6 Best Dog Ramp for SUV in 2021

Finding the best dog ramp for SUV is essential for your loving dog. Of course, it has numerous positive effects on your best-loved body. Otherwise, your dog may suffer joint pain and hip abnormality from continually jumping out of a car or bed.

Indeed, there are some best dog ramps in the market. Manufacturers specially configure for your dog to facilitate the entry and exit of SUVs and cars comfortably. So, your dog doesn’t have to log in over and over again.

One answer is to carry them inside and outside of the vehicle. Conversely, a much practical choice might be to purchase a canine ramp that the company designs for an SUV or motorcar.

Of course, these necessary instruments assist in enhancing your puppy’s quality and are easy to store. Also, you can utilize it during the shift.

Editor’s Pick: 6 Best Dog Ramps for SUV

If you have a large dog or a small puppy, you should buy a dog ramp. Of course, they want the slopes more because they find it challenging to climb sports cars.

Here, we’ve skirt up some of the best car and SUV ramps, along with tip. Surely it will assist you in choosing the one that’s right for you and your canine’s needs.

Best Pick

Travel Dog Ramp for SUV Maximum Traction: Pet Gear

Travel Dog Ramp for SUV Maximum Traction: Pet Gear

The SupertraX mat is soft, protects your pet’s feet, and is extractable for easy cleaning. Moreover, it has an inbuilt handle for easy portability.

Thanks to the pressure-activated handle, you can easily attach your pet’s legs to the ramp. Again, it will allow your pet to climb and land smoothly. It weighs only 15 lbs and is easy to carry with your dog.

Moreover, the non-slip mat and its raising borders make the road safe for your dog. Indeed, it will not let your dog fall or slip.

An additional mat is preferable over other rugs because it gives the foot a lot of space and provides sufficient traction. This is an extra-wide dog ramp for SUV.

The supertax mat ramp turns this PetSafe one of the riskless ramps and is also effortless cleaning. Again, the rubbers and grippers at the lowermost of the ramp turn it more durable.

Of course, the non-slip surface prevents your dog from falling in the time of utilizing the ramp. Notably, there are two types of ramps available: Bi-fold and Tri-fold.

Finally, we suggest this creation as it is a great choice and comes with a supertax matte layer. To clarify, this SUV dog ramp is risk-free and more comfortable for your best-loved pet.


  • Comes with unique supertax traction technology for superior foot traction.
  • Very lightweight with only 15 lbs.
  • With Nice Maneuverability.
  • Super easy to use in any condition


  • Some adverse reports on the plastic edging.

Runner Up

PetSafe Happy Ride: Folding Dog Ramp for SUV

PetSafe Happy Ride: Folding Dog Ramp for SUV

This lightweight and cheap PetSafe dog ramp is an excellent choice for your dog. Moreover, it is a foldable and adjustable dog ramp that lets you easily take the ramp with you in your car.

Indeed, this collapsible canine ramp is perfect for trucks, sport utility vehicles, and vehicles. This comes with a lifting capability of 150 lbs and 10 lbs of weight.

Additionally, its enhancing safety makes this ramp an excellent choice. Moreover, the high grip surface and raising side rail allow your dog to stand safely on the ramp.

Alternatively, it provides you with the locking technology to keep the ramp safe from starting in a time of no use. Besides, this ramp is 16″ wide and 62 “long. And that makes it useful for large and tiny canines.

Notably, the most important thing to remember when using this ramp is to appoint a steep standpoint on some vehicles. Usually, the problem is happening with cars with lower sit.

Despite the grip material, the surface can also be very slippery for the dog’s paws. You may need a rug or other material to cover the body for safety.

This PetSafe Happy Ride foldable canine ramp is an excellent selection for owners who seek dog ramp for suv. We would suggest this ramp for your average puppy.


  • High-traction surface with no sleeping.
  • Better Durability.
  • Enhancing Flexibility.
  • They are folding friendly.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t feel easy to fits it with the massive pets.

Best Quality

Niubya Upgraded Foldable Metal Car Dog Ramp

Niubya Upgraded Foldable Metal Car Dog Ramp

This Niubya Foldable Metal Frame comes with a high-quality metal frame and scratch-resistant feature. Moreover, it has waterproof, non-slip material. Of course, it can be the best contribution to your elderly, large, or injured canines.

Indeed, it will allow them to get off the couch, bed, car, truck, etc., more efficiently. Again, this dog accordion is easy to store and transport.

Again, the company redesigns and fits the stairs with non-slip rubber surfaces. Indeed, it will keep your pets safe from slippery when raising the steps. Of course, its non-slide rubber handles at the bottommost make these stairs very long-lasting.

Moreover, the cord connects to the tailgate latch and provides your dogs with multiple protections. It defends the knee joint from any injury.

This 4-step portable dog ladder, which you can open and close like an accordion, weighs only 10 lbs! In this way, it is easy to carry and convenient to travel with your pet.

Rub it with a damp soapy piece of cloth, or wipe it with a tube! Indeed, we recommend these stairs for your small, medium, and large canines.


  • 2-year trouble-free quality assurance.
  • Twenty-four hours of friendly customer support.
  • Comes with built-in Anti-slip rubber grippers.
  • It offers an extra-thick, rustproof metal frame.


  • Some adverse reports on the hook issue.

Best Function

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp Portable Pet Ramp for Dogs

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp Portable Pet Ramp for Dogs

This three-layer or Tri-Fold Pet Gear ramp is the right choice and the best dog ramp for SUVs. Again, its triple-fold function turns it compact and convenient for traveling with your dog.

Moreover, the non-slip surface provides a safe and gripping surface so your dog won’t slip when utilizing the ramp. It easily supports dogs weighing up to 200 lbs.

Notably, it is mainly appropriate for small to medium-breed dogs. Again, this ramp is user-friendly and provides more excellent safety. Indeed, with its non-slip sole and raising limbs, it is very safe for your pets.

Of course, this ramp comes from upper-class and long-lasting materials. Moreover, it comes with a trifold system that provides easy movability with effortless storage.

However, anyone can place it in an identical clayey facility and rescue many areas in your car or home. This canine ramp also features inbuilt handles for easy handling and eradicable mats for easy maintenance.

Finally, we suggest this product to tight-budget pet owners. Although it is a great option, try to get premium dog ramps.


  • Comes with Compact Tri-fold
  • Its Non-slip surface provides a secure base.
  • Easy folds opening in a second
  • Better for large dogs joint health


  • Some adverse reports on grip-tape issue.

Best Choice

Gen7Pets Natural Step Dog Ramp for SUV

Gen7Pets Natural Step Dog Ramp for SUV

The Gen7Pets Premium Pet Ramp is a wide choice for your domestic dog. Moreover, you can utilize an earthy ramp even in both outdoors and indoors environments. Indeed, the ramp handle comes with an enhancing grip that makes it easy to get out and in motorcars and SUVs.

Of course, they provide a Polly Grass Handle that prevents the ram from slipping and also pay attention to your puppy’s nails and feet. Again, the grip that comes from grass is very soft. Indeed, it will encourage your dog to utilize the ramp for climbing instead of jumping straight.

Moreover, the ramp is easy to open and install, collapsible, easy to store, and transport when traveling with a pet. Similarly, it is beautifully lightweight and fits easily in your motor vehicle.

Of course, these Gen7pets are a great choice if you are sensing a canine ramp that you can utilize both indoors and outdoors. Again, Polly Turf offers your dog a good grip when driving on a ramp.

Notably, you can utilize this ramp both indoors and outdoors because it folds up and is easy to store. However, this dog ramp for SUV has some minor delivery problems.

To clarify, buy this item if you desire your dog to feel the beautiful nature. While these are a great alternative to inexpensive dog ramps, seek more robust, more durable ramps.


  • Beautiful Sturdiness
  • Thin when folding
  • Perfectly Stable
  • Huge Durability.


  • Sometimes the latch pin may scratch your car.

Best Comfort

Pet Gear Full Length Ramp, Patented Compact Easy-Fold Design

Pet Gear Full Length Ramp, Patented Compact Easy-Fold Design

The famous brand Pet Gear is shared with Vermont Juvenile Furniture, a baby care organization, since 1936. Again, this Pet Gear is unique in some pet supplies criteria! The Pet Gear Full Length Ramp is probably the company’s favorite item and the best dog ramp for SUVs.

Indeed, this full-length dog ramp that folds up and stores easily is one of the best foldable dog ramps for your dog. Of course, it turns your dog more comfortable to climb and land.

Again, the non-slip material offers a good grip on your dog’s paws when using the ramp. They create the ramp collapsible, so it’s easier to store even you can effortlessly take it with you in your motor vehicle.

Moreover, the company designs it, especially to make it effortless for pet owners to travel. Again, this dog ramp supports your dog, weighs 200 lbs, and is an excellent option for large dogs.

Again, its rubber handle at the bottommost prevents the dog ramp from moving while your dog utilizes it. Additionally, covering the knitting mat makes it much casual to get in or out of the car.


  • Comes with High visibility reflective material.
  • Beautiful Slip-resistant surface
  • Appropriate for pets up to 200 lbs
  • Good working broadside safety reflectors.


  • A little heavy for middle-aged people.

Is a Ramp or Stairs Better for Dogs?

In most cases, dog stairs or ramps will work. However, several factors determine your ideal choice:

  • If your furniture is out of bounds, your dog gets inside or outside of the car. In this way, you have to choose a sturdy dog ramp. Indeed, it will expand for easy storage or steps in the car.
  • If your canine requires help with a few of his favorite parts of furniture, choose a dog ramp. Of course, portable and lightweight canine stairs can be your best choice.
  • If your canine has a chronic phobia, the best strategy is to teach him how to use the ramp.
  • If the area is a matter, you can hide the collapsible dog ramp from view between usages.

Whether you choose the best stairs or the best dog ramp for SUV, make sure the accessory provides enough grip. Moreover, this grip will provide much stress as your dog moves up and down.

Also, the top of the ramps and the top step of the ramps should be affluent. Of course, you need to wealthy it with the furniture or the floor of the vehicle.

How Do I Get My Dog Used to a Ramp?

Of course, you need to take him to class and learn the basics of dog training. Indeed, your dog needs to know that it is in his best interest to respond when you lead him.

Again, modern methods exploit the differences between different “forces.” Daily gifts, good boy treats, and gifts of great value, worthy of all praise. Conversely, a dog that does not respond will be tough to train to walk on the slope without a good reason. But, when you help and lead him to answer correctly.

My Australian shepherd is more challenging to get off the road and the track than anything else. Since he knows more good things are coming soon. Moving slowly, step by step, or through something is speedy.

However, I added a “wait” command, which means I need to stop here and now. Of course, it will stop. Just one piece of meat of any kind is the foundation of your training day.

Benefits of the dog ramp for SUV

It can happen that your best friend’s favorite vacation spot can be right next to you. At this time, you are on the couch, in bed, or walking in the car. But for some canines, it can be challenging and even dangerous to stay around you without the help of a dog ramp or stairs.

If your dog has arthritis or joint pain, indeed, you notice that your dog is trying unsuccessfully to jump. Again, if you usually carry your canine to bed or in your car, it might be time to pick it up.

In this way, the dog ramp for SUV or dog stairs can be your bosom friend. Of course, it will help to quickly and safely get to places that make your dog happier.

Again, you can use Dog ramps for more than one car or SUV. Of course, A dog ramp can help dogs climb small stairs, to beds, dressing tables, bathtubs, and more. In short, anything a dog needs to climb or enter.

So, in short, the benefits are the following:

  • It Prevents injury.
  • Easier transportation.
  • Easy on Dog’s joints.
  • Suitable for old Dogs or Dogs with any type of injuries.
  • Finally, you shouldn’t raise your dogs anymore.

What to consider before buying a dog ramp for SUV?

Finding the best dog ramp for SUVs isn’t as challenging as it sounds. Of course, when you consider several factors, the task of getting the right product becomes easy. If you’re not quite sure what features to look for, we’ve listed out them for you.

Size of the ramp

Ramp size is another crucial factor to consider when looking for an SUV ramp. First, determine the lift of the platform. Dog’s ramp of 60 to 70 inches or more is likely to have a slight incline. Ideally, the slope should not exceed 25%.

Ramp’s gripping surface

Trying to climb or descend a slope is not very convenient if you don’t have good traction. If the ramp does not have a grip surface, you are more likely to fall, and the same is true for your dog.

Ramp’s weight limit

When looking for the optimal off-road pet ramp, you may come across different products with different weight limits. If you have a large dog, you can choose a dog with a higher carrying capacity and vice versa.

Ramp’s weight

Examine the weight of the platform. Ideally, it is best to buy a lightweight ramp that can carry easily. However, you don’t have to compromise on quality, durability, or reliability.

Ramp’s materials

The material of the ramp affects its weight, strength, and durability. Of course, the heavier platforms usually have a compact design. Indeed, Steel and wood tend to provide greater strength and durability.

Types of Dog Ramps for Cars and SUVs

Fixed Dog Ramps:

These fixed canine ramps come in a unitary piece, and you cannot collapse them for saving space. Consequently, they are continually connecting with their past and not an excellent method for SUVs and cars. Usually, fixed canine ramps are a perfect choice for household utilization when your canine needs assistance in climbing furniture. Indeed, the company designs it for long-term use, stable, durable, and easy to use.

Telescoping Dog Ramp:

These ramps are similar to folding ramps. So, it means you can stow away for more comfortable transport and saving space. Notably, the only variation is in the design. Moreover, telescoping dog ramps have flat solids that slip over each other and are very convenient to utilize. All they have to do is disassemble the locking and sliding panels one under the other.

Folding Dog Ramps:

However, the name declares, these dog ramps collapse down for saving storage. Of course, these are much flexible and movable than fixed dog ramps. Indeed, this saves a lot of space in your home or car. Moreover, it is effortless to carry and grab with you on foot. When collapsed, these dog ramps will set most rear seating area and suitcases.

What size Dog ramp is best for my Dog?

Of course, the best dog ramp for SUV is a slightly sloped and snug fit to the width of your dog’s body. Our Special recommendations for your dog ramps are as follows:

  • The rise of the ramp should be at an angle of 18 to 25 grade in degrees. Usually, small dog breeds need 18-20 degrees of angles. Again, the medium-sized dog bloodlines require a slope of 22 to 25 degrees.
  • A bed or sofa that is 14 to 16 inches long vertically requires a 3-foot ramp to have a right angle. When loading your pet that is 24 to 30 inches long, you will need a 5-6 meters long ramp.
  • Finally, determine the correct width for your dog’s size. Make sure it is wider than the width of your shoulders and hips. Again, narrow ramps are suitable for small breeds. Additionally, large ramps are ideal for medium to large breeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are stairs or a ramp better for dogs?

I think a ramp can be a much better choice than a stair for older canines and canines with joint pain. A stair often becomes more challenging to handle. A dog stair or dog ramp protects a small dog’s joints, at least by reducing the leaps it takes every day.

Are ramps good for dogs?

The ramps are foldable and portable, ideal for outdoor and indoor use, making it easy to get in and out. Ramps are the best choice for canines with disabilities, whether they are injured or aged, as they are more protective of their joints.

Which dog ramp is the best?

Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertax Surface 
PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp
Niubya Upgraded Car Dog Stairs
Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 
Gen7Pets Natural Step Dog Ramp 
Pet Gear Full Length Ramp

How do I get my dog used to a ramp?

The first thing is the ramp training. Work it up first by placing one foot on the ramp. Then work it up by placing two feet on the ramp. Move the treat gradually towards the center of the ramp. Once the four legs are up, reward the dog with treats as it follows your hand toward the ramp at the other end.


Whether you own a giant canine or desire to make sure it has the least bendable length! We have our top universal pick; Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp is a sharp move.

Our top pick for shoppers on a tight budget is the Petsafe Happy Ride foldable canine ramp. Indeed, it is also handy for little to average categories of dogs and retailers.

We look forward to providing you with detailed information on your best-loved ramps. Read the detailed reviews to clear-cut your head and find the best dog ramp for SUV. Please pay attention to the essential factors we talk about in the Purchaser’s Guide.

This will assist you in finding the best ramp for your dog. If possible, buy premium dog ramps only to invest the money you earn in the best good.

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