10 Best Poop Bags and Scoopers for Japanese Spitz

What do you do when your Japanese Spitz poops? Or how do you prepare for unforeseen circumstances when you travel with your pup? It could be provocative when your dog messes up unexpectedly. What could save the day in such a situation?

There are waste bags for your dogs. With these bags, you can always be confident that you can easily pick up your puppy’s poop. When you walk or travel with your Japanese Spitz or pet, dog parents can get poop bags. It should be fun when having your furry friend around, not a mess! 

We write up this article specifically to list out the top-rated scoopers and poop bags for your Japanese Spitz. The pros and cons of each brand are into considerations, too. Also, there are buying tips for you. This is after we ensure that we researched each poop bag. Let’s go!

What Poop Bags And Scoopers Are Available For Japanese Spitz?

Some dog owners are not aware of poop bags. Others, who know about it, do not know which to pick from the lots. Worry no more! This part of the article focuses on the best available scoopers and poop bags for your Japanese Spitz.

1. My AlphaPet Dog Poop Bags

Leaving your puppy’s poop around your environment is no longer a choice! With the AlphaPet Dog Poop Bags, your pup’s poop becomes easy to dispose of.

Whenever you are at home, on a walk with your dog, this poop bag can save you some stress. All you have to do is use it for your pup’s poop pick-up.

This is a 100% biodegradable waste bag. This poop bag is tough and lasts long. It is top-rated. For its production, cornstarch is useful. It has a simple design. It also comes with a base that has a star seal.

 It is a 20-micron waste or poop bag. It is appropriate for most typical dispensers. The star seal makes it super thick. This poop bag comes on some cardboard rolls. It is available in a big size. It also comes in pink and red colors.


  • Thick and strong.
  • Robust and large.
  • Durability.
  • Produced from some GM-free cornstarch.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Scent Free.


  • May be hard to clean up waste.

2. AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags

This is an amazing choice for most paw parents. Your Japanese Spitz can use this poop bag with so much ease and comfort. This is one of the poop bags that are popular, trusted, and strong.

This is mostly regarded as an “All-in-one solution” poop bag. This waste bag is easy to clean. It has a dispenser which makes it comfortable to use. This is suitable for a roll of poop bags.

The AmazonBasics has about 15 bags in each roll. This dispenser comes in a carabiner clip design. One can pin it around the pup’s collar or the belt loop. 

Interestingly, this green waste bag comes with an EPI additive. This is a bag that does not produce an offensive smell. Polyethylene is useful for its production. This makes it strong and durable.


  • A biodegradable poop bag.
  • Strong and reliable.
  • Comes with a dispenser and clip.
  • It does not have an awful smell.
  • Lasts long.
  • Large.


  • There might be an issue with perforation.
  • Bags may rip off.

3. Doodie Flush Dog Poop Bags

You do not have to make scooping doggie’s poop messy. All you have to buy is this trusted poop bag. With current innovations, this is one poop bag Japanese Spitz can use. Why? The reasons are below.

These bags are available in standard, classy, and quality numbers. Furthermore, they are thick which makes them durable.

Interestingly, these dog poop bags can easily dissolve in water. This makes it different from other bags. They are biodegradable. Yet, paw parents can flush them. Also, one can conveniently cast or compost them. 

These Doodie Flush baggies are super because of the ASTMd6400 certification they get. While flushing them, you need not be afraid. These baggies are usually septic-friendly. If you do not flush, you can make them become nutrients for the soil by composting.

This is an environmentally friendly waste bag. It gives satisfaction for your money. However, these bags are thin. This makes it undesirable to use.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Flushable
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Ultra Thick
  • Compostable
  • Quality


  • Expensive
  • Thin, not desirable to use.

4. Poop N Scoop

This is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to scooping doggie’s poop. This is because the Poop N Scoop scooper is durable and in great demand.

It is a scooper that does not weigh so much. It is not up to a pound. In its height, it is about 31 inches. It is amazing that it has a clip. Pet parents can pin it at the belt loop. It is very comfortable to use. Scooping your pup’s poop is all at a go.

When traveling or on a walk, it is so convenient to carry. It has a trigger, two metal gear, and spades. For use, draw out the trigger. In the process, it pushes out its metal gear and spades. One can then sling a poop bag through its spades. 

Automatically, picking up the poo is stress-free. Afterward, you shut in the trigger. This scooper is fantastic! You stand while you scoop your pup’s poop.


  • No need for cleaning after use.
  • No bending over during scooping.
  • Can pin to your belt.
  • You can fold it.


  • Can hold only a bag.
  • Not easy to use with wet poop.
  • Needs bigger bags.

5. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag

This is simply a” grab and go” bag. It is a waste bag for dogs that is very simple to use. This leak-proof baggie is one of the best you can ever buy.

This Earth Rated dog baggie is very reliable for all kinds of pup poop. It does not matter if wet, hard, or smelly. Also, it is so affordable. One unique thing is the scent of lavender it has. It helps to reduce the smell of pup’s waste when in large quantities.

 You can keep it in your pocket. These bags are not biodegradable. Production is from reconditioning materials. However, it possesses no dispenser. With this bag, you can pick up poop without any iota of stress. It contains about 300 bags in a large single roll.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with a lavender scent.
  • 100% leakproof.
  • You can easily fold.


  • Not biodegradable.
  • Doesn’t come with any dispenser.

6. Alfie Pet Waste Scissors

This is a unique innovation for scooping your doggie’s waste. It comes in a sizable design. This scooper is so easy to use. It is becoming one of the trusted scoopers for Japanese Spitz dogs.

This scooper is a blend of shovels with scissors. This Alfie Pet Waste Scissors allows you to bend down to scoop pups thoroughly. You mostly have to use your hands carefully while cleaning.

 It serves better than using your bare hands in scooping. To use, all you have to do is sling some tissue or baggie over doggie’s waste. 

Afterward, paw parents can use their fingers to open up the handles. Then the blades also open. You would place the scissors around the poop while tightening the handles. While you tighten it, scoop up the waste. 


  • Can easily scoop poop.
  • Not hard on grasses.
  • Also serves as picking up cat’s waste.


  • Hands might still get in contact with poop.
  • Not so pleasant to move around with it.
  • Requires many bags with tissue.
  • Might bend over during scooping.

7. Pet N’ Pet Dog Waste Bag

This has certification by the USDA. It is a very premium poop bag for your Japanese Spitz. This is so simple to use.

The Pet N’ Pet waste bag is available in a no scent type. It is quality and quite expensive. However, it gives you value for your money. It has large quantities which makes it durable. It cleans up waste easily. 

Its guarantee is that it is leakproof. The producers ensure it is a heavy-duty baggie. It prevents bad smells. It is big, so it allows for knot tying. This gives it uniqueness different from others. 

As a result of how spacious it is, it does not allow any spill of waste. From research, dog owners recommend it because of how spacious it is.


  • It comes in 1,080 poop bags.
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Space for knot tying


  • Very costly

8. NanaPlums Dog Poop Scooper 

This is one of the top-rated scoopers available in the markets. This scooper has a very unique design.  It serves the purpose of scooping poop effectively.

It has simple features. It is rust-proof. This is because it has a strong aluminum alloy. It is very comfortable to clean after use.  It is a scooper with both a bin and rake.

The rake has a handle as well as the bin. This is about 20 -38 inches.  The rake has metal phalanges which are spacious. You can use the rake on several surfaces.

The bin has some hooks for convenience purposes. The bin easily rotates. The handles of the rake are soft but durable. It has a 39 inches long handle.


  • 100% rustproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and durable handles
  • Spacious metal phalanges
  • Bin rotates


  • Short people may not conveniently use it.

9. Activedogs Dog Poop Scooper 

This is a heavy-duty scooper. It is one of the most sought-after brands of scooping tools. This scooper is durable and gives premium satisfaction.

One thing easily noticeable about it is the rust-proof aluminum. It has a shovel with a rake. It can scoop your pup’s poop without delay.

The shovel is a diamond thread. Its scoop is about 7.5 inches in width. It comes in a zigzag design which easily moves on grass.  The handles are comfortable to use.

It is pricey but is worth the money. The screw on its handles allows for comfortable storage.


  • Rust-proof aluminum.
  • Durability.
  • Completely opens widely.
  • A shovel is strong and deep.
  • Long handles.


  • Quite pricey.
  • Heavy for some users.
  • Screws sometimes become feeble.

10. GoGo Stik Pooper Scooper

This scooper has a telescoping handle. The scooper from GoGo Stik is one of the best scoopers. It is so convenient to use because it has simple features.

It is very effective for your pup’s poop to pick up. It comes in an innovative design with a loop end. You can place the grocery bag on it easily. This scooper can pick up waste before hitting any surface. One can easily sling a waste into the bag.

It has a poop bag that enwraps its opening. This always makes the scooper tidy. You can use it for all dog sizes. You can adjust its handle to about 25 inches -36 inches. There might be challenges with scooping on some concrete or grassy surfaces. This is because it requires some techniques to adequately use it.


  • Durability.
  • Has a telescoping handle.
  • Comes with 10 poop bags.
  • Requires no cleaning of the scooper.


  • Requires technique before use.
  • Not good on some surfaces.

Buyer’s Guide

It is paramount you buy an effective poop bag or scoopers. There are features to consider before buying one.

  • Quality: There are many scoopers out there. It is crucial for paw parents to buy premium quality scoopers and poop bags. You can choose from our lists. Avoid buying bags that easily rip off.
  • Sizes: This is another option to consider when buying your bag. The large bag gives room for a big amount of waste. Consider the sizes.
  • Compatibility: Yes, this counts too. The kind of pup’s leash matters. The dog scooper works together with the leash. This is another considerable factor.
  • Budget: The prices of each scooper differ. Your budget determines what you buy. However, that does not mean you go for cheap poop bags that wouldn’t last long.
  • Durability: Go for the scooper that will last long. A good pick from our reviewed list will help.


You can save yourself the stress of your pup messing around with his waste. A good choice of poop bag or scoopers will help you. The environment won’t be messy.

Also, consider your pup’s comfort. You wouldn’t want anything that causes discomfort for him. Your convenience also matters. How do you intend to scoop your pup’s waste? Choose wisely!

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