are all good to eat and safe for the heart.

No by-products are available, and thus you can invest your money in it. Even though it is not cheaply made but it seems affordable.

  • It comes with nature-driven crude fat and protein best suited for the dog’s heart.
  • Bacon’s taste is real and easy to feed your dog’s mouth.
  • No harmful colours, preservatives, and toxic elements found.

  • Best-suited for the dog who is having difficulty in running and hiking and for an adult agile dog it may not satiate the wildness of hunger.

Aldi Heart to Tail Pure Being Dog Food Review

Some dog food is partially nature-driven and rests others miraculously filled with natural wholesomeness. If you don’t want artificial dog food flavor the go for the Aldi Pure Being Grain-free dog food. Actually, grain-free dog foods are good for older dog’s health. It will take good care of your canine heart and liver as well as skin diseases.

On the food package, you will find the level of food ingredients. Aldi described how they made the grain-free food and how helpful for your dog’s health. That food would be the best deal and so on, let’s discuss in our heart to a tail dog food below:

Chicken Flavoured

Shep Heart to Tail Pure Being Chicken Flavoured Dog Food

Shep Heart to Tail Pure Being Chicken Flavoured Dog Food

Pure being is a great food for the well-being of the dog’s heart. This food item comes with great quality-driven protein sources and more importantly, it is enriched in essential amino acids. This fatty acid will help to burn the extra fat and lower the chances of being trapped with cholesterol.


The main ingredients are flesh and rice and preserved with organic food processing. You won’t find any harmful grain or by-products. When we dig deep into the customer reviews, they claim their finicky four-footer dog’s tummy comes to full and they love to eat it.

When we research what nutrients, it contains and serve then we find the best thing with dried yeast and Yucca extract for that, the diet becomes the savior of the heart.

  • It contains Amino Acids and other viable ingredients that care about a dog’s heart.
  • Fibers are available in great amounts that’s why it helps to care for the dog’s liver.
  • The real Bacon, Chicken, and rice taste great especially for the finicky eaters.
  • Effectively works as a wholesome balanced diet for every dog.

  • The presence of Rice may not be edible to some breeds, that is why check out what your dog’s savor before purchasing.

Pure Being Grain Free

Shep Pure Being Grain Free Aldi Dog Food

Shep Pure Being Grain Free Aldi Dog Food

Shep presents this food item with no grain elements and the main recipe is Salmon with sweet potato. Your dog will love this kibble to eat no matter it is a bit picky eater. With the premium quality driven items and the pieces are small in size and easy to eat.


Amazingly, the smell is quite strong and welcoming for your dog. When your kid will sniff around every time then it will grasp them all. Apart from that, the veggies like Carrots, Beets, Parsley, Spinach will give a refreshing jerk to your pet. Therefore, it comes with lots of fiber contents that ease digestion a lot.

The main reason to choose this for your pet because it is completely free from by-products, preservatives, Grain, Wheat, and other additives.

  • Enriched with high-quality Salmon meat that boosts the overall heart’s health.
  • No Grain, and additives and since many fiber contents are available.
  • Great to eat for the picky eaters and they love to sniff it and eat.
  • Kibble is small in size, easy to eat, and digest.

  • If your dog doesn’t love to taste real salmon meat then this is no fit for it.


Whole Earth

The alternative of Heart to Tail Aldi Dog Food: Whole Earth

Whole Earth comes to serve all breeds of adult dogs and they naturally crafted the food ingredients which are grain-free to eat. The amazing combination with the Beef & Lamb it toasted with the wholesomeness.


As it is naturally driven food item obviously it delivers the all essential Vitamins and minerals along with the rich-proteins from the real beef and lamb

The grain-free item is another attention to you for that, your dog’s heart won’t be stuck with any cholesterol and the heart would be as good as it should be. They know your four-legged friend savor and they made it brilliantly. Nature crafted the best ingredients induced with fiber and rich protein contents.

  • It is a grain-free recipe that edible for all breeds of dogs.
  • Good for the heart as it enriched with proteins and minerals.
  • An amazing taste that your dog is craving for with the real meaty taste.
  • Meat comes from Cage free and not from poultry.

  • Using Pork meat may cause some harm only when it is served excessively.

Complete Nutrition of Aldi Heart to tail Pure Being Dog Food Recipe

Aldi has done a great job with their grain-free natural ingredients dog food. The Pure Being recipe contains 25% of crude protein, where the fat is 15% and only 3% of fiber. Our vet recommends lower fiber in dog food when the canine gets older because excess fiber can damage kidneys. They need a balanced protein diet with limited fat.

Aldi did not include any natural meat in the pure being dog food recipe. Even the Heart to tail dog food has some meat flavor to increase the eating demand of the puppy. Aldi included some natural vegetables and fruits like blueberries and garbanzo beans and mixed some flaxseed to add protein. Actually, they tried to make grain-free dog food like human meals that maintain a properly balanced diet.

Aldi Pure Being Grain-free dog food Price: 

Aldi considered the best price for their grain-free dog food comparing with other manufacturers. Aldi fixed $1.15 to $1.50 per Lbs food for grain-free options in the United States market.

Food Ingredients to see in Heart to Tail Dog Food

Buying dog food that will care for your dog’s heart is not an easy job. After examining so many of them you may be convinced to buy one. But to make your mind convinced you must come to know what things to consider and what things to avoid. Let’s help you out after telling you about these below.

Choose the best ingredient: In your dog food, the one very specific ingredient will help it to boost the overall health of heart. And, we believe the best fresh meat is the main ingredient to settle those. If the kibble particles largely contributed from meat then it is not a good sign of your dog food.

Again, the presence of corn or an excessive amount of grain may hamper the quality of heart-to-tail dog food. Therefore, we sort out the best thing would be the presence of fresh meat of Salmon and Lamb are the best picks.

However, many dog foods also come with beef or chicken; they do not cause harm but make sure there would be no by-products with them. 

Natural Fat or Oil: Fat or Oil either deteriorates the health of a dog’s heart or boosts it. It is another big deal to choose from any dog food. Many Vets recommended the crude fat somewhere between 10 to 18% maximum. The oil should be naturally harvested and induced in the dog’s food as well.

Ironically, many dog food manufacturers claim their food item comes with such ingredients. However, some of them still lack behind to meet the criteria. Hence, we recommend you to stick with the popular brand pick and keep your dog safe.

Whole-grain dog food with Veggies: Dog’s heart attack is named cardiomyopathy and Whole-Grain food with fiber contents reduce the risk of this kind of disease. Hence, finding such ingredients in canned dog food is another must-have task for you. Veggies like carrots, sweet potato, peas etc boost the average expected life of dog’s life and the Grain will help to lower the Cholesterol.

Avoid By-products & toxic chemicals: Only cheaply made dog food may contain by-products and chemically induced artificial food. Therefore, always make sure to avoid it. The easy way to avoid such conditions is to look for the right certification. For example, many well-known food products come with USDA certification from manufacturers from the USA.

FAQs on Aldi Heart to Tail Dog Food Review

Is pure being a good dog food?

Pure Being is a popular pick when it comes to choosing a grain-free wholesome dog’s food. It helps to develop the overall growth of your dog and reduce many symptoms of diseases. For example, it effectively helps the poor heart condition and issues relate to allergy attacks.

What is wrong with Baker’s dog food?

Bakers’ food produces their dog items with more sugar for that many pet owners avoid it especially when they can see their adult dog gaining a bit of weight. However, sugar has some good sides like it makes the dog agile and powerful. On the flip side, the bad sides are more applicable and in return, it causes a lot of harm.

What is a good dog food that is inexpensive?

Well, it is hard to mention such dog food that makes sense inexpensively. However, we may denote some food based on the ingredients. For example, food items with grain or rice-based items are the most affordable. And if you choose the meat with the Salmon then it would be expensive whereas, the chicken flavored meat is affordable.

Are Aldi completely good dog food?

Aldi’s heart-to-tail dog food is the best pick and they are fit for all sorts of breeds and adults. If you choose Aldi heart to tail dog food as a wholesome food for your dog then it won’t be a mistake at all. Because they toasted the item with rich flavored meat along with grain-free substances.

Feed your Pups Heart to Tail Dog Food

After reading between the lines of our heart-to-tail dog food review, you must come to know which product would be perfect for your dog. Good heart of your dog means that he is going to have a good healthy life. So, there is no way to be whimsical on that. Make sure, the dog food is naturally driven, devoid of the by-products or artificial elements and more importantly, your dog will love to eat.

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