Best Dog Muzzles: 5 Safe Options for Bite Control

As everyone takes it, we wouldn’t require a dog muzzle for many reasons. In real life, the owners of the dogs have no room for fun and even the dogs themselves there is no fun for them. Muzzles are very important and become a necessity at some point or situation you like or you don’t like.

It is advisable for you as the responsible owner of the dog to do research on the muzzles for your dog if you think of muzzling it because of the discomfort and stress. In any pet store, you will be able to find different muzzles since not all muzzles are alike. There are different products that fit different dogs in different manners or ways.

Having the right information on the decision that you will make is so important. That will ensure that your dog and the people staying with or around it are safe and happy at all times.

Have you had a challenging time trying to decide the muzzles to buy? Worry no more since we are going to review each and every detail to do with dog muzzles that you should know and the recommended products. 

Let’s get going.

When And Why Would You Use A Dog Muzzle?

When you have decided on buying a muzzle for your dog, it is important to know when your dog needs the muzzle and why you would use a muzzle for your dog. Also, you should ask yourself if your dog really needs one and if it will help the longtime issues.

Using A Dog Muzzle For Constant Aggression

The moment you find out or realize that your dog has aggressive behavior and even going to the extent of biting people, then thinking of a muzzle as the solution to your dog’s behavior is not the right choice. 

The way you can remove aggressive behavior from your dog is by training it and it should be the first thing to do when your dog is still small or young.

When you don’t feel safe with your dog, don’t doubt that there are other ways that are effective which will prevent your dog from biting people. However, in the meantime, it’s just the muzzle that can be of help to you and your dog.

Having yourself in a situation like that will stress out the dog, and will automatically raise the behaviors of the dog that cause the aggression. Due to this, the solution of training the dog will be much more difficult at some point.

Using A Dog Muzzle For Trips To The Vet

Your dog might be very aggressive towards humans or other dogs and that situation is supposed to be taken care of as soon as possible by the trainer of the dog. When your dog is being injected, clipped, pinched, or examined by the vet and it has aggression towards the vet then it is appropriate to use a muzzle at this point

When your dog is not muzzled and it is likely to bite somebody in any way or manner then you should muzzle your dog to avoid the unexpected cost to you. 

The moment a dog bites someone at this point, it’s either because they have had a little pain, or because they’re worried about a strange person pricking around their body. It is always hard to train your dog in this situation but trying to train it is the best but it being that way is somehow understandable. 

When the dog is being examined by the vet, many people tend to muzzle their dogs temporarily for like 1 hour so that everybody around is safe from the biting.

Using A Dog Muzzle For Barking Or Chewing

People muzzle their dogs because of two controversial reasons: barking, biting, and chewing the furniture in the house. 

Putting the dogs in a discomfort zone is not acceptable by many people and that is by muzzling the dogs for the reasons mentioned since there is no physical danger.

The muzzle definitely stops the dog from barking and eating the furniture but it’s such a bad or cruel thing to put your dog in such a situation for you to have a peaceful sleep at night or just to sit on the sofa watching the television and not be destroying the sofa.

It is not advisable to muzzle your dog for the reason of backing and chewing but it is strongly advised to train your dog for such behaviors.

Using A Dog Muzzle For Legal Reasons

In some countries like the US, some dog breeds are required to wear muzzles by law. Dangerous breeds as they are called are made to wear a muzzle at any time they are not in a private compound or property.

Most of these dangerous dog breeds are loving dogs but they are not supposed to go without the muzzle on them and there is nothing one can do about that.

There are owners who muzzle their dogs even if the dog doesn’t need it and that is such a horrible experience for the dog. The muzzle is the option because there is no need for you to put yourself at risk of being caught.

If your dog is un-muzzled and it happens to bite someone then you as the owner is in serious trouble.

Different Types Of Dog Muzzles

Knowing the kind of muzzle you should go for is the most important thing because you’ve seen and established that your dogs require to be muzzled with. The choice of the muzzle will largely affect the comfortability and the safety of your dog.

i. Soft Dog Muzzle

The most uncomfortable muzzle in the market as far as the muzzle is concerned, the soft muzzle is the one despite its lovely name. They are of a tight fit and they are made of nylon-like material which is so soft. 

Due to its tightness, your dog will struggle a lot to pant while they wear it. The dog can have health issues or overheating in their body since they remove heat from their body through panting since they don’t sweat.

Some muzzles are made in a way that they allow a certain level of panting or even eating and drinking but not for all the soft muzzles. 

Getting a good muzzle for your dog is important if you are going for the soft muzzle.

ii. Basket Dog Muzzle

The basket dog muzzles are taken as the most uncomfortable muzzle to the dogs. These muzzles are made from hard materials like plastic and rubber which are large and cover your dog’s mouth entirely.

They are mainly considered as the gentlest and most safe muzzle for your dog despite their basket-like appearance.

These muzzles are not that tight to the dog’s mouth hence your dog can open their mouth, get their tongue out and pant to cool down their body at any given time. They can also eat and even drink water with this muzzle in their mouth.

They are the kindest, comfortable, and even the safest muzzle recommended by the American Kennel Club.

ii. Mesh Dog Muzzle

The Mesh dog muzzles are alike to the soft dog muzzles that we discussed above. They are loosely fitted than the soft dog muzzle is. The mesh muzzle is fitted with breathable mesh giving it its name compared to the soft muzzle. 

The Mesh muzzles compared to the soft muzzle have the same issues to the dog. The muzzle doesn’t allow that room for panting by the dog but is somehow comfortable for the dog. 

However, there are some intentions to this rule and it’s very possible to find mesh muzzles that allow a limited amount of panting and drinking that many owners take to be acceptable.

iv. Plastic Dog Muzzle

People usually use Plastic dog muzzles to describe the basket muzzle that we mentioned above. Moreover, the basket muzzle is not a plastic muzzle. 

The plastic muzzles are made in such a way that some cover the dog’s mouth entirely and have holes put into them. The brand and the size of the holes in the plastic dog muzzle will determine the difficulty your dog will have when panting and cooling down. 

As a responsible owner of the dog, it is advisable that if you are committed to this type or design of muzzle, try and get the muzzle that has enough space for your dog to pant and even drink water through and it has as many holes as possible.

v. Dog Muzzle Harness

In the traditional world, the Dog muzzle harnesses are not taken as muzzles. The aggressive biting behaviors displayed by your dog are mostly trained by the dog muzzle harness. 

These muzzles help to prevent biting from the dog by putting its head down when the dog begins to bite.

They are less reliable as compared to other muzzles in the market but they are great for training.

The dog muzzle harness might not be that reliable to ensure safety if your dog is aggressive or scared at the vet when being examined.

5 Best Dog Muzzles

Now that we know which kind of muzzle is the best, it’s important to know if your dog is to be muzzled or not. There are some products that will review and definitely make them be part of your consideration.

The safest and most comfortable muzzle for your dog that is most recommended is the basket muzzle in most occurrences.

Despite the fact that we have recommended the basket muzzle, some people will still want the soft, plastic, or nylon muzzle for their dogs.

Here are some products that we have researched and are rated the best.

1. Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle- Dog Muzzles

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle is the best muzzle so far in the market as per our research that outweighs all other muzzles. It is affordable, comfortable, and also very safe compared to all other products. 

It is made out of soft flexible rubber material and it’s a traditional muzzle. It is big enough to allow your dog to eat, drink and even pant comfortably without any difficulty.

Since this muzzle provides your dog with a comfortable experience, hence we recommend that this kind of muzzle is best used regularly. 

During the vet visit for the dog to be examined, it’s best that this muzzle reduces their biting. This type of muzzle can be easily molded on your dog’s jaw and still the dog be comfortable at any given time. 

The molding of the muzzle to your dog’s jaw is simple as just warming it in hot water and then shaping it to your dog’s face and finally putting it in cold water to solidify to the desired shape.


2. Dog Quick Fit Muzzle 

Having to buy this muzzle one has not to pocket his or her hand to an extreme dollar but still, they will need the muzzle for their dogs. For those owners in these situations, we recommend to them this nylon muzzle for their dogs.

Dog Quick Fit Muzzle is that kind of muzzle that improves according to their standards and design in the market despite us giving it a hard time in the article.

This kind of muzzle stays strongly attached to the dog and hence making them have a hard time taking them off. Furthermore, it is in 7 different sizes and all of them are of the same price. Your dog can open its jaw slightly but not that enough since this muzzle has a material that has a very ting sketch in it.

This muzzle is the best when it comes to the price but the dog would require a little effort on them because it is not as comfortable as the basket muzzle.

3. Guardian Gear Fabric Mesh Dog Muzzle

As per your view, the basket muzzle outweighs any other product as the article reviews each product. Guardian Gear is a mesh product that if your mind is set on buying most definitely you will go for it.

It is a mesh muzzle it fits very well to the mouth of the dog but it doesn’t leave any space for your dog to move their mouth in any way. It is comfortable, soft, and durable. 

The Guardian Gear muzzle has the main thing on it that it has a removable snap strap on the front part of it. When this snap trap is opened the front part of the muzzle and your dog is allowed to have that space to pant and drink with ease.

This muzzle is the most considered and the best mesh muzzle on the market for mesh muzzle users.

4. Niteangel Quick Fit Nylon Dog Muzzle, Adjustable Loop

This muzzle is the best muzzle for the large dogs in the market and many owners prefer these muzzles. This muzzle is soft to your dog and it can be a good alternative for you as the owner of the dog.

It is a strap-based muzzle made with strong and durable nylon that many owners prefer as part of their consideration. It fits your dog well and it’s unlikely to slip provided you have picked the right size for your dog.

This muzzle despite it being soft like any other muzzle in the market, the most interesting thing about the muzzle is its simplicity. Its trap is located at the back of the dog’s jaw to prevent the dog from biting making it less stressful for the dog to wear.

It is adjustable hence allowing the dog to be able to drink and eat with ease.

5. Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle

This muzzle is made up of a great nylon alternative to the basket muzzle that is best ranked on our reviews. It provides safety for your dog and minimal discomfort since it is one of the best nylon products on the recent market for small dogs.

It fits best on your pooch and once it is fitted it stays on even if the dog tries to remove it in any way and take it off. When fitted well on the dog’s mouth and like the basket muzzle it allows the dog to breathe, drink, and even pant. 

Your dog will not find it uncomfortable since it is one of the best muzzles even and even much better compared to other soft muzzles.


As per the reviews, those are what you were to know about the muzzle.

Deciding to muzzle your dog is not an easy step to take, but since you are enlightened on the variety of muzzles, I am sure you are going to make it wisely and make your pooch comfortable as much as possible.

The best recommendation is the basket muzzle above the different muzzles we have mentioned but all the ones reviewed are viable options too. The decision you will make among the five we are sure is the option you and your pooch are comfortable and happy with.

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