Will my dog think i abandoned him when i go on vacation?

Will my dog think i abandoned him when i go on vacation? It can be stressful when you’re planning a holiday and are trying to decide how your loyal animal friend can be well looked after while you’re gone. You want your pet to be comfortable and as happy as possible since you won’t want to feel guilty while you’re having fun! There’s nothing worse than worrying about your dog or cat when you’re trying to relax.

Where to leave your pet when you go on holiday

No one knows your pet better than you do, so when choosing where to leave your pet, you’re the best placed to make a decision that’s right for them. Of course, you’ll want to know all of the options so that you can make an informed choice.

Your options for pet care

You have several options for looking after your dog or cat. You can have someone come to your home to look after your pet. You could also bring your pet to someone else’s home to be cared for there. And you could book a pet hotel or other boarding facility.

Hiring someone to come to your home

Hiring a pet sitter can be a good option if your pet is a homebody who doesn’t do well in unfamiliar surroundings. And a pet sitter can be an easy option as you won’t have to visit lots of venues before making your choice.

The disadvantage of having a pet sitter is mainly the cost – professional pet sitters can charge $20 per day and up, which could mean a hefty bill if you plan to be away for a while. However, professional pet sitters know how to care for animals, and many have training in Pet First Aid, which is an added advantage. If your pet is older or perhaps has health issues, this may be the best option for you.

A pet sitter will usually visit once per day for cats and twice per day for dogs

There are certain websites where you can find people who aren’t professional pet sitters but who love animals and who will happily care for your friend. If you have good neighbours or know someone dependable in your area, this could be a workable solution that won’t cost you the earth. If you have a friend or neighbour to help you, they may come more than just once or twice a day, or they may be happy to stay longer.

You could consider providing a water fountain and an automatic dog food dispenser for your pet to make things easier.

Bringing your pet to someone else’s home

Another option would be to bring your pet to a pet sitter’s home. If your pet enjoys a home environment as well as the companionship of other animals, this might be the perfect solution for you. Most pet sitters will have several pets staying with them at any one time, so your pet will potentially have other animals to play with.

An experienced pet sitter will know how to handle the dynamics between animals and will help ensure that your pet is happy and secure. Some pet sitters have kennels, while others have a home environment.

Bringing your pet to a pet hotel or other boarding facility

Pet hotels offer a lot of activities and options for your friend. The most significant benefit of pet hotels is that the staff have professional knowledge about animals. There is often a vet available for most of the day if not on call 24/7.

The disadvantage is that some pet hotels might have your pet in a cage for longer than you’d prefer. You’ll want to visit your chosen facility first to see how the animals are cared for. There are many fantastic pet hotels available now, with more and more facilities for our furry friends. Spas, daily walks and play dates, ‘parties,’ pools, and other options are all possible depending on your chosen venue, so do your research.

So, Will my dog think i abandoned him when i go on vacation!

Check the references of any potential boarding facilities, and observe how staff are with the animals. When you visit, go prepared with questions such as: how often are the areas cleaned, is there an in-house vet, etc.

Some venues will offer you a trial run where you can leave your pet for a day to see how they like the place. A trial day is well worth doing, as you’ll soon know how your pet has fared at the end of the day.

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