Don’t Sell Puppies on Craigslist

As most people are aware, Craigslist is an online classifieds website where people can buy and sell goods and services. While Craigslist can be a great resource for finding bargains or selling unwanted items, it is not the ideal platform for selling puppies. 

There are several reasons why selling puppies on Craigslist is not a good idea. In this article, I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t sell puppies on Craigslist, and how to sell puppies online the most secure way and avoid any legal problems.

Why You Should Not Sell Puppies On Craigslist

There is no way to verify that the person selling the puppy is a reputable breeder. This means that there is no guarantee that the puppy has been raised in a healthy and humane environment. There have been countless reports of sick or neglected puppies being sold on Craigslist. In some cases, these puppies have even died shortly after being purchased.

There are many ways to earn money online, but don’t sell puppies on Craigslist. While some people have been successful in selling their puppies on Craigslist, most of them violate the site’s terms of service. 

Craigslist allows users to post classified ads for almost anything on the internet forum. You can post ads for pets to be rehomed, but not to sell on Craigslist. Thousands visit this resource every day, so your ad will be visible to many potential adopters. However, it’s important to screen applicants to make sure your furry friend finds a loving home.

Lazy, greedy people have used Craigslist for years to sell their pets. Craigslist sold most animals from puppy mills and kitten mills, rabbit farms, backyard breeders, who exploit helpless animals and put them in terrible situations.

Animal lovers, animal rescue groups, and animal advocates have petitioned for years to stop Craigslist selling pets. The petitions have succeeded.

It might be convenient to buy a puppy online and have it delivered right to your home, but you don’t get to see the place where the puppy was born or its parents. Puppy mills and backyard breeders sell puppies online because nobody can see the adult dogs that have been living in filth or living in tiny cages their entire lives.

Whenever you purchase your puppy, be sure to request photo’s and, if possible, videos of the mother with the litter and the conditions it is being raised in. 

Don’t Sell Puppies on Craigslist

Craigslist has strict rules on how to sell pets. This is because the site tracks every sale to prevent irresponsible selling of animals. Leaving a dog on Craigslist can cause abuse, abandonment, or even the sale of the animal to a laboratory for experiments. Besides, it’s cruel to sell a dog to a stranger without ensuring its welfare.

Selling puppies on Craigslist is not ethical, and those who are selling the puppy don’t seem to care a great deal about the life of the animal. The breeders who sell animals to strangers without assessing the seller do not care about the welfare of the animal or its home it is going to. Craigslist has become a dumping ground for unethical behaviour. Don’t sell a puppy on Craigslist if you’re not ready to part with it.

While many breeders choose to sell their pups online through Next Day Pets, you can also reach a wider audience of potential adopters through this PetDailyPress

Aside from selling puppies online, responsible breeders must know how to market their litters. Networking with other local breeders, kennel clubs and reputable websites will help boost ads and get the traffic you need to sell your puppy. Most high-quality websites that sell puppies online will also market their one site, which will drive more people to come past your listing.


It’s a common scam, but you should keep your distance. Scammers will use anything they can to lure you to their website. Don’t trust strangers on the internet who want to receive payment via Zelle. Don’t waste your time and money. Try to get the contact information of their previous customers and verify the legitimacy of previous sales. If you’re unsure, check with your local animal shelter. Using a website that has an escrow service is the safest and most secure way to buy and sell your pet. 

Be sure to look into PetDailyPress for their services provided to prevent all its customers from becoming victims of scammers.

Before selling your puppy, consider contacting the buyer in person. Visiting them can be helpful for both the puppy and its new owner. It can also help the transition between the two less stressful. Be prepared to transport the puppy in a crate if needed. A previous meeting can speed up the process. But will ask for proof of identity and a refund policy, if it has not been covered and outlined on the website you have advertised your puppy on.

Craigslist makes it illegal to sell your puppy. The law changed in 2020. Craigslist can cause a $500 penalty and suspending your account will most likely occur. 

There are many other options if you want to sell your puppies online. is a reliable and secure site. However, Craigslist isn’t one of the many places where you can sell your puppies. Thank you for reading. I hope this article helped you to make an informed decision about selling your puppies online. 

Things To Avoid

Avoid Selling Pets To Puppy Mills

It is important to avoid buying or selling animals on Craigslist because they have often undergone abuse before and after being purchased. While some pets are adopted by loving and caring families, most of them come from cruel puppy mills. 

By purchasing an animal from a puppy mill, you’re not only supporting a terrible industry, you’re also encouraging puppy mills to breed more dogs and puppies. Here’s how to avoid buying a puppy from a Craigslist poster:

Avoid Selling Pets To Backyard Breeders

Although you might be interested in a dog or a cat, do not consider buying from a backyard breeder on Craigslist. It is illegal to sell your animals on Craigslist, and you should avoid posting your pet ads there. 

Craigslist users flag and repost ads without reading them, so you don’t know who will pick up your dog or cat. There are also many issues with backyard breeders on Craigslist.


It’s important to remember that when you sell puppies on Craigslist, you are not only opening yourself up to possible scams, but you are also putting the health and wellbeing of the puppies at risk. There are plenty of reputable breeders and animal shelters out there who can help you find the perfect puppy for your family – so please, don’t sell puppies on Craigslist.

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