Best Dog Crates For Pugs To Crate Train Your Pup

If you’ve got a restless and destructive pug, you surely will need a dog crate. I’m a proud owner of Milo, a chubby and adorable pug. I’ve learned the hard way what types of crates work best for him. 

One of the mistakes I made was falling for the aesthetics of dog kennels instead of focusing on their functionality. Rather than shaping his behavior, I made him fearful, clumsy, hostile, and less receptive to training. 

However, this was not for long until I analyzed the 5 best dog crates for pugs which you can use to crate train your puppy without messing with his behavior. Let’s dive in and see which ones top my list.

Pug Crates Key Takeaways

  • Prioritize safety – Crates guarantee safety. They protect your dog from accidents and eating of unhealthy food stuff or objects.
  • Choose flexibility – Crates should be sizable enough for the pug to stand, stretch and turn around.
  • Special needs – a solid plastic crate is best for pugs with significant separation anxiety or escape-artist tendencies. They’re also good for frequent travelers who are fond of travelling with their dogs.
  • Occasional users – Wire crates that can easily be folded into a suitcase-type rectangle are suitable for irregular users. 
  • Furniture-style, end-table-like dog crate – Works well for regular users who own crate-friendly pets with no separation anxiety.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Always remove your pup’s collar before caging to avoid entanglement and injuries.crates prevent accidents while Pugs are housebroken, and they keep your pugs from getting to dangerous or unhealthy foods or objects when you are absent.
  • A dog crate for pugs should not be too big, but large enough for your puppy to stand, stretch and turn around.
  • People whose Pugs have significant separation anxiety or escape-artist tendencies, or people who need to travel often with your dogs, may require a solid plastic crate.
  • People whose Pugs are better in a crate, or need a crate only occasionally, can use a wire crate that is easily folded into a suitcase-style rectangle with handles.
  • people who want to use a crate regularly in a common area of the house—and who have a very crate-friendly dog with no separation anxiety—might prefer a furniture-style, end-table-like dog crate, which trades security for decent looks and utility.
  • having your Pug in a crate with its collar on can pose a risk of entanglement, resulting in injury or worse.

Top Picks: Best Dog Crates For Pugs

Based on different factors and usage, here are the best pug kennels that we’ll be reviewing.

What Is The Proper Size Crate For A Pug?

Crate size varies depending on the size of the dog. Generally, pugs weigh between 14 to 18 pounds but this can change due to differences in feeding routine and care given to each dog.

Here are standardized crate measurements for average pug sizes:

Pug Weight RangeCrate SizeCrate Dimensions
1 Pound and 10 PoundsExtra Small Crates24L X 18W x 21H or 24L x 18W x 19H
11 Pounds And 25 PoundsSmall Crates24L x 18W x 21H, 24Lx 18W x 19H

If the above crate sizes seem to be small or big, follow the steps below to find the right dimensions:

  1. Grab your measuring tape.
  2. Have your Pug stand.
  3. Measure length: measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and add 4 inches.
  4. Measure height: measure your dog from the top of the head to the floor and add 4 inches.
  5. Width: you won’t have issues with width for most dog crates.

Pro Tip:

Your dog needs to have enough space to stand, stretch, sit, and turn around in the crate. Bear in mind when you determine the dimension.

How to Choose the Right Dog Crates for Pugs

There Are different types of crates with their pros and cons. Getting an idea in this field helps you to narrow down the shopping choices and find the best credit for your Pugs.

1. Plastic Crates

These are made of thick plastic material. It’s the favorite choice of family dog owners. 

2. Metal Crates

Metal crates work well for shows and exhibitions. They might be a good choice if you want your viewers to have an easy time seeing the dog. For dogs that like seeing the surrounding, this is the best crate for them.

3. Heavy Duty Dog Crates

If you have a restless or destructive dog then you might need to go for heavy-duty dog crates. They are expensive but will serve you for a long.

4. Furniture Style Crates (Fashion Crates)

These are made of wood and can double up as a side table in your bedroom. Besides that, fashion crates add up to your home decor because they blend well with your wooden furniture.

5. SUV/Truck Crates

As the name suggests, these are specifically designed to be used in trucks and cars. They hold the pug in place when you are on transit. You no longer need to worry about your precious pet roaming around when you’re driving. 

6. Soft Crates (Soft Sided Dog Crates)

These are made from soft fabric (nylon or canvas). As such, they’re only suitable for small dogs like Pugs. These crates might not be your best choice if your pug is the restless type and hard to restrain in a pug cage. 

Dog crates for Pugs Pricing

Just like any other product, dog crates for Pugs come at different prices depending on what they have to offer. 

  • $20 to $60: If you’re low on budget and need a quick fix, this range is a good place to start. However, don’t mistake their low price to mean a compromise on quality.  You can still get a durable crate in this category (e.g. wire crate) which can withstand naughty dogs to some extent.
  • $60 to $150: At this price point, you’re guaranteed of maximum protection and a wide selection of color choices.  Unlike their competitors in the higher price range ($150 and above), these medium quality crates don’t last that long. 
  • $150 to $250: Most kennels that fall in this price range are heavy duty. They make the best crates for dogs that tend to be destructive. Many of these are made from strong steel that is escape-proof. If you’re looking for a long lasting pug kennel, go for those that fall in this price range. 

What are The Best Pug Crates?

I’ve spent quite some time combing through the internet to come up with the following best dog crates for pug dogs and puppies. They’re rated in terms of the best overall, best budget, best furniture crates, soft crates for travel, and best crate for anxiety pugs. Read through and see if there’s one that gets your attention. 

1. Best Overall: Midwest LifeStages Double Door Dog Crate

This stylish double door (one on the side and another on the front) dog crate is my best overall pick. Why? It includes all the features you’ll need to offer a comfortable and safe home for your Pug.

It comes with a divider to adjust the size of the crate to fit the size of your pup. To protect your floor, it has a roller that makes it easy to slide from one point to another. That makes the surface of the crate remain in good condition for quite a long time.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior experience. This pug kennel is one of the simplest to assemble and takes no time. You don’t even need extra tools to set it up and have your pup start taking delight in it. 

2. Best Budget: Paws & Pals Dog Crate 

This pug cage could be a perfect fit if you’re interested in crate training your Pug friend. It’s designed for a seamless training experience and has features that are available in some top-priced crates. For example, it has dividers and rollers to protect your floor from scratches due to frequent movement.

3. Best Furniture Crate: ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table

EcoFlex Pet crate convenience comes in threefold. It doubles up as a lamp desk, a Pug grooming table, and a safe crate for your dog. The crate is readily available in a range of sizes. It’s made from non-chewable materials to make it long-lasting. 

Besides caging dogs it can be converted into an end table or a nightstand. 

4. Soft Crate For Travel: EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

You could only be looking for temporary restrain and security for your precious furry friend. If that’s the case, the EliteField 3-Door crate is what you should buy.

It is the best small dog crate that features a strong tube frame made of quality 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric. 

It comes with two accessory pockets for carrying your dog’s accessories while traveling. Regardless of the size of your dog, you’re sure to find one that fits your pet.

Repeat expenses are minimal because it comes with a removable, washable cover and bed. You’ll be amazed by the adjustable padded shoulder straps that make it easy to carry around.

5. Heavy Duty For Anxiety Pugs: SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel Playpen

Do you own a problematic dog that tends to destroy everything it comes across? Get it a SMONTER.

It has a heavy-duty steel frame that makes it strong and durable for even the strongest Pugs.

it’s-shaped pattern brings out its beauty and acts as a bite-proof for dogs with high mouthiness potential.

6. Best splurge: Diggs Revol Dog Crate

If you own a Pug and you have the money to splurge on a more luxurious crate, then you should go for  Diggs Revol Dog Crate. With the love of design and love for the dog, this crate was designed. It is the most convenient and safe crate for your Pug. 

It comes in two sizes; Small and Large. The small one is ideal for dogs up to 30 pounds and the Larger one best suits dogs of up to 50 pounds. It can be set up and folded with ease.

The diamond-shaped mesh adds the crate a more open feel. It also prevents paw and jow injuries to your puppy. You can let your puppy in and out of the crate easily using plastic handles. The crate also has mounted wheels for easy movement.

7. Best indoor crate: MidWest Ultima Pro-Extra Strong Dog Crate

This type of Crate is durable and top of the line. It comes in numerous sizes therefore you can choose the desired size for your canine friend. You can build or collapse it within a very short time for easy transportation or storage.

It is made of thick wire gauge so definitely, it is robust and can keep dogs with anxiety issues under control. It is not of much difference from the usual metal wire crates, thus suits small breed puppies like Pug.

8. Best outdoor crate: Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Crate

The crate is made from welded heavy-duty steel and coated at the edges to prevent any possible injury to your puppy. The whole metallic structure is treated to prevent it from rusting. It is slightly elevated and well ventilated and has a waterproof cover at the top shielding your dog from the scorching sun as well as the harmful Ultraviolet rays and rain.

Its simple setup makes it easy to assemble and dismantle when you either want to transport or store. They come in different sizes so you can make sure you choose the right size for your canine friend.

Pug Dog Crate Accessories

Now that you’ve picked the best dog crate for your pup, what next? 

Get a dog crate accessory?

That’s right. You need to make sure that your pup is comfortable and happy being locked up in the cage.

Consider acquiring the following accessories to make the crate experience better for your Pug.

  • Crate Bed:  Since your dog will be in the cage for around 5 hours a day, a crate bed will be good to make your dog comfortable instead of leaving it to sleep on a hard surface.
  • Feeding Accessories: You don’t want your dog to feed from the crate surface because you’ll need to clean the cage each time you feed your pup. That said, feeding bowls will come in handy.
  • Behavioral Aid Toy: If your dog is not used to being crated, behavioural aid toys turn out to be the perfect companion to calm it down.
  • Chew Toy For Pugs: For plastic, wooden, and soft crates, Nylabone Puppy Teething and Smoothing Flexible Chew Toy plays a huge role in preventing your Pug from chewing up the crate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the tips & tricks for Crate Training Pug Dogs?

There is more to be done if you want to successfully crate train your dog. Take a look at the following tips:

  • Stock your crate: Ensure that the crate has comfortable bedding, chew toys, and clean water.
  • Feeding: It is important that you feed your dog when it is inside the crate. This so that it gets used to the feeding routine and avoids eating when it feels like eating.
  • First time crate training: Let the Pug explore the crate on its own if this is its first time seeing anything like this. Don’t force it in and don’t bung the door shut immediately it gets in.
  • Make it easy: To create a conducive environment for your dog so that it goes in the crate willingly, shower it with treats for getting in and lying down. When it gets used to this routine, you can now start transporting it when it’s inside. 

2. What is a Good Crate Size for Pug?

Pugs are generally small in size. You don’t want to buy a crate that will be too large or quizzes for it. Therefore, a good crate size for Pug dogs is one that is spacious such that your dog can comfortably stretch or turn around it. 

3. How long can my Pug be in the crate?

If your Pug is one who is comfortable being left in the crate, you can leave it in there until you’re through with your activities. It can also spend the night in the crate but relieve them after 5 hours. 

You should always be on the watch for any signs of distress during this time.

Here is the recommended crating time.

AgeHours to be kept in a crate
9 to 10 Weeks30 Minutes to 1 Hour
11 to 14 Weeks1 to 3 Hours
15 to 16 Weeks3 to 4 Hours
17 Weeks and above4 to 5 Hours

4. Is it cruel to crate-train a pet?

It is not cruel to crate-train your pet (Pug dog) but leaving it in the crate for a long time is considered to be torture. Dogs should be given playtime to jog around and stretch their muscles to reduce fatigue. If you leave it inside for long periods, it will not get near you when it sets its eyes on the crate next time.

5. Why should I crate train my Pug?

Crate training helps your dog to live in harmony with other pets and humans around it. The purpose of crate training a Pug is to help it learn to live in the house and behave when you have visitors because pugs have a potential for mouthiness.

Since crates are ideal for housetraining pups, they can help teach your dog what to chew and what not to chew.

Wrapping Up On The Best Pug Crates

Well, choosing the best dog crates for pugs can be challenging. But with the tips and tricks in this post, you can now confidently make an informed decision. 

A crate is the best training tool for dogs and can be the best gift you can ever get for your puppy.

Grab one today and see how you’ll transform his behavior.

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