Best Dog Life Jackets: 8 Top Picks for Flotation Safety

Through the ages, dogs have been man’s best and closest companions. Of all the domesticated animals. They serve the widest array of roles: protector, lifesaver, helper, the companion you name it. Such an amazing friend deserves the best that you can offer and a little trip to the waters with the best Dog Life Jackets can be just what he needs for fun.

As a dog owner, you might have your furry friend as part of your family, and leaving them behind in any activity is unthinkable, especially when going for swimming or beach tours, well we are here to cure this anomaly. You can now go to unlimited places with your best friend after reading this article.

Yes, some dogs are suited for swimming like retrievers and spaniels while at the same time other breeds have bodies that are not even close to survival in water like bulldogs. Over and above, if you and your pup, plan to spend time on the waters then a dog life jacket is your perfect ally. We are here to assist you to pick from the very many options in the market and get for your dog a comfortable, secure, and protective jacket while on the waters.

Dive Into The Fun!

Just like humans: dogs need protection and as a dog owner the responsibility fully lies on you to protect your best friend. The assumption is that of a parent looking after their kids when swimming, no matter how well and well they swim, a jacket is required to stick on their bodies. so is the same responsibility we have upon our best friends.

Some dogs could be great swimmers for sure, a life jacket could hardly make a difference towards saving its life however, life jackets are designed to be visible even at a distant sight. This means in case of separation you can easily locate your furry friend, strong or mild currents could possibly make a huge difference within seconds and a life jacket could draw the line between life and mystery.

Other dogs might not have been built for swimming, doggy paddling is left as their only option and for dogs, with short legs, they are disadvantaged as they have to paddle more hence using much energy, in a scenario where a dog is in the middle of a lake or whichever the case and does not have a life jacket it might drown in water incase its exhausted of paddling. It is thus very important to have a life jacket on especially on the waters.

Finally, research has proved that water gets colder as you move away from the shores, this could lead to cold feet, dogs that paddle in water can then get difficulty in paddling and this could be fatal. 

What Activities Require You To Use A Dog  Life Jacket

As a matter of equal importance to be able to understand when to use a life jacket is beneficial because some dogs might need a life jacket on the boat while others would need it on the shore of a lake and others might still need the same in a swimming pool depending on where you have taken your dog for a treat.

A good rule of thumb is to assess the swimming skills of your dog and probably configure the worst-case scenario in the event you find that your dog would be fine without safety gear then it would be sufficient to allow your dog to be without safety gear. Be as it may there is no point in risking your best friend’s life, it would be prudent to practice caution and always put on a safety life jacket especially on water bodies.

There are other scenarios where you must have dogs with life jackets. For example, you may have an older dog suffering from arthritis and needs to undergo some hydrotherapy. A life vest will assist them in their treatment by giving added buoyancy.

How To Fit A Dog Life Jacket

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and having a life jacket is the first on the tray basket. In order to fit a life jacket on your dog, you need to have accurate measurements. So what could be the desired measurements? You would ask. 

  1. weigh your dog to make sure that they are within the weight ratings of a given size and brand of life jacket.
  2. Secondly, measure your dog’s length from the neck all the way back to the base of the tail. 
  3. Finally, measure your dog’s girth around the widest part of the neck and the widest part of the chest.

When ordering your dog’s life jacket, strictly adhere to your dog’s measurements as stated hereinabove to ensure it stays comfortably within the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We are now fully fit to make an order after adhering to the said conditions. After your life jacket arrives we need to practically fit the item on your dog.

  • Unclip and loosen all buckles and straps
  • Put the life jacket in place
  • Connect the neck clip
  • Tighten it until it’s snug, but still allows your dog some room to move around

You have now connected the chest straps, now tighten until snug. Chest straps are beneficial and do more of the work holding the life jacket in place, so just be sure your dog is comfortable and can easily breathe.

Your Best Life Jackets

I shall now take the liberty to suggest the best types of life jackets and you would feel free to interact with the same and find one that suits your choice. Now, the jackets come in many colors and yours as an owner is to pick the best.

First, I appreciate the love of different colors each one of us has, however, there must be guidance on the preferred color. Remember that in an emergency what you need is visibility and not beauty having this in your mind then would come the question of what color? I advise a bright color that can be visible even in high and humid storms, orange would do, or even a bright yellow. Their importance cannot be further emphasized.

 Here are the best dog life jackets.

1. Hurtta Life Savior PFD, Dog Life Jacket/Vest for Maximum Safety

Hurtta Life Savior PFD -best dog life jacket

If your dog likes to spend much time on the waters then hurtta dog life savior jacket is your perfect ally. It is much designed for safety, has strong, thick buckles, a grab handle, and a snug fit that distributes your dog’s weight evenly. 

It is ideal for swimming, water rescue, rehabilitation, boating, and hunting. 

Its special design of the floats makes the vest light to ensure a comfortable fit and does not restrict free movement both on the land and water.

The life jacket also has reflectors on the back, as well as an adjustable waist and neck making it very comfortable. It is available in three colors and comes in five sizes, based on weight.

2. Queenmore Dog Life Jacket Ripstop Dog Safety Vest

This life jacket is perfect for warmth and very comfortable for dogs that like to spend much of their time in the water.

It comes in various colors thus making it visible even on water surfaces and in the fashion market making it look pretty.

Made of high-grade polyester fabric and high-density pearl cotton foam, this is perfect for buoyancy as it is very light guaranteeing safety to your dog. Polyester material has also been proven to withstand abrasive activities from dogs.

FIT  FOR ALL BREEDS This jacket is available in all sizes, fits all breeds as long as measurements are accurate. Tips: If your dog is between two sizes, we suggest the larger one

COMFORTABLY & FREELY–The chest and neck girths of this pet life jacket are also adjustable with sticker closure. You can adjust the girth to get a perfect fit for your dog. You don’t need to take the life vest off your dog when onshore. The breathable fabric is comfortable enough for them to run around freely.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY–The abdomen is also designed with sturdy adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles, providing double security for your dog. This dog life vest is also designed with a rescue handle that allows you to pull your dog out of the water in emergent conditions. There is also a D-ring on the back which is perfect for a dog leash.

3. Asenku Dog Life Jacket Pet Floatation Vest 

Showing up on our list of the best dog life jackets is Asenku Dog Life Jacket Pet Floatation Vest. The material used to make it is a high-grade fabric consisting of high-grade polyester oxford nylon outer and pearl cotton foam inner.

In terms of safety, the under chin front float helps to keep your dog head afloat even in the roughest of conditions. Additionally, the jacket has a handle that allows you to pull the dog in the event of an emergency.

Moreover, it comes in all sizes small medium, and large the threshold is to measure accurately your dog

Finally, the belt is attractive and stylish. It can be used for warmth and fashion other than being safety gear.

4. Aofitee Dog Life Jackets Ripstop Pet Life Vest

This material comes in various colors attractive and fashionable and is available in all sizes.

The interesting fact about the above material is that it has a sturdy grab handle that in the event of an emergency you can pull out the dog.

An adorable shark fin on the back, make your dogs like a fish, for maximum swimming enjoyment in the pool, beach or lake.

5. AOFITEE Dog Life Jacket Pet Life Vest

Adorable and good looking The wings style dog swimsuits are made with high-grade Oxford & Nylon cloth, padded with ultra-buoyant polyethylene Foam, provide enough powerful buoyancy to keep balance swimming in the water and ensure your small dog’s safety

Thoughtful Removable Neck Foam Panels help support your dog’s head and keep it above water, meanwhile assisting in releasing your dog’s neck pressure. In addition, the strong and convenient rescue handle of the pet dog life jacket also makes it easy to help dogs out of the water by hand or boat hook.

Available in all sizes. Be accurate in measurement.

6. Albcorp Working Dog Vest Harness – No-Pull Service Dog Vest

Albcorp is a heavy-duty durable Nylon, comfy mesh, padded for no-chafing.

It has adjustable straps and is available in all sizes from small, medium, and large.

It is very much easy to put on and off because of quick-release buckles making outdoor activities an easy task.

Has a front chest clip for non-pulling and a neoprene handle for full control of your companion animal.

7. Frisco Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

Has a sleek design to allow your dog to move comfortably on water.

It is designed with 20mm thick foam panels for buoyancy, front panel has a flotation flap that helps support your dog’s head and keep it above water.

Has two grab handles that allow you to pull your dog in case of an emergency.

Very comfortable with side straps and buckles to ensure maximum safety.

For the best fit, we recommend selecting the size based on your pet’s chest measurement. Once you have determined the correct size, you should then reference the weight the life jacket can safely support. If your pet falls somewhere between two sizes, we advise ordering the larger of the two

This life jacket does not need to fit the entire length of your dog for it to perform as intended.

8. Us Army Dog Life Vest

Take your dog for amphibious missions with Us Army Dog Life Vest. Its high buoyancy form would help keep your pup safe and bright yellow colors to keep him visible in case of separation.

It is an adjustable neck and girth with buckles and fuzzy fasteners.

Has a sturdy handle that lets you safely lift your pup out of the water.

An additional feature of the US Army logo patch for fashion and style.


All life jackets offer protection to your pup, what is important is to measure your dog accurately. In the event you find that your pup measurements could be in the middle of two different sizes, the advice is you pick a larger one. Now, let’s go and dive into the fun and get more cool products for your pal! Shall we?

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