Best Wet Food For Dogs Under $100

A dog is a man’s best friend. And sometimes, we can’t be there for our dogs when they need us most and that’s when wet dog food comes in to save the day. 

Dog foods come in different types and brands. They also come in different sizes, flavors, and shapes. Choosing the right wet dog food can be a bit of a challenge. This masterpiece will look at wet dog food and the best-wet dog food that are below $100. 

What Is Wet Dog Food?

Wet dog food as the name indicates contains 70 to 85 % water. Dry dog food is mixed with water to make wet, canned, or moist dog food. This will feel dense and heavy in your hand, but it still holds a number of nutritional benefits that can benefit your pup.

Shipping and transporting wet food is generally more expensive than dry food because it requires special packaging and handling. This is part of the reason why feeding tins is a pricier way to feed your pup, but compared to other options, it beats them all in terms of convenience. 

In terms of taste, wet dog foods taste the best because they contain fresh ingredients as well as vegetables. Wet foods also have an extended shelf life which means they can be used to feed your pet when traveling. In addition, wet food is beneficial for maintaining a dog’s gastrointestinal health by ensuring easy digestion and promoting an easier flow of waste once the pet has taken in its meal.

The fact is that dogs have always been eating wet food. Maybe it sounds funny and no offense to dry dog food, but dogs actually react much better to this kind of meal than any other type. They are so used to getting the wet kind of dog food specially made for them that they almost refuse to eat anything else. Sometimes you will notice that a dog will even go back and finish a bowl when he rejects it otherwise.

One problem with canned dog food is that the amount of water in it can lead to number-two surprises which means more house cleaning for you but it will also keep all of your dog’s systems, including the digestive system, healthy.

How To Choose The Best Wet Dog Food?

Knowledge and experience are both essential to becoming a successful dog owner. Whenever you choose food for your dog, you not only have to take the dog’s preference and individual nature into consideration but also other important factors to keep in mind like

A] Check The Ingredient List

Dogs have been domesticated for a very long time and the more we learn about dogs and how they live in the wild, the less certain we are about whether or not dogs are indeed carnivorous or omnivorous. There is considerable debate on this subject but either way, dogs need meat in their diet for various reasons with one of them being to fulfill their nutritional needs. 

Plant proteins are not sufficient in supplying the right nutritional needs of your dog. So, you must make sure that meat is included in dog food as it provides essential protein and other important amino acids. The presence of meat (as a primary ingredient) in dog food ensures a high percentage of the protein and other nutrients necessary for building muscle tissue and maintaining cellular health.

Other things to look for are the name of the protein source chicken, lamb, or beef and along with that the mineral or vitamin source. 

B] AAFCO Approval 

AAFCO is an organization that works alongside the American Food and Drug Administration to protect consumers by ensuring that nutritional standards are met and are regulated by both parties. AAFCO establishes these regulations to ensure that manufacturers meet the minimum nutritional requirements for animal foods before making any claims about the healthfulness of their product. 

Manufacturing and distribution companies are then held accountable by AAFCO when it comes to meeting these standards. The AAFCO label on pet food is a symbol that the food you give to your pup includes all of the necessary vitamins, proteins, and minerals for your dog’s health, as well as not being full of toxins or harmful ingredients.

C] No Filler Or Extra Ingredients

Dogs are genetically designed to eat meat without much diversity. If you are feeding your dog from the same plate where your family is eating, it’s good to know that there can be serious consequences as a result. 

The thing with domesticated dogs is that they also require certain nutrients that they’re unable to get on their own, but unlike humans, they mostly require protein in large quantities and not so much of other ingredients like fat or carbohydrates. 

Most dogs are allergic to soy, grain, and corn. While selecting the food make sure to select the food that contains these ingredients in a limited amount or not at all. 

D] Cost Of Wet Food

The cost of wet food is one of the most important considerations as we are looking for food that a dog prefers and is also healthier than cheaper dry food. 

If wet dog food is too expensive, it can become very difficult to put good quality food on your pup’s plate due to having such a tight budget. So always select the types of wet foods that your pup looks forward to and make sure it’s a healthy option to compensate for whatever else might be lacking in his diet.

10 Best Wet Dog Food Under $100

There are so many options available in the dog food industry, and getting to choose which flavor or brand is best for your pet can sometimes be a challenge. We understand how difficult it is because making these types of decisions can be very exhausting. To help you we’re listing some of our favorite canned dog foods that have remained popular due to their quality ingredients and low cost.

1] Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Wet Dog Food 

It’s true. Blue Wilderness dog food packs real chicken and beef that dogs love to eat. And while high protein dog food certainly provides your dog with the nutrition he needs, it also happens to make an awesome treat, especially when mixed with other kibbles. 

Your pup will love to sit for a moist and savory snack. This dog food is made with only the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Blue wet dog food contains no artificial flavor, filler, or chicken by-product, or any preservative. The best thing about this food is that it is healthy for all breeds.

2] Hill’s Science Diet Canned Wet Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food contains a mixture of ingredients and flavors that help maintain your dog’s weight. The meal has a stew-like texture which makes it easier for your pup’s digestion. It can also improve your dog’s digestive health (and, thus, overall wellbeing). Additionally, it includes prebiotic fibers that boost weight loss in overweight dogs to help them live longer.

This wet dog food will also improve your dog’s cardiac health and it also has antioxidant and vitamins to boost immunity. However, this dog food is for less active dogs not highly energetic dogs. 

3] Purina Pro Plan Wet Dog Food

Purina pro plan contains turkey and lamb as their main ingredients. This active dog food uses real venison as a protein source and contains antioxidants to help boost your dog’s immune system. This product also comes with 23 vitamins and minerals so that you know your dog will be healthy and happy. 

This wet dog food contains a balance of protein and carbohydrate-free to prevent loose stool because if you’ve ever had a dog before you know how messy it can get. This wet dog food is so delicious that not only will your picky eater enjoy the meal, but so will your active dog.

4] Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food

Pet owners are well aware that their cute pets tend to get into something at some point in time. Wet dog food is a perfect example of this. When you start feeding your dog, you never know just how many ingredients they will be exposed to and their possible effects upon them of those ingredients. This naturally balanced limited ingredient dog food not only maintains all the needs of your dog but also prevents allergies in your pups. 

Natural Balance wet food contains complex carbohydrates, high-quality protein, and no grains. Furthermore, to improve your dog immunity this food contains Vitamin A, vitamin B12, and minerals. All of these benefits make this wet food appealing for your dog. 

5] Merrick Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

Merrick wet dog food is best for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It contains Texas beef and real chicken. Its variety pack contains 6 cans of real chicken dinner and 6 cans of Texas beef. All the ingredients present in this food are USDA inspected and it’s completely grain-free. When you look at the composition of Merrick grain-free wet dog food it contains 96 % protein from animal sources and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for your dog. 

6] Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Wet Dog Food 

The wet dog food is another balanced variety pack of Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food. This grain-free dog food contains chunks of meat and vegetables in a savory sauce. Two chicken paw pie flavor cups and two lamb stew flavor cups come in each tray. This variety pack will not cause allergies for your pooch.

This dog food is entirely by-product-free and without any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or fillers. It is a well-balanced diet suited to your dog’s health and needs with vital nutrients from vitamins added in for better overall dog growth.

7] Pedigree Chopped Ground Wet Dog Food 

Dogs are always excited when it’s mealtime, but sometimes it can be hard to get them excited about their food. That is until they’ve had a taste of Pedigree Chopped Wet Dog Food with either beef, filet mignon, cheese, bacon, or chicken. Their mouths will instantly water after smelling the succulent aroma of each delicious bite. This variety pack is cheaper than special treats and other store-bought varieties too so you’ll be saving money in no time at all.

8] Cesar Soft Wet Dog Food

Cesar dog food is not in a can but comes in easy to open plastic trays that keep the product fresh. The food contains real meat and balanced vitamins and minerals for your pet’s full nutritional needs. It has a low sodium level so it is completely safe for large dog breeds. It combines both the convenience of canned and dry food into one convenient product. Its texture resembles leftover cooked meals and adds a rich taste to your dog’s mealtime. 

9] Purina Smart Blend Wet Dog Food 

Purina wet dog food has optimal proportions of protein, fat, and carbs. Most dogs prefer diets that are high in protein and fat and have a low level of carbohydrates. This meal is best for a dog with digestive issues. It contains high protein real beef that contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. It contains antioxidants twice as recommended by AAFCO so your dog immunity will get a great boost. 

10] Merrick Lil’ Plates Small Breed Dog Food

Lil’ Plate’s is new wet food for small breed dogs. The Variety Pack made with deboned beef as the first ingredient, this savory protein-rich wet food is perfect for pups that need to keep up their energy levels and health. They also contain no gluten ingredients and are a healthy source of probiotics and prebiotics for your pup. 

Expert advice 

The best way to find nutritious dog food is to compare the list of ingredients on the package and make sure that it has meat listed first, some form of muscle meat like beef or chicken. There should also be a single animal protein source listed, and ideally one should not see any extra additives like rice or potatoes as they are more filler than nutrient in quality. 

Another thing to look for is if there is mention of an AAFCO certification, which marks out the pet food brand as trustworthy because it meets all requirements outlined by the Association.


We hope you enjoyed our article on wet dog food and the best-wet dog food. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your dog’s mealtime and keep them healthy and happy when using wet dog food. So what are you waiting for? 

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