8 Best Dog Toys for Great Danes

The Great Danes dog for its protective and helpful nature is not something new to you since it has been talked all about for quite some time. 

Great Danes is a dog breed that is truly large and noble from its nature. Historically, Great Danes were bred by German noblemen to hunt wild boars and guard their homes. 

However, recently since the Great Danes hunt boar, they still have the best of their time to enjoy the challenge of the chase by buying them different toys.

If your Great Dane is not properly occupied, certainly it will start to behave in a different way that they should not like tearing of clothes or ripping apart your shoes.

Luckily, you can stop this kind of behaviour at any given point by just purchasing many different toys for your Great Dean.

In that this dog has different and unique personalities, finding the dogs favourable and right toy can be a challenge to each and every one. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best top-ranked Great Danes toys and some extra educational information as well as some guidelines for these amazing toys for you and your lovely dog.

What To Search For In A Good Toy For Great Danes

For they are known for their friendly and affectionate ways to the dog, you should not be surprised that the Great Danes can be as tough as the toy. 

Purchasing the best and perfect toy for your dog always means a lot and hence you should find one that is stimulating and long-lasting.

The durability of plush toys is particularly the most important aspect when buying one. It is very important to find one that won’t tear easily or dirty your compound if your dog does manage to tear it apart since the dog spends a lot of its time playing and carrying it anywhere it goes.

Knowing that the toy is durable is not that easy for the first time you have a look at it.

Many brands will claim that their toys are long-lasting, but not all of them are meaning their promises to the buyers.

The best thing you can do is to check if the materials are of high quality. Good toys will definitely be made of high-quality materials like thick rubber or durable fabric on them.

The toy is usually used to make the dogs’ attention active at all times and some do this better than others. Well, a puzzle or a treat-dispensing toy most likely might be the best at keeping your Great Danes occupied and active at any given time.

Best Dog Toys For Great Danes 

  • Petlou Colossals Rabbit Plush Dog Toy
  • Arm and Hammer dental super treadz dog toy
  • KONG ring dog toy
  • ZippyPaws burrow squeaky hide and seek toy
  • Nerf dog air strike launcher dog toy
  • Mammoth monkey fist bar dog toy
  • Petstages challenge ball treat dispensing dog toy
  • KONG floppy knots dog toy
  • Frisco fetch squeaking American flag tennis ball

Considering that you know what to look for, here are the best and top-rated toys for your Great Danes:

1. Petlou Colossals Rabbit Plush Dog Toy

Petlou Colossals Rabbit Plush Dog Toy- Dog Toys for Great Danes

Many of the dogs toys will work great when in use, but the one that outweighs the rest of the toys is the Petlou Colossals Rabbit Plush Dog Toy. This toy can do or serve several purposes since it is a multi-functional toy compared to others. 

Despite the fact that it is the perfect plush toy for your Great Dane to spend time with during the night, inside it has squeakers too.

Petrou Colossals Rabbit Plush Dog Toy is always used in tug-of-war or even fetching by your dog and once you are done on the events, your Great Dane can use it while they are resting. 

Furthermore, the materials used in making Petlou Colossals Rabbit Plush Dog Toy is lightweight hence tossing this plush toy while playing around won’t be a big struggle and your Great Dane will have an easy moment carrying it around.

2. Arm And Hammer Dental Super Treadz Dog Toy

Despite the fact that all chew toys made are majorly designed to help your puppy from chewing on things that they aren’t supposed to, not all of them will manage to support your Great Danes dental care the way the Arm & Hammer Dental Super Treadz Dog Toy can do.

The Great Danes are not likely to tear off this toy apart since it is made up of extra durable rubber and it’s likely to last even longer despite the fact that Great Danes are aggressive and potential chewers.

In Arm & Hammer toys, there is an infused layer of baking soda in it to take care of your dog’s teeth to be of much ease and health apart from the ridges that are on it and fewer hands on it at any given time.

This given toy is always the best when it comes to aggressive chewers.

3. KONG Ring Dog Toy

It is very important to make sure that this Kong ring toy can last because many dogs love it since it is tested against your Great Deans sharp teeth. Kong Ring Dog Toy is mainly meant to provide enough and endless playtime and fun to your Great Dean.

Kong ring dog toy is made with a durable material that is all-natural rubber which does not have harmful additives to the dog’s health and helps the dog clean its teeth and remove tartar while chewing.

Apart from promoting the good dental health of you, Great Dane puppies who are still learning what is best and what is not can also be advantageous to them by using the Kong Ring dog toy.

4. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide And Seek Toy

In the days back, Great Danes were kept as hunters and also for the security of homes. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Toy can now be the best toy that you can continue the fun with and in an interactive puzzle with.

Keeping your Great Danes occupied depends on you and hence if you want it to be occupied for quite a long time, you can just decide to hide the toy one or all the three chipmunks inside the log.

The toy is machine washable and hence if the toy becomes completely dirty or rough it can be cleaned at any given time. For one just to clean it is an easy way in that you just dip it into the washing machine and let it dry for playtime once more.

This puzzle will engage and challenge most of the dogs and make them active throughout the day, remember that it is not an advisable or ideal way for aggressive chewers.

5. Nerf Dog Air strike launcher dog toy

Your favourite game is not the best game for your Great Danes to play since it loves playing fetch. Playing by throwing the balls on-air and collecting slobbery tennis balls, might reach a time you will feel like quitting but your Great Danes aren’t.

Luckily, you might not need to disappoint and disturb your dog. Using the Nerf Dog Air Strike Launcher Dog toy, fetching can become easier and a much better experience.

Considering the distance, you can throw the ball the way you want and even easily cup and pick up the slobbery fetch toys even without bending down.

Having this toy is an ideal way for those owners of dogs who suffer from shoulder, back and knee injuries. 

Take into account that each and every purchase you make to buy this toy comes with its own tennis ball so that it can be very much easier to toy it right away. 

6. Mammoth Monkey Fist Bar Dog Toy

As per your knowledge, not each and every toy is multi-functional but as for the Mammoth Monkey Fist Bar Dog Toy most definitely it is.

The best part of this toy is that it is made up of natural cotton that has no effect and won’t harm your Great Dane’s teeth. Furthermore, the Mammoth toy also is made up of fibres that help floss your dog’s teeth as they play with it.

The dog can use the rope in a tug-of-war competition or even as a fetch toy when they aren’t using it as a chew toy. This rope toy is difficult to tear apart even for the aggressive chewers who always have a tough time unravelling the rope.

The ropes come in different sizes and lengths depending on your liking. The three-knot rope helps you and your dog to have a good grip on the rope during the games like tug-of-war and is made in that manner to last for long.

7. Petstages Challenge Ball Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Using the treat dispensing toy like the Petstages Challenge Ball Treat Dispensing Dog Toy is one of the best ways to occupy your Great Dane’s time for hours in a day.

The best and favourable thing to do is to place the treat inside the ball and the sit-down and see how your Great Danes struggle as they try to find a way out to reach it.

You can always try upping the difficulty on the toy if you have realized your dog is a little bit smarter and even lower the game if it seems to be more challenging to your dog. If you think of playing outside on the field then the red and blue colour on the toy will easily be seen and be a little bit easier for your dog to spot.

You can try using the Petstages toy as a fetch or as a chase toy if your Great Dane is able to effortlessly locate the treats on its own.

8. KONG Floppy Knots Dog Toy

Well, squeaky toys are great toys and if your Great Dane is a big fan and enjoys using them then they will likely love the Kong Floppy Knots Dog Toy. Furthermore, to give your dog an enjoyable squeak each and every time they squeeze the toy, the “floppy” texture of the toy helps your Great Dane not to get bored with it at any given point.

Given that the same plush toys can easily trip off if your dog manages to tear it and hence can cause a mess. In the Kong toy, there might be a relief since there is minimal stuffing in them. 

Moreover, in the Kong toy, there wouldn’t be any big mess even if your dog manages to demolish and hence no major cleaning.

Tips For Playing With Your Great Dane

Now that at least you have found the right toy for your Great Danes you might think that the hardest part is done. However, knowing how to entertain and engage your dog can be a very important task.

  1. When playing with your Great Danes it is important you assume the role of a dog. Great Danes will always challenge your authority if they can. Any moment you play with the Great Danes you establish yourself as the leader.
  2. No biting and giving back the toy when asked are the rules for the game but once you Danes break the rule, you should end the game unless you enforce the rules on a daily basis Danes will still break the rules.
  3. Always supervise the game during playtime with the toys. Your Great Danes will tend to play a rough game or even have a negative reaction to the toys. You should watch them closely since they might tear the stuffing out of the toy.
  4. You can use the launcher toy if you are not a fan of fetch because it will make the process easier. As for many launchers, they will tend to pick up slobbery balls for you and throw them quite a distance so that you don’t tire up your arm.


To all the new Great Dane owners, picking or purchasing out the right toy for your Great Danes might seem easy at some point, but each and every dog has different needs, wants and even preferences. 

Not that some toys use low-quality materials in their making that won’t last for long, but to make matters worse others aren’t even functional even when purchased.

Since it might be very impossible to avoid buying low-quality dog toys completely, the good news and the best thing is that you already have a starting point on the dog’s toys. 

If you aren’t sure where to start from, make sure you try using one of the top-rated and top-ranked Great Dane toys that we’ve already made reviews on.

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