Dog Leashes: 7 of the Best

Dog Leashes: As a dog parent, one of the things you will need to purchase for your furry pal, along with a comfortable dog bed and food, is a leash. No matter the age or size of your canine, he will need to be walked around. You will definitely want a dog leash that is reliable, safe, and good-looking

Not only does dog leash prevent your furry friend from running off or keeping you in full compliance with leashed walk municipal rules, but it is also the physical connection between you and your most loyal friend, your dog.

As you might be aware, the leash market is really booming, but which type will be ideal for you and your dog? Well, leashes come in numerous materials and styles. It can be leather, nylon, or metal. A leather leash, which is the most expensive than other options, is easy on the hands but a favorite for puppies who like chewing. Nylon on the other hand is soft and can be a great choice for you if you want to take your pooch on a beach walk.

As much as a nylon leash is easy to clean, it is also chew-able and can easily burn your hands if pulled suddenly. Metal chain leashes are relatively heavy but the good thing is it is chew-resistant.

Our top picks

Best overall: Dutchy Brand Pets Lovers Club Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Best budget: Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Dog Leash

Best for pullers: Leashboss Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Dogs

Best splurge: EzyDog Handy Dog Leash

Best Retractable: TaoTronics retractable dog leash

Best Leather: Leatherberg Leather Dog Leash

Best Rope: Phydeaux leash’s Pet Supply Mountain climbing Rope Dog Leash

Why Do You Need a Dog Leash?

It is important to note that in most places around the globe it is a requirement that you walk with your dog leash on when out in a public place. This is mainly for safety reasons because loose dogs can possibly cause accidents. If he turns out to be aggressive, the dog owner will have control over him with the help of the leash.

There are a lot more benefits you get from using a dog leash in your canine. Some of these benefits are:

  • It prevents your dog from scaring or chasing away other animals, people with phobia of dogs or children.
  • Prevents your dog from running into the road injuring himself and maybe others if he causes an accident.
  • Makes training sessions simple and effective
  • Prevents your dog from messing anywhere and going to toilet in inappropriate places
  • A means to temporarily tether your furry friend to ensure their safety if you cannot give him your attention for a short while. 

A leash is one of the essentials used during the early days of your puppy to keep them safe and help you in training. And it will be a convenient tool for the management and control of your dog for the rest of his life. 

What To Consider When Buying A Dog Leash

Below are some of the considerations worth keeping in mind when choosing a leash:

  1. You should go for an easily washable and odor-resistant leash if at all there are chances of it getting sticky or dirty while in use.
  2. Go for a reflective leash if you will want an all-in-one leash to use it both daytime and at night.
  3. Size and the material of the leash should also be chosen in consideration of your dog’s weight and size. A chihuahua for instance will be overwhelmed by a heavy and thick leash with a heavy clasp, while Saint Bernard on the other hand can easily snap a lightweight clasp or a thin leash.
  4. The type and style of the fastener of the leash to attach it to your Labrador’s colla.

There are tons of leash choices available in the market. That tells you preference and tastes differ from person to person.

At the end of this article, you will be in a position to know exactly what type, size, and style of a dog leash will work best for you and why.

We are confident that in the end, every dog parent will find their favorite leash among the seven best dog leashes. Read on.

1. Beast Overall: Dutchy Brand Pets Lovers Club Heavy Duty Dog Leash

The Dutchy Brand Pets Lovers Club Heavy Duty Dog Leash is a two-layer leash and tougher than the common nylon leashes, but light enough and comfy for daily use. We strongly believe that this leash stands distinct from its competitors because it comes in five different colors, rightly priced with a money-back guarantee.

You can choose from the two sizes, one-layer version, and standard two-layer, depending on the size of your furry friend. The one-layer version best suits small dogs and the two-layer version is ideal for larger dogs. You will love the soft padded handle specifically built to help you prevent burns from lunging and pulling.

With the outstanding reviews, many dog enthusiasts agree that the Dutchy Brand Pets Lovers Club leash is one of the best leashes they have ever owned. One dog owner even said that this type of leash eliminates wrist pains associated with dealing with strong-willed dogs. Generally, we think that this heavy-duty dog leash is the best for every situation and for almost every dog.

2. Best budget: Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Dog Leash

Looking for a safe and durable leash that is easy on your pocket? Well, the Blueberry classic leash will be a better choice for you. It comes in five sizes ranging from five to four feet in width and in 12 different colors which makes this type of leash suitable for almost every dog. The standard nylon leash will work really great if your dog doesn’t need much guidance, control and turns out to be easy on a leash. This type of dog leash is recommended for dogs not exceeding 75 pounds. Larger dogs will need a stronger version.

Dog owners who have used this type of leash say that it is long-lasting, durable, and they love the variety of attractive colors this leash features. If you need an affordable and well-made leash, the Blueberry is the best option you should think of.

3. Best for pullers: Leashboss Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Dogs

You will love the Leashboss leash if your furry friend is an extreme puller. It also has a built-in handle that curbs pulling and tugging and that also gives you an easy time and strength handling headstrong dogs. This leash is five feet long and comes in four different attractive colors. The leash comes with a five-year “no-hassle” warranty if it is not ideal for your dog. It works best for dogs over 40 pounds and is not exceptional that it can work really well for any size dog.

Most dog owners who have used this type of leash have recommended that it works really well to stop pulling with large dogs of up to 120 pounds with many admitting that it offers the most control they have ever had over their large and strong dogs. Some dog parents have also recommended that this type of leash be paired with a heavy-duty collar for the most benefits.

4. Best splurge: EzyDog Handy Dog Leash

The EzyDog leash, with a padded glove-like handle, offers the ultimate comfort for every dog parent. For joggers and runners who don’t want to focus so much on gripping a standard leash, the EzyDog leash will be the ideal choice for them. It is fitted with a shock-reducing bungee to handle sudden pulls and lunges. You can adjust the leash from 36” to 48” depending on your preferred length with a glove that fits any size hand. For dog parents who suffer from arthritis or any other hand conditions, this type of leash can be ideal for you, as you must not necessarily grip tightly around a thin nylon leash.

Many dog owners have recommended that the leash works well for strong and large dogs, although the gloves might not perfectly fit extremely small hands. For an upgrade of your leash and a break during your daily walks, you should consider getting yourself the EzyDog leash as it is convenient and with the most comfort. You will love it.

5. Best Retractable: TaoTronics retractable dog leash

For a well-behaved canine who wants more freedom and to explore more, then the TaoTronics retractable dog leash is the best choice for them. It can expand up to a length of 16 feet and still give you more control and your dog more room to smell the roses. To keep your pooch at a safe distance, you simply push a hand button and it will not expand any further. This leash is an ideal option for dogs that weigh up to 115 pounds. Made from nylon, the leash won’t get tangled like the other leash types.

Reviewers say the retractable leash is one of the best they have ever owned and that the leash is durable and sturdier than any other similar product they have used before. Additionally, for easy pickup and most convenience, the leash comes with an attached roll of dog bags.

6. Best Leather: Leatherberg Leather Dog Leash

For an attractive and long-lasting dog leash, Leatherberg is an ideal option and the best you can buy for your canine. It is constructed from a typical cowhide leather fitted with a zink-alloy snap hook. Additionally, it comes with a year warranty for any reason. It measures six feet long and you can choose either black or brown depending on your taste. The leash is ideal for large and medium dogs. Unlike the nylon version, the leather type won’t attract dog hair and dust. It is also treated to stand up to the elements

Owners review that the Leatherberg is perfectly made, pointing out the high-grade leather that feels more expensive than it really is and the double stitching makes the leash firm. Perhaps it might be a bit pricier than the other option on our list, it is worth it as it can last a dog’s lifetime.

7. Best Rope: Phydeaux leash’s Pet Supply Mountain climbing Rope Dog Leash

A climbing rope best suits a dog owner whose dog has a tendency of breaking through many leashes. It is made from kern mantle mountain climbing rope which makes it so strong that a dog can not tear it apart. It comes in two options, the four feet and six feet, each in 12 different colors. The leash has the capacity to hold a dog weighing up to 1000 pounds. If your furry friend somehow gains superpowers and manages to break them within the first year of purchase, you will be issued with a brand new leash as it comes with a one-year warranty.

Most reviewers have expressed their love for the Phydeaux leash stating that the leash is lightweight, strong, and durable. Has your dog been breaking through other leashes you’ve had before? Well, it is a high time you try the Phydeaux leash as you are guaranteed its maximum strength even the stronger dog will not break through. 

Deciding On The Style Of Clip

You will definitely want a dog leash with the strongest metal clip to firmly get attached to your dog’s collar and the one which is reliable. Chances are the leash will get wet, so it will be ideal if the clip is a stainless one or made of brass to prevent corrosion. 

The clip must also be strong to withstand a good deal of force. It can come at a time when you and your dog are pulling in opposite directions with all your strength, In such an instance the clip must never break.

There are two common clips available in the market: Bolt snap and trigger snap.

The Bolt Snap Clip

This type of clip has a small spring just inside a shaft that you slide open to let the collar ring pass through. This type of clip is quite reliable, hence their popularity. Although with time the spring weakens and the clip can start to be loose resulting in your dog escaping the leash. Because of this, a trigger snap proves to be a more reliable clip.

Trigger snap clip

Just like the bolt snap clip, this clip also has a spring that you can use to lever the clip open. Trigger clips tend to be more robust and bigger than the bolt snap clip. This gives the Trigger clip more advantage of not becoming weak so easily unlike the Bolt clip.

Over To You

When picking out your canine friend’s gear, consider acquiring a leash that will keep your pooch comfy and safe for use. Having an easy-to-use leash makes your adventure with your dog full of fun!

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