Why do dogs get Hiccups when Sleeping?

Why do dogs get Hiccups when Sleeping

Hiccups, like humans, are relatively common in dogs, especially pups. Hiccups in dogs are usually harmless and rarely severe. But for people who are searching for why do dogs get hiccups when sleeping, this article is surely for them. There are several reasons a dog causes hiccups, especially when sleeping. And there is nothing to …

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What is the right time to euthanize a dog with osteosarcoma?

What is the right time to euthanize a dog with osteosarcoma

However, it is time for euthanizing when the dog’s pain may cease to bother, or the animal may stop eating. The owner, who is so attentive to his pet’s behavior, may simply understand that his life’s quality has become miserable. The perfect time to put down a canine with Osteosarcoma can be the painful situation …

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Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats without Bathing

fleas on cats without bathing

Summer is generally a happy season, but this warm weather means another parasitic pest is upon us, which is fleas. Cat got fleas are unfortunately unpleasant but common and natural parts for the life of a pet. However, home remedies for fleas on cats without bathing are not only helping you to get rid of …

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Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds? Is it OK to eat pork rinds?

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds

So, many people have questions in their mind that if they can let their dog eat pork rinds, as many people eat pork rinds like their daily meal. So, while they are eating the pork rinds, it is very natural to give a tempting look to your foods for your dog and you just can …

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Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds? (Side Effects, Benefits)

Can dogs eat sunflower seeds

Imagine, someone has been traversing for his dog food and then he found sunflower seed in his home. Now, the quaere is if he could give his dog to eat sunflower seeds. Can dogs eat sunflower seeds? Definitely, he will be very pleased if the answer is yes and obviously the answer is yes but …

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How do I know if my Shih Tzu is pregnant or not?

How do I know if my Shih Tzu is pregnant or not

There is always a clamor to know that your loving Shih Tzu is pregnant or not. There is no easy process to guess or know if Shih Tzu is pregnant or not because in the early echelon of impregnation you can not easily guess without knowing about the Shih Tzu pregnancy and the whole thing. …

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Can dogs eat Cauliflower?

Can dogs eat Cauliflower

There is always a saying that a dog is a meat lover and they only eat meat. But that is not the right thing to say. Those who are dog owner can easily know the drill and have to research many things before giving their dog to eat. There are many foods, even tasty foods …

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Which Dog Food Has Never Been Recalled?

which dog food has never been recalled

Many of us like to pet dogs in our homes. It’s fun to watch small puppies run or play around the house. However, an essential task for those who pet dogs is to take proper care of their health. Now the question is how to take adequate care of the dog’s health? The answer is …

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How Long Does Rawhide Take to Digest in Dog?

how long does rawhide take to digest in dogs

Whether your dog is a 6-month-old puppy or a six-year-old adult rawhide chews are a popular treat for your pet friends. But if your dog eat rawhide chew toy. Do you know, how long does rawhide take to digest in dog? As a veterinarian I examined in 99% cases, what food your pet eats, it …

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Bayer Quad Dewormer Review (Chewable Tablets for Dogs)

Bayer quad dewormer review

As a dog owner, when you see that your furry family member is becoming sick or if you find worms in your dog’s vomit, tools, or feces, then as a pet owner, it is more heartbreaking than discovering, and yet a disgusting issue. But from my experience, I assure you not to worry. After detailed …

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