7 Best Dog Toys for Dachshunds

We all love the adorable Dachshunds, also known as the “hotdog”. These low-riding canines are friendly, sweet, and have a sense of adventure that surpasses their small bodies. Even though they were originally bred to rid rodents from homes and farms, the Dachshunds have a big spirit and a lot of energy.

If you have had a Dachshund around you for at least some years, you probably know how important it is to provide him with amusement so that they don’t get bored. In this piece, we have compiled the seven best dog toys for Dachshunds.

Finding him an appropriate toy is an uphill battle. Even though they are good pet dogs, Dachshunds can be somewhat mischievous and stubborn, so without the right stimulation, proper toys, and playtime activities, their traits can within no time become destructive and your furniture is what will pay the price.

With the pet space overflowing with hundreds of different types of dog toys for them to chew, chase, fetch, and paw, their strong jaws will not allow them to last for long. In this article, however, we have a comprehensive review of the best dog toys for your hotdog available in the market.

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Types of toys for Dachshunds

There are many types of dog toys available for your Dachshund. Some of these dog toys will keep you and your hotdog occupied by playing with the toy together, some will keep him entertained, while others will make them eat better.

  • Retrieving Toys

Not only is retrieving tasks a suitable training for your Dachshund but also a good exercise for him. You might be wondering how this happens. Well, it’s simple: you simply throw an object and let your Dachie retrieve it.

With time your pooch will chew it and it will turn out to be so messy that you will find it undesirable to still have it in the house. They can be made from rubber or rope and are designed to be light for easy throwing and retrieving. Also tough for chewing on. Some of the toys are designed to be buoyant which makes them ideal for playing in the water.

  • Plush Toys

You Dachshund will definitely love to cuddle, and plush toys will be ideal and an excellent companion for this type of dog breed. These toys are more for security and less for playing. You might want to get a couple to keep in his crate so that your Dachshund will choose his favorite to snuggle with it at night and during naps.

If you see the carry around during the day, don’t be surprised, as a plush toy can quickly become your pooch’s best friend.

  • Teething Toys

Make sure the teething for your Dachshund is designed before you hand over the plush toys. Every puppy goes through teething but for the Dachshund, it is different. This breed’s teething habits are amplified by their desire to hunt. Teething toys can help save your shoes, furniture, and maybe other possessions from getting destroyed, so you should consider investing in teething toys for your furry friend to avoid the mess.

  • Treat toys

Every dog loves a fetch toy that acts as both a toy and at the same time a treat dispenser. These toys have spaces where you can place your dog’s treats, making your pup feel excited and surprised. Additionally, when you’re held up away from home, for instance, they work well to keep your Dachshund entertained.

Best Dog Toys For Dachshunds: Our Best Picks

1. KONG Classic Dog Toy

The Kong classic dog toy is our favorite pick for you Dachshund. This dog toy comes in five sizes between XX-large to small, so you will definitely find one that works for your pup no matter his size. Made with durable rubber, this toy can withstand regular chewing from the strong Dachshund’s jaws. It can also be played in many different ways your pup will enjoy.

This toy is made with a rubber that allows it to bounce in an irregular manner driving your hotdog wild with excitement. It can be tossed, fetched, and thrown to their heart’s delight. Additionally, if it is quiet time and your pup is just in the house playing with the toy, you can fill the Kong with peanut butter, cheese, or treats. This will provide them with fun for hours on end trying to get the sweets out from inside of the Kong.

Made in the USA, this toy is available in several colors to choose from depending on your pup’s chewing aggression. They are safe, non-toxic, and will help a great deal with dental hygiene. When it gets nasty, you can throw it on your dishwasher or freeze it for an extra challenging treat dispenser. By far, the Kong Classic Dog Toy is our favorite pick for your Dachshund.

2. Petstages Dogwood Dog Chew Toy

The Petstages Dogwood Dog Chew Toy is designed to mimic a wooden stick but without the splintering and mess. This dog toy comes in four different sizes and two distinct flavors; mesquite on original BBQ.

It is non-toxic, safe, and will provide your Dachshund with hours full of fun throwing and chewing. It has a texture and taste of typical wood and can be thrown just like a fetch stick. It is soft and not hard on your dog’s mouth.

This dog toy can be a great alternative to a messy piece of wood or just a regular bone. Unlike our first pick, it is not durable. That is the only drawback of this toy. Although it can last for quite a considerable time, it is not an ideal choice for aggressive chewers.

3. West Paw Zogoflex Dog Toy

This toy is a bit more expensive but has a lot of fun for your furry friend. It is a dog bone 8.25 inches in length and with an easy-to-see teal color. It will be an ideal toy option if your Dachshund loves to chew, as it is long-lasting and durable.

The West Paw can be chased, caught, fetched, non-toxic, and made in the USA. Throwing it around creates an erratic bounce that your canine will love to chase. Additionally, you can use this toy on the beach, as it can float in water and both you and your pet can easily spot it.

Apart from the teal one, you can as well pick this toy up in orange or bright yellow. Even with low light, you can see all of these colors easily, hence they won’t get lost easily. Your pup can as well use this option as a chew toy and it is not harsh on your pet’s mouth. As a bonus, this toy is completely recyclable. As mentioned earlier, the only drawback of this toy is it is more costly.

4. MAMMOTH Flossy Chews Rope Tug

You can get your Dachshund the MAMMOTH Flossy Rope Tug depending on your preferred size, be it small, X-small, large, or medium size. It is a rope toy that is designed with two knots on either side as the name suggests which allows your pup to easily grab hold of for tug of war. It can be a great option not just for pulling but also for playing catch, fetch, or just chewing.

Made of a non-toxic cotton blend rope, the MAMMOTH is safe for your Dachshund to play with. The individual fibers of this rope will help prevent plaque build-up and prevent tartar. Plus, it will help to floss your Dachshund’s teeth.

When it gets dirty, it is easy to wash and can last for long as well. While it has a long lifespan, however, this toy will eventually unravel. When it does, it must be discarded, as it can be swallowed which can cause big damage to your dog’s stomach and other organs.

5. Outward Hound Dog Puzzle Toy

Is your Dachshund looking for more cerebral entertainment? Well, the Outward Hound Dog Toy is an ideal option and will be of service to your pup. This dog toy has nine compartments where you can hide treats in and let your Dachshund sniff out. It can be the best beginner-level dog treat dispenser you can have. The toy’s individual pegs can with ease be pawed or nosed away to reveal the snack inside.

If your Dachshund loves to eat in a hurry, you can utilize this toy, as it can be used as a slow feeder. Its outer Hound which is made of plastic is easy to clean with water and soap. If your dog is large and has an aggressive chew,  the Outward Hound Dog Toy might not be the best toy for your Dachshund. You should not leave your pup unattended with this toy, as he can chew or even worse, swallow the removable peg.

The other good thing about this toy is that it is non-toxic and safe. However, the other drawback to this toy is that it is limited and entertaining only during meal times. Once they get the hang of it, they will breeze gobbling up their prize.

6. Nylabone Double Bone Dog Chew Toy 

If your Dachshund is a toothy one, then the Nylabone Double Bone Chew Toy is here to save the day. It is a unique option, as it is in bone-like shape and with four “bone-ends” for additional dog chewing. You can either choose from super, wolf size, or petite depending on your dog

Nylabone has for a long time been known for its destructive material, and this dog toy is no exception. Your Dachshund can for weeks gnaw away without making a single dent. It comes in a bacon tasty flavor your pup will love. It is also important to note that this toy is not ideal for playing fetch, as its material is so hard. If your pup gets hit by it, he will feel much pain, and also not fun to step on it with bare feet.

The  Nylabone Double Bone Chew Toy comes in two options; white and red style. It has ridges that will help clean your dog’s teeth and is also so easy to clean when it gets dirty. This toy is not recommended for your Dachshunds with sensitivities and other teeth issues.

7. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Is your Dachshund prone a good scramble? If yes, then the Chuckit! Ultra Ball will be the best option for you. It allows your pup to chase, fetch and run as long as their little legs will carry them. This toy is available in two-pack; blue and bright orange making it easy for you and your pup to spot it even in low light.

This Chuckit! Ball toys are easy on your dog’s mouth and teeth and are also non-toxic. Even Though it is made of durable rubber, it is not meant for use as a chew toy so if your Dachshund is inclined to chew aggressively, this might not be a safe bet for him. This toy will float high in water, so if you are so much into beach fun, let your pup put on a life jacket, and game on! This can be the best toy you can ever have.

The other good thing about this toy is the high bounce it provides with its inner squeak toy that will keep your furry mate’s attention. However, it is important to note that these ball toys are meant to be used with a launcher which is separately sold for you and your pup to enjoy the full fun out of the experience.

These toys come in five different sizes, so be sure to get one that will accommodate your hotdog. The drawback of this dog toy is that it might not be that easy to clean. Though it is advertised to be slobber-free, that is never the case.

Over To You

We hope that you have enjoyed our comprehensive review of the Dachshunds’ best toys. Your furry friend is diverse, so he can benefit greatly from many different types of stimulation, but with so many options available, picking one that is best can prove to be hard. Find one from our seven best picks. You will also want a dog toy that will last the test of time and keep your pup well entertained.

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