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Your one-stop blog for daily pet news! 

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April 4 is World Stray Animals Day

The Day for Compassion, Care, and Action for Stray Animals Worldwide

What is the Mission?

“April 4 is the worldwide celebrated day to give special attention to the 600.000.000 stray animals in the world.

Dogs and cats should have a home. But stray dogs and stray cats don’t. They lead poor and miserable lives on the streets, often illfed, suffering extreme heat, cold, and diseases, even more often being chased around by hostile and violent civilians and authorities.

But we, as people who care about animals, can do something.

April 4. The Day to show Compassion, deploy initiatives to Care, and get into Action for stray animals all over our planet.

Help us spread the word. Tell, tweet, link, recommend, post, blog, like and share our cause with as many people as you can.

We encourage people all over the world to organize local charity, educational, and fundraising events on April 4. If you are planning to do so, please let everybody know about it on our Facebook page.”

How Can YOU Help?

“April 4 World Stray Animals Day is the day to show that you care for the many stray animals in need. What can YOU do?

If you’re an indivual:
- adopt a stray dog
- ask your local animal shelter how you can help
- share the cause of 4/4 Stray Animals Day with everybody you know

If you’re a stray animals organization:
- organize a pack dog walk
- organize a lottery for your cause
- hold a stray adoption day
- hand a petition to the community council
- hang 4/4 posters all around your city
- organize a free spay and neuter day
- get your shelter on local TV or in the newspaper
- collect stuff to support a shelter
- organize a demonstration, fair, or market
- etc. etc.
- see what others are doing on our FB page!”

Visit for more information about this wonderful day to help stray animals nationwide.

Stray Animals Day:

-Cindy & Mae, PET DAILY PRESS Your one stop blog for daily pet news!

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  • Stray Animals Day

    Thank you so much for sharing!! Yours, Daniel, Chairman Team 4/4 WSAD